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    Neck Lift Poland

    Updated March 10, 2022

    The neck is one of the first places where signs of age start to show. The skin on the neck may lose the elasticity because of the age, or weight loss. The other names for a neck lift are: lower rhytidectomy, mini neck lift, suspension neck lift, lower face lift is a facial plastic surgery that can help you to achieve a smooth, slim, youthful-looking neck. Plastic surgery clinics in Poland can provide you with the high-quality neck lift at affordable price. Below, we have listed 5 major reasons behind choosing Poland for your lower rhytidectomy surgery.


      Neck lift in Poland is a safe and fast procedure

    Neck lift surgery in Poland lasts 2-3 hours. It is done under local anesthesia, twilight anesthesia or general anesthesia so during the surgery you won’t feel any pain. Basically, neck lift is a combination of two procedures used to enhance the appearance of your neck. These procedures are:

    • cervicoplasty – the procedure that removes excess skin,
    • platysmaplasty – the procedure that alters neck muscles.

    Sometimes, the surgeon can decide to perform also chin liposuction. There is no need to stay in the clinic for the night, the recovery itself takes 10-21 days. Plastic surgery clinics in Poland provide neck lift with the use of latest techniques. We can assure you that the surgery you get in Poland will be safe and of the highest standards.

    Important information regarding necklift in Poland:

    Pricestarts from 1900 GBP
    Length of procedure2-3 hours
    Required medical testsblood group, blood morphology, SR (sedimentation rate), coagulogram (APTT, INR), serum glucose, electrolytes levels, urine analysis, Ekg (only for patients older than 55 y.o.), HBs, HCV, HIV
    AnesthesiaLocal, general anesthesia or twilight anesthesia
    Stay in the clinicno need to stay
    Healing time1 week
    Special compression garments1 week
    Stay in Polandat least 6 days
    Healing time14 day
    Taking out stitches 6 day
    Contraindicationsdiabetes, infections, heart or circulation problems

     The recovery after neck lift in Poland is fast and scars are almost invisible

    The recovery after the affordable neck lift in Poland is known to be fast. You do not have to stay for a night in the clinic, but you need to spend there some time depending on how you feel after the anesthesia, usually you can return to the hotel 2 hours after the surgery, but remember to ask someone to drive you home. In most cases, incisions are made under your chin and tend to be short and concealed, which means that the scar is placed in such way that no one will notice it. However, you can always ask your surgeon to instruct you with what you should do in order to minimize the scars. To have your neck lift in Poland, you will be asked to come here for 5 or 6 days. You attend a personal consultation and medical tests on the day of your arrival, and on the next day you have the surgery. You should not travel shortly after your surgery, becuase firstly, your surgeon must make sure that you feel better and there are no complications. While you are staying in the country you can go sightseeing. You should take contact information of your surgeon to have the opportunity to contact him anytime after the surgery.

    – Necklift abroad before and after photos

     After neck lift in Poland, you will have rejuvenated appearance

    Neck lift in Poland can solve many problems as it removes excess skin, tightens underlying muscles, and improves the contour of the jawline, as a result you will get a rejuvenation of neck and younger appearance. In order to achieve best results, neck lift can be combined with other plastic surgeries like facelift in Poland.

    Price for the neck lift surgery in Poland is much lower than in the Western Europe

    One of the most important reasons why people turn to neck lift abroad is that they can’t afford it in their country. The price of the neck lift in Poland is very often two times cheaper than in Western European countries. The vital thing is that the difference in price does not influence the quality of the medical care and surgery, as the equipment and the materials used in plastic surgery clinics in Poland are the same. Our surgeons are professionals who worked in different European countries. Poland is a dream destination for everyone wanting to have cheap necklift.

    – Neck lift Poland price comparison:

    source: Beauty Poland research

    No need to worry about the organization of your trip

    Beauty Poland is the company that organizes plastic surgery treatment for patients from abroad for many years. We cooperate only with best plastic surgery clinics in Poland, our patient advisors are ready to answer all of your questions and to help you with every step of your travel from booking flight to transfers. We also have special all-inclusive packages, these packages include all the medical tests, surgery, hotel stay and all transfers during your stay. If you want to have high-quality neck lift at affordable price, without worrying about the organization of your travel and stay you should contact us!

    – Neck lift Poland reviews:

    a mature woman's face

    Facelift and necklift

    Most importantly, Dr. Dariusz is a highly skilled surgeon in Poland and I would recommend him for everyone seeking plastic surgery!. Thanks to him I achieve a natural face appearance. What is important he honestly communicated what the I could expect after surgery. The combination of his knowledge and concern for his patients makes dr Dariusz my number one among doctors I've ever met. The clinic and staff was excellent, informative and helpful people working in clean clinic.  I had a facelift and necklift surgery. Now, I still receive comments like "your skin looks fabulous- what are you doing?", "you look fresh" "such a smooth skin" and it is amazing! I am 57 now(but look like 45) in relatively good shape and I begin my new life thanks to you Beauty Poland.

    Gabrielle K., York

    New neck and new life 🙂

    Hello! I am in my 60s and I had a neck lift done in Coramed clinic. I am very grateful to surgeon there, because now I look 10 years younger! My friends in country club couldn't believe that I had such spectacular results! Now two of them want to do neck lifts as well 🙂 Dr Andrzej promised them a discount for being my friends! Thank you Coramed clinic!

    Annie, Bath, UK

    1700 GBP for necklift in Poland

    Finally I did it. I have always have double chin as a young woman. I did not have fat face, I was not fat, too… but my chin was fat. I have always hated photos, because the double chin was there. I wish plastic surgeries were more known that time. I lost so much confidence. With passing time my neck looked worse and worse, some looseness in my neck and lower face that just didn’t suit me. It's now or never! And I did it. I thought that I can not afford surgery, but I can! I paid 1700 GBP such a great price and results. Right now I am thinking of face lift.. maybe one day:)

    Claudia, Scotland

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