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    Bags under eyes – eyelids surgery in Poland

    Updated November 29, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Bags under eyes are nothing else but fat bags, which are removed after the incision of the lower eyelid at the lash line. Procedure of eyelids surgery in Poland is safe because of our the best specialists.

    Removing drooping eyelids – how it is done

    The problem of drooping eyelids is the excess of stretched skin, which is eliminated by cutting 2-3 mm in the flexion of the eyelids. The duration of the procedure of removing skin from upper eyelids and fat from the bottom takes a little over 2 hours. After awakening from the anesthesia, you should not feel pain but you may have feeling of glued eyelids. For the first two days the eyelids and face will be bruised, and swollen. You should also take into account the fact that you will not be allowed to open your eyes very wide, and every blink may cause a pulling sensation.

    Before the eye lid surgery, you should:

    – run tests advised by the surgeon
    – take 2-3 weeks off at work
    – plan the time of the surgery so that you do not have the menstrual period during the procedure
    – ask about any cosmetics you should use before the surgery
    – ask about medicines that can/ cannot be used before the procedure
    – learn about the postoperative complications

    After eye lid surgery in Poland:

    – wear sunglasses for at least 2 weeks
    – do not wear makeup.

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