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    Knee replacement in Poland

    Updated March 11, 2022

    knee replacement Poland

    When you can not move like you used to, when you feel pain while walking with the dog, climbing stairs, or simply getting out of a chair. When medicines, painkillers injections, physical therapies are helpless you should consider knee replacement surgery in Poland. Knee replacement surgery, which also known as an arthroplasty, that is a surgery which involves replacing a damaged, worn or diseased knee with an artificial joint. Surgery is performed, mostly, for patients between the ages of 60 and 80. Unfortunately, more and more people require this surgery at a younger age. The knee replacement results usually last over 20 years. Below you will find 5 most important reasons why you should choose Poland for you knee replacement surgery.

    1. Knee replacement in Poland is an effective treatment for degenerative arthritis in the knee joint.

    Knee replacement is the only one definitive procedure which really treats degenerative joint disease. Surgery is excellent for the patient who has not responded to other measures. What is more, surgery is an option for any patient who suffer the pain, and who suffer from low quality of life due to pain during daily activities. Degenerative this may be caused by lifestyle, you should try before surgery increasing your activities like walking, swimming. You should consider weight loss also. Less weight may result in pain relief. Compression sleeves can provide significant relief of pain. It is suggested to have tight enough (compression sleeve) to stay on, that will help best. Our doctor advice trying PRP injection also. If you have tried all of that and nothing helps you, it seems that you are the good candidate for knee replacement Poland.

    – Knee replacement in Poland reviews

    No more pain after knee replacement

    Knee problems that are my family issue. I am kind of active man. One day I realized that I am only 52 and I lost my life passion. I could not drive the car, coz of pain. Stairs were a problem, coz of pain. It was the only pain, all day all night long. I am 3 weeks after surgery in KCM, it seems to better! Wait for more

    John, Liverpool

    Pain free walks thanks to new knee

    One day comes a point in life when you have to think about yourself for a while. 6 months ago I had my knee replacement surgery and now I can't believe how my life has changed! I can get out of the car without pain and I can lift my grandchildren without a fear of droping them from pain. There are many more things that changed in my life, but the most important one is that I can again go for long walks with my beautiful wife. Big thanks to the surgeons and to the staff! Life is good again.

    Adam, UK

    Knee replacement in Poland brought my old life

    I was only in my mid 40s when I realized I can't do anything without pain in my knees anymore. I used to love partying, dancing with my partner, jogging with my dog and hiking. But because of my bad knees I had to refrain from all of the fun activities. Finally, made the decision that I have to change that. I came to KCM clinic for knee replacement and I want to thank them for bringing back my old life. I am feeling amazing, pain-free and cheer-full!

    Alice, Ireland

    New knee abroad done by very good doctors

    Knee replacement surgery is very complicated and advanced surgery. The clinic I chose for me surgery was the best alternative which I can found. The convalesence after the surgery ran smoothly and I can move new without any problem. I had the best clinic and specialist I can ever imagine.

    Sebastian, Berlin, Germany

    Plastic Surgery Poland and Cosmetic Surgery Abroad - Beauty Poland

    2. After knee replacement in Poland, you will have improvements in activities of daily living

    Many our patients suffer from severe knee pain that limits your everyday activities. They report all day, all night pain which limits them. Patients refuse many daily activities, not only exercises, but also simple things like walking may be a problem. What is more, patients often do not sleep well due to pain while sleeping. Can you imagine life without pain? Life without medications? All sports activities would be available for you. Our patients claim that after surgery quality of their life improves, as simple things make them happy.

    – Important information regarding knee replacement Poland 

    Pricefrom 5500 GBP
    Length of procedure1- 3 hours
    Required medical testsblood group, blood morphology, SR (sedimentation rate), coagulogram (APTT, INR), serum glucose, electrolytes levels, urine analysis, Ekg (only for patients older than 55 y.o.), HBs, HCV, knee xrays
    Stay in the clinic3 - 5 days
    Healing time6 - 12 weeks
    Incisionssmall around knee
    Stay in Polandup to 4 weeks in Poland

    3. Beauty Poland cooperates only with professional and experienced doctors

    Our company cooperated only with best professional who practice more than 30 years. Our surgeons perform more than 100 knee replacement yearly. We believe that long experience is a key to success. Contact us to review the surgeon’s education, he’s degrees, training, and fellowship. Do not feel uncomfortable to ask the doctor about his experience, we would like you to be sure that you are in good hands. You should trust yourself and keep looking for the right surgeon for you.

    4. Knee replacement in Poland is done with the use of latest equipment

    Successful surgery is associated with the experienced surgeon and modern hospital and its equipment. The latest navigation equipment, allows the surgeon to install the knee implant with high precision, which results later in better knee mobility. Implants become biocompatible with the human body. What is more, Beauty Poland uses best knee implants, the artificial knee is made of composite materials. Knee implant lasts 20 years, but patient after surgery should perform check ups with the orthopedist.

    5. Price for knee replacement in Poland is affordable

    Knee replacement surgery price is cheap. Affordable knee replacement price starts from 4999 GBP. With Beauty Poland, you may save up to 70% performing your knee replacement abroad. In Germany, knee replacement price is 12000 GBP, in the UK that is even 15000 GBP. In Austria on in the USA, you will have to pay 25000 – 30000 GBP for such surgery. Feel free to contact us to receive more details regarding affordable knee replacement surgery Poland.

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