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      Duodenal switch in Poland

      Updated March 11, 2022

      belly before duodenal switch abroadIf you have made a decision to change your life and have a gastric surgery abroad, now the next step is choosing the best type of surgery. One of the more and more popular procedures is Duodenal switch surgery. Of course, as for every surgery, you need to be aware that the surgery itself would not make you slim and you need to put a great effort to change your lifestyle. Only then, would the procedure bring you the desired results? Duodenal switch abroad together with the long-term change of your lifestyle will make you healthier, more confident and attractive.

      What is duodenal switch?

      The duodenal switch surgery is also called a biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch (BPD-DS) or gastric reduction duodenal switch (GRDS). This type of procedure is a weight loss surgery very complicated, restrictive and is composed of malabsorptive aspects.  The restrictive aspect of the procedure contains removing more or less 70% of the stomach and a great part of the duodenum.

      The malabsorptive part of the procedure reroutes a large portion of the small intestine where two pathways are made and also one common channel. The food is taken from the stomach by the shorter of the pathways (called the digestive loop) to the stomach. The common channel is a part of a small intestine and it is usually about 75-150c cm long. In it, the contents of the digestive path are blended with the aid of the bile from the biliopancreatic loop just before reaching the large intestine. The main aim of this arrangement is to restrict the time of the body to receive calories from food in the small intestine and gradually limit the absorption of fat. As a consequence, after the procedure, only about 20% of the fat consumed is absorbed by the patients.

      Why duodenal switch is a good solution for me?

      One of the main benefits of the affordable duodenal switch procedure is that your stomach is still able to digest food as usual following the surgery. Anyone who had Lap-Band or Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass performed are obliged to follow strict diet till the rest of their lives due to the fact that these types of surgeries affect significantly the digestive capacity.

      Next benefit of the duodenal switch abroad is that it leaves the pyloric valve, in other words, a sphincter-like muscle which divides the stomach from the duodenum, untouched. Therefore, it reduces adverse effects typical to bariatric surgeries, which are as follow:

      • dumping syndrome
      • blockages of stomach and intestines
      • ulceration

      Moreover, another advantage of the duodenal switch is that it creates a possibility for quick, significant and long-lasting weight loss. It also may also enhance or even tackle a number of diseases related to obesity like heart disease or diabetes.  Those who suffer from diabetes and underwent a gastric surgery may observe that insulin needs considerably re diminished straight after the surgery.

      Who is a good candidate for a duodenal switch

      After the consultation with the surgeon you both arrived at the decision that weight loss surgery would a good option for you, the next step is to decide on the technique which will suit you best as it is a personalized decision.

      If your BMI is 40 or more, a duodenal switch may be a good option for you. Those with lower BMIs yet suffering from obesity-related issues like diabetes may also be qualified for the surgery. A BMI is measured by taking into account height and weight to measure body fatness, a BMI of 30 or more is said to designate obesity.

      The surgery is an effective option for those who have BMI more than 55. However, a study observed that the duodenal switch was responsible for more weight loss in comparison to Roux-en-Y gastric bypass in those who had at least BMI of 50.

      In conclusion, duodenal switch is a complex procedure with some risks of possible complications and may not be a good choice for those who suffer from heart issues and sleep apnea, therefore consult your surgeon and determine if the surgery is an option for you

      Before duodenal switch surgery

      What is necessary to take into consideration before deciding on Biliopancreatic Diversion With Duodenal Switch.

      Due to the fact that any bariatric surgery is a complex issue which has numerous aspects to consider. Surgeons are not only obliged to provide all information regarding available procedures but also look holistically at a patient’s health and take into account all necessary criteria. The main requirement for a duodenal switch is to hand in copies of a patient’s medical records with all the results of the evaluation, a medical clearance from a physician and a psychologist.  Patients should be examined by a psychologist as the obesity-related issue may stem from problems like stress or binge eating, thus the procedure would not be a good solution.

      Patients should also be informed or they should look for information regarding the risks and complications connected with the disease, potential results and a patient’s devotion before and after the procedure.  Not only gathering information about the surgery is one of the most important aspects prior to the surgery but also a commitment to leading a healthy lifestyle which is necessary after the surgery for the results to be satisfactory. The treatment does not end in the surgery itself. A patient should be aware that sticking to the surgeon’s recommendations, healthy diet and regular exercising which will guarantee weight loss. Before taking any further steps, a patient and the surgeon ought to take into account the level of commitment to the surgery.

      Sometimes preparing for a duodenal switch like losing weight prior to the surgery is required due to some reasons. Firstly, stick to the treatment plan, even incorporating lifestyle changes before the biliopancreatic surgery which will definitely have long-lasting results. Moreover, introducing new habits prior to the surgery may speed up the changes and aid weight loss following the surgery. Moreover, there is a requirement in some insurance company which states that patients should lose some weight till they undergo the surgery in order to cover the costs of the procedure.

      Due to the fact some patients who are qualified for the duodenal switch surgery are frequently obese, in some instances, the procedure is divided into two separate stages namely undergoing gastric sleeve first a few weeks before the final surgery. People involved in the surgery process, which also includes dietician will provide the exact details about the surgery and guidelines regarding behavioral changes occurring before the surgery which may even last months or even a year.  There are no fixed guidelines and the recommendations take into account age, weight and any other co-morbidity

      How is duodenal switch done

      The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and a patient is in a split-legs position. A 10-mm optic trocar is put two hands spans under the xiphoid process. Also, two 12 mm ports are inserted at the same position on both flanks. There are also three 5 mm ports put on the left upper quadrant, another on the left flank and the last one on the epigastrium for liver retraction.

      Firstly, the surgery begins with the duodenal dissection. With the aid of a clip, the pylorus is identified and peritoneum of the duodenum is opened both in inferior and superior borders. A window is prepared and a Penrose drain is applied for a transaction.

      A patient has his head up and the surgeon is operating between the patient’s legs. On the right upper quadrant the alimentary limb is positioned and then an end-to-side anastomosis is done with the use of the OrVil and a circular stapler.

      The results of the duodenal switch

      In all cases regarding the gastric surgeries, a patient is obliged to follow a restrictive diet and incorporate exercises into the daily routine in order to achieve the most desirable results. For instance, it is recommended to exercise at least three or four times weekly, preferably 30-45 minutes. Moreover, it is important to be aware of what and how much you are consuming as even though with gastric surgeries the stomach may be stretched when eating too quickly

      Those who struggle with significant overweight and are dreaming of losing it, the duodenal switch might be a solution. Nevertheless, it is vital to discuss all available options with the surgeon to determine the right course of treatment.

      Recovery and diet following the duodenal switch

      Not only after biliopancreatic diversion with a duodenal switch but also after any other bariatric surgery your body needs time to heal properly. Usually, patients require to stay two or three days in the hospital and during this time the surgeons will evaluate if the digestive system functions properly. A few days after the surgery you may have abdominal pain yet it is frequent. Generally, patients should stay at least two weeks at home before returning to work and also should stick to a restrictive diet in order for a stomach to heal properly.

      Following the surgery, the stomach may only contain a small amount of soft food and liquids, therefore, gradually during the first-month patients are getting used to solid foods according to their surgeon’s advice. Also, patients should see regularly the surgeon usually every three months during the first year and twice a year after that. Moreover, it is advisable to join a support group. The main benefit of the surgery is the fact that patients feel full faster than normal, however, it is important to pay attention to symptoms like diarrhea, nausea, fainting which may indicate side effects of dumping syndrome or malnutrition.

      Pills after a duodenal switch surgery

      After very first weeks following the procedure, it is forbidden to swallow pills or any capsules due to the risk of pills or capsules getting stuck. The solution for this is to crush pills or open capsules into food or liquids. You may swallow pills after the first week provided that they are less than a size of the little finger. If not, you need to divide your pills and capsules and mix with the food or beverages or you may go on with liquid medication for up to two weeks until you are able to consume soft solid food.

      Vitamins/ minerals

      After you leave hospital you will have multi-vitamins prescribed that are rich in A, D, E, K and they are listed below:

      1. Bariatric Advantage High ADEK Multivitamin (with minerals)- these tablets are chewable, you should take them three times a day
      2. Celebrate Multi‐ADEK – also chewable tablets, you should take three times a day

      In order to increase the absorption of vitamins and minerals please find some tips below:

      1. Do not try to take supplements on an empty stomach as it may prevent from nausea and vomiting
      2. you should take supplements with plain water. Some caffeinated beverages for example tea or coffee may disrupt the absorption of certain vitamins and minerals. Moreover, other beverages may contribute to the occurrence of undesired interactions with the nutrients found in supplements.
      3. it is not recommended to take more than 500-600 mg of calcium as the greater amount will not be absorbed at one time
      4. As calcium may dwindle the absorption of thyroid hormones, therefore, it is recommended to wait at least two hours before taking the thyroid hormone pills
      5. There should be at least one hour break between taking your supplements and prescribed medications due to the fact that they may minimize the efficacy of each other

      If you are considering a duodenal switch in Poland for weight loss and you want to have cheap and done safely, you need definitely consider Poland as one of the destinations. With highly experienced surgeons and newly equipped hospital, your stay will be comfortable.  If you would like to know more information about the procedure, and why Bariatric Surgery abroad may be a good solution for you, do not hesitate but contact Beauty Poland- our customer advisor will be glad to help you with. Like in any other weight-loss surgeries, preparation for weight loss surgery is of great importance in order to achieve the most desirable results. Therefore prior knowledge of the procedure and following the recommendation is vital.

      Prices of duodenal switch

      The first thing you should do is to contact your insurer and ask if the company is able to cover the duodenal switch costs in order to receive pre-certification. It is of great importance to bear in mind that some of the bariatric surgery insurance companies are not eager to cover the costs of duodenal switch. However, on average the cost of the surgery is about 14 000/ 15 000 GBP. Therefore, a great majority of patients travel abroad to get the cheap duodenal switch done. For instance, the cost of the surgery in Mexico is about 442 GBP, in Poland 4000 GBP and Turkey 5375 GBP.

      5 reasons why should you have the duodenal switch done

      Duodenal switch is a simple procedure

      A duodenal switch surgery is also called Gastric Reduction Duodenal Switch (GRDS) or Biliopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch (BPD-DS). It refers to a bariatric surgery where a part of the stomach is removed and small intestines are re-routed, as a result of which food follows a separate route from that of digestive juices and bile. It is a relatively complicated procedure and only experienced surgeons agree to perform it.

      Price of duodenal switchfrom 4000 GBP
      Length of duodenal switch procedure2-3 hours
      Required medical tests
      Abdominal ultrasound, blood count (CBC), blood urea nitrogen (BUN), cortisol, creatinine, electrolytes, prolactin and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), Cardiac catheterization, Chest X-ray, Colonoscopy Echocardiogram Electrocardiogram (EKG) Flexible sigmoidoscopy, Mammogram, Pap smear, Pelvic ultrasound, Pulmonary function tests
      Anesthesiageneral anaesthesia
      Stay in the clinic3-4 days
      Stay in Poland 6-8 days
      Back to work2 weeks
      Contraindicationssevere heart or lung disease, portal hypertension, cirrhosis, if you are on chronic, long-term steroid treatment or have an autoimmune connective tissue disease

      Diet after the duodenal switch is suitable for you

      slim belly with measuring tapeThe affordable Duodenal switch in Poland gains popularity mainly because, after the procedure, patients may eat normal meals (but smaller portions) and lose weight at the same time. During the surgery, the significant part of the most stretchable stomach portion is removed, but the basic structure of the stomach remains the same. Also, about ⅔ of the upper small intestines is bypassed, so the absorption of calories is very decreased. So, these are a restriction of food consumption and malabsorption that cause a significant weight loss. One of the main advantages of the duodenal switch is that the stomach digests food normally as before the procedure.

      Price of the duodenal switch in Poland is more affordable than in the UK or the USA

      The price for any weight loss surgery in Poland differs from the prices offered by other countries. There are many factors that determine the price and these factors differ from country to country. In general, the prices for the duodenal switch are higher in countries with many obese people. In the US, the prices can range from 20 000 USD to 25 000 USD, but in some states, like Nebraska, the price can reach even 32 500 USD. Below, we present the lowest cost of the duodenal switch in chosen countries:



      The duodenal switch gives much better results than other weight loss surgery procedures

      It is important that the patients know what to expect after a duodenal switch and that they are aware of what they can achieve. Undoubtedly, the results are different for each person, but the general success rate is extremely high. Patients following the instructions after the procedure usually lose about 60% of the excess weight during the 1st year and reach about 75% during the second weight. Some patients noted even the weight loss of 80%. It is normal that some people lose more weight and some less, but if they follow all postoperative recommendations, they would lose as much weight as would best for them. Surgeons use professional methods firstly to assess what weight would be ideal for each patient, and secondly to estimate the percentage of weight that would need to be lost to reach the desired weight.
      In order to maximize the surgery effects, patients need to attend follow up visits regularly and keep a healthy lifestyle. Regular visits after the surgery, as well as the regular medical tests, are vital for maintaining the good health condition and preventing any potential complications and side effects. Patients would also need to supplement necessary vitamins and minerals if the doctor suggests it. Usually, it recommended taking Vitamin B, folate and iron additionally.

      duodenal switch abroad

      Recovery time after the duodenal switch is short and simple

      The recovery after duodenal switch depends on the individual predispositions as well as an effort made by each patient. If there are any complications or infections after the surgery, the recovery time lengthens. The general time for the recovery is 4-6 weeks. But some patients may need more, some less time. If the duodenal switch is performed laparoscopically, the recovery time would last 1-2 weeks only. Even after the recovery time is over, patients should still be careful and monitor their health and reactions in everyday situations as well as follow a healthy diet and increase physical activity gradually. In the beginning, painkillers might be necessary. Usually, all the pain disappears within a week. For the 1st months, patients would need to follow a liquid diet and gradually introduce soft food. Many patients admit that they were able to return to work even 2 weeks after the surgery, but it is suggested to take- week leave just because you have no idea how you would feel after the surgery.

      If you look for a cheap duodenal switch, Poland would be the best destination. The surgery performed by experienced surgeons in a modern clinic would give you the results you want and improve your life quality enormously. The amazingly high success rate of the duodenal switch makes it one of the most popular weight loss surgeries allowing for losing even 80% of the excess weight. Performing the surgery in Poland would not only improve your health, appearance, mental state and life in general but also allows you to save much money. If you look for some more information about cheap weight loss surgeries, do not hesitate to contact us! We will be more than happy to help you change your life!

      Duodenal switch FAQ

      What is duodenal switch surgery?

      Duodenal switch is also called gastric reduction duodenal switch (GRDS) and biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch (BPD-DS). It is a complex weight loss surgery which induces the loss of weight by an intestinal bypass and sleeve gastrectomy. This procedure results in a significantly decreased food absorption (up to 70% of the stomach is removed).

      What happens during duodenal switch surgery?

      The surgery is performed laparoscopically and only a few small incisions are made. The surgery has 2 steps. Firstly, the part of the stomach is removed and the surgeon creates a stomach pouch in a shape of a tube. Then, about ¾ of the small intestine is bypassed. As a result, the patient can eat only a restricted amount of food and the absorption of calories is reduced.

      How much weight can I lose?

      The majority of patients lose between 60% and 80%of the excess weight during the first 2 years after the surgery. The trials performed in the clinics have shown a long-lasting weight loss of even 70% of the excess weight beyond 10 years.

      Is duodenal switch reversible?

      Duodenal switch is a complex procedure consisting of gastric sleeve and gastric bypass. The digestive system is totally rearranged after the procedure and cannot be reversed.

      Is duodenal switch safe?

      From the medical point of view, the procedure is considered as safe. Of course, it entails some degree of risks and complications as any other weight loss surgeries. What is more, duodenal switch is one of the safest revision bariatric surgeries for patients whose gastric bypass or gastroplasty failed.

      How long is the recovery after duodenal switch?

      Duodenal switch is a complex procedure, so patients need time to recover. Patients spend 2-3 days in a hospital after the surgery. It is also recommended to stay at home for at least 2 weeks. Returning to work  after 2-3 weeks is considered as safe. Patients should follow the diet based on liquids and soft food. It is important to attend follow-up visits that take place every 3-4 months for the 1st year after the surgery and twice a year beginning from 2nd year.

       Is duodenal switch the same procedure as gastric bypass?

      Gastric bypass is an element of duodenal switch. Duodenal switch is a combination of gastric sleeve and gastric bypass.

      Will my insurance cover duodenal switch?

      Yes, duodenal switch can be covered by insurance. You need to contact your insurance agency to check if you have this procedure listed in your insurance.

      Should I take vitamins after duodenal switch surgery?

      The vitamins and minerals deficiency is common after duodenal switch. So, it is necessary to supplement the vitamins and minerals for the rest of life after the surgery. During the first weeks, the vitamins should be in a liquid or chewable form. The surgeon will recommend the best vitamin set that will include all necessary elements. You should also perform blood tests regularly to check to monitor the level of vitamin and minerals in your body.

       Can duodenal switch patients take any painkillers?

      In general, patients can take medications after duodenal switch. Nonetheless, each time, they need to consult it with their surgeon.

      There is however a “no” list of medications which cannot be taken after any weight loss surgery. They include:

      • aspirin
      • celecoxib
      • diclofenac
      • ibuprofen
      • indomethacin
      • ketoprofen
      • ketorolac
      • methyl salicylate
      • nabumetone
      • naproxen
      • piroxicam
      • salsalate
      • sulindac
      • tolmetin

      Does duodenal switch cause diarrhea?

      Yes, diarrhea is one of the side effects that can occur after duodenal switch surgery.

      What to expect after duodenal switch surgery?

      After the duodenal switch surgery, you need to be prepare for the following:

      • a life-long change of your lifestyle
      • implementing daily physical activity
      • keeping a healthy diet
      • following all the surgeon’s instructions for the recovery time
      • preparing yourself for the 2-4 weeks recovery (taking time off work, help in daily duties), try to walk as much as possible at that time
      • dealing with possible side effects and pain, especially at the beginning
      • taking supplements regularly
      • finally, you need to prepare for a significant weight loss and improvement in your life quality!

      What about scars after duodenal switch surgery?

      During the surgery, the doctor makes a few small incisions through which the tools are inserted. So, there are scars afterwards. They should be taken care of as any other scars. Over time, the will be less and less visible of course.

      What should I eat after duodenal switch surgery?

      Duodenal switch is a procedure that limits the eaten food amount and decreases the amount of absorbed calories and nutrients. So, you need to take all necessary supplements for the rest of your life. The diet after surgery consists of 4 stages. At the beginning, only liquids are allowed. Over time, you add purees, soft foods and finally solid food also. The diet consists of low-fat, low-sugar small meals. The individual recommendations and instructions will be given by your surgeon and dietician after the surgery.

       How long is a duodenal switch surgery procedure?

      The duodenal switch surgery lasts about 3 hours. It is a relatively long weight loss procedure, as it consists of 2 stages: sleeve gastrectomy (about 60 minutes) and gastric bypass (about 120 minutes).

      How much does a duodenal switch cost?

      The price for a duodenal switch varies from country to country. Please see the prices from the chosen countries below:


      Average price for Duodenal switch


      from 5470 GBP


      from 9350 GBP


      from 10 900 GBP

      Costa Rica

      from 10 900 GBP

      United States

      15 600 GBP


      from 25035 GBP


      from 4000 GBP


      from 5400 GBP

      the United Kingdom

      from 11 000 GBP

      Who is a candidate for duodenal switch?

      The best candidates for duodenal switch surgery is a person with a morbid obesity who have tried to lose weight, but all the trials ended in failure. It is also vital that the general health condition of the patient is good enough to perform the procedure. Also, duodenal switch is a good procedure for those who tried other weight loss surgeries (e.g. gastric sleeve or bypass), but they were unsuccessful.

      When can I start exercising after the surgery?

      In fact, you should start physical activity a day after the procedure. Firstly, you need to only walk slowly and over time walk faster and for a longer time. You should listen to your body and gradually increase the pace and time of the activity. Any time you feel pain or discomfort, you should stop and rest for a while. After a month, you can add some more types of activity, but remember that you cannot lift heavy objects for 6 weeks.

      When can I drive a car after the surgery?

      It depends on how you feel and if you suffer from any complications or side effects. But if you feel good, you can drive a car about 3-4 days after the surgey.

      Will I need a plastic surgery after duodenal switch?

      Duodenal switch is usually recommended to heavily obese patients. If you lose much weight, you could have the excess skin later on. Some patients are able to lose weight and tighten the skin through regular exercises, only the patience is needed. So firstly, you should try exercising regularly, the best would be training with a personal trainer. You should not make the decision of plastic surgery earlier than 2 years after the surgery because you will be still in the process of losing weight.

      Can I have duodenal switch after a pregnancy?

      Yes, you can have duodenal switch after pregnancy. You just need to inform the doctor how long ago you gave birth to your last child, whether was is a natural childbirth or C-section and all important details in this matter.

       Can I drink alcohol after a duodenal switch?

      The ideal situation would be a total withdrawal from alcohol drinking. Yet, you can drink moderate amounts from time to time. You must remember that alcohol is rich in calories and may escalate the hunger. Also, you need to observe your body reaction to alcohol as it may just tolerate it to a much lesser degree.

      Will duodenal switch patients vomit?

      Vomiting is a common problem among duodenal switch patients. It is important that you control the amount and pace of eating food, be aware of any food intolerances you may have, do not implement new food too quickly, drink a lot of water, avoid food that may stuck in your stomach and do not overeat. If you still experience vomiting and cannot deal with it on your own, contact your doctor to solve the problem.

      Can duodenal switch cure diabetes?

      Yes, duodenal switch makes that the vast majority of patients suffering from type 2 diabetes (over 90%) eliminate this problem almost immediately. It happens due to a metabolic effect from an intestine switch.

      Will I lose hair after duodenal switch?

      The temporary hair loss can happen between 3 and 6 months after duodenal switch. It is significant that you take the necessary supplements and take proper amounts of proteins, vitamins and minerals.

      Will I have to go on a diet before the surgery?

      Yes, your surgeon will give you all the details and insructions, but usually for 2-3 weeks before the surgery, you would have a special diet.

       Can I get pregnant after duodenal switch?

      Of course, you can. It is recommended to wait at least a year (preferably 12-18 months) before getting pregnant. During the time of massive weight changes, the birth control pills may not be reliable and menstrual periods are usually irregular. After weight loss surgery, women find it easier to get pregnant and have more chances to give birth to a healthy baby without any complication to a mother and baby.

      What kind of food should I avoid after duodenal switch?

      The following foods should be avoided after duodenal switch surgery:

      • food with empty calories
      • alcohol
      • dry foods
      • pasta, rice, bread
      • fibrous fruits and vegetables
      • high-fat food
      • sugary and rich in caffeine drinks
      • tough meals

      When will I back to work after duodenal switch?

      The ability to go back to work is very individual and depends on each patient’s condition and mood after the surgery. Usually, the doctors recommend taking at least 2-3 week leave. However, some patients feel good enough much sooner while other need about a month before returning to the normal life.

      What should I do if duodenal switch near me is too expensive?

      If duodenal switch is too expensive for you, you can look for this procedure in other countries. Nowadays, medical tourism is developed to a such an extent that it is unbelievably easy to travel for the surgery to another country. In Europe, the top destinations for bariatric surgeries are Poland, Lituania or Hungary. Performing the surgery in one of these countries is even more than twice as cheap as in countries in Western Europe.

      Can duodenal switch cause cancer?

      There are no studies analysing whether duodenal switch may cause cancer.

      Should I cease smoking before the surgery?

      The reason why you have duodenal switch is improving your health. Smoking affects your health in a bad way and you should stop it as soon as possible. Also, smoking can increase the risk of post operative complications and infections. So, your doctor will strongly advise you quitting smoking before the procedure, or at least restrict it.

      Can I regain weight after duodenal switch?

      Yes, you can regain weight after any weight loss surgery. You need to remember that the surgery is only a first step to losing weight which makes weight loss much easier. Surgery is not a magic bullet and you will need to put great effort to lose weight after the surgery.

      Will duodenal switch help PCOS?

      Yes, the recent medical studies proved that duodenal switch help eliminate numerous health problems including polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

      Can duodenal switch cause constipation?

      Constipation happens after duodenal switch. Usually it is a result of:

      • pain medications and anaesthesia
      • much less water and fiber intake (due to smaller stomach)
      • increased intake of supplements
      • more proteins in diet
      • food sensitivity or lactose intolerances.

       Will I have problem with hemorrhoids after duodenal switch?

      There are patients who complain about hemorrhoids after undergoing duodenal switch, so it might be an unpleasant side effect. Hemorrhoids result from diarrhea and constipation when patients introduce and get used to a new diet. However, this problem is easy to avoid as well as to treat.

      Can duodenal switch cause bad breath?

      Yes, bad breath is a common concern among any bariatric surgery patients. Usually, bad breath results from dehydration, abnormality in pouch emptying or weight loss itself. However, there are some tips that help eliminate this problem, such as:

      • drink much water
      • brush and floss the teeth (including tongue) after every meal
      • chew sugar-free gums; cinnamon-flavoured gums are also good
      • visit the dentist regularly

      If you cannot eliminate the problem of bad breath for a long time, it might be a symptom of some diseases, so you should visit your GB and perform recommended medical tests.

      Can I have anemia after duodenal switch?

      Generally, patients of any weight loss surgery are more susceptible to iron deficiency and anemia than others. It is a consequence of nutrient deficiencies. Thus, it is important to undergo a proper nutritional evaluation and take necessary supplements, especially iron.

      What stuff should I take to the hospital?

      You should take personal toiletries and clothes that are easy to take off and put on.

      Should the gallbladder be removed during duodenal switch?

      It is your surgeon that makes the decision whether to remove the gallbladder during the procedure. Usually, if the gallbladder is in a good condition, it is left intact and you will just receive the medications to prevent any problems. Yet, it happens that removing gallbladder is necessary during the surgery.

      Duodenal switch in Poland reviews

      Duodenal switch was the best decision in my life

      It’s been years before I decided to have a duodenal switch. Finally, in 2016 I made this decision. I cannot say that the whole process was easy for me, but definitely, it was worth the price. I got pregnant 5 months ago (which I couldn’t do for years before surgery) and significantly improved my health. My BMI on the surgery day was 43 and now it is 29 (I’m pregnant now). I still can’t believe how successful duodenal switch can be! It was a giant u-turn for me and my partner

      Rose, the UK

      Duodenal switch was my second gastric surgery

      I had my 1st weight loss surgery in 2003, but it ended up in failure. I tried over 8 years to lose weight, but no results at all. Then, I was so frustrated that I fell into emotional and stress eating again. It lasted for 2 or 3 years. Finally, I reached almost 220 kg and couldn’t even get out of bed. My parents talked me into trying a second surgery and I did it for them. I had a duodenal switch because I was too big for any other procedures. I stuck to the diet and instructions for my parents only. But when I went for a walk 1st time after years, saw the sun, felt the spring in the air, I realized that life can be beautiful and I want to live, not just vegetate. Now, I’m still losing weight and feel great. I eat healthily, go walking and swimming regularly. I dare to go out and talk to people! My weight is 125 kg and I know that it is not over yet. I’ve never felt so good and grateful to all who helped me!

      Mandy, the UK

      I’m surprised with duodenal switch results

      I had a duodenal switch 11 months ago. I started with the weight of 240 kg. Now, I weigh 140 kg. This surgery was the only I was qualified for, probably because of my weight. I’ve never expected it could be so effective. I’m still in contact with my surgeon, psychologist, and dietician - I wouldn’t make it without them. Thank you all.

      Lorenzo, the USA

      Thank you dr Kowalski!

      Many thanks! I had duodenal switch a month ago (October 2018). The surgeon was a great man. The clinic was excellent, like a 5-star hotel. Now, I start implementing soft food. Feel great. I lost almost 30 pounds in 29 days. I have no complications and feel better and better now. I returned to work 2 weeks ago and that was a good decision. I’m so positive about the future. Thanks!

      Caroline, Ireland

      I’m happy with my duodenal switch results

      Hello, my name is Nathalie and I had a duodenal switch 16 months ago. It was my last resort because the gastric band procedure that I had 3 years ago made my weight and health were in a much worse condition than before. I can proudly say that I managed to lose almost 50 kilos and I still lose weight. I eat healthily and go to the gym 3 times a week. At present, losing weight seems quite simple and natural for me and I really enjoy the moment of my life that I’m now!

      Nathalie, Germany

      Plastic Surgery Poland and Cosmetic Surgery Abroad - Beauty Poland

      Get the insurance for duodenal switch abroad:


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