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Duodenal Switch in Poland - Duodenal switch abroad - price, reviews, before and after

belly before duodenal switch abroadIf you have made a decision to change your life and have a gastric surgery abroad, now the next step is choosing the best type of surgery. One of the more and more popular procedures is Duodenal switch surgery. Of course, as for every surgery, you need to be aware that the surgery itself would not make you slim and you need to put a great effort to change your lifestyle. Only then, would the procedure bring you the desired results? Duodenal switch abroad together with the long-term change of your lifestyle will make you healthier, more confident and attractive.


5 reasons why should you have the duodenal switch done

1. Duodenal switch is a simple procedure

A duodenal switch surgery is also called Gastric Reduction Duodenal Switch (GRDS) or Biliopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch (BPD-DS). It refers to a bariatric surgery where a part of the stomach is removed and small intestines are re-routed, as a result of which food follows a separate route from that of digestive juices and bile. It is a relatively complicated procedure and only experienced surgeons agree to perform it.

Price of duodenal switchfrom 4000 GBP
Length of duodenal switch procedure2-3 hours
Required medical tests
Abdominal ultrasound, blood count (CBC), blood urea nitrogen (BUN), cortisol, creatinine, electrolytes, prolactin and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), Cardiac catheterization, Chest X-ray, Colonoscopy Echocardiogram Electrocardiogram (EKG) Flexible sigmoidoscopy, Mammogram, Pap smear, Pelvic ultrasound, Pulmonary function tests
Anesthesiageneral anaesthesia
Stay in the clinic3-4 days
Stay in Poland 6-8 days
Back to work2 weeks
Contraindicationssevere heart or lung disease, portal hypertension, cirrhosis, if you are on chronic, long-term steroid treatment or have an autoimmune connective tissue disease

2. Diet after the duodenal switch is suitable for you

The affordable Duodenal switch in Poland gains popularity mainly because, after the procedure, patients may eat normal meals (but smaller portions) and lose weight at the same time. During the surgery, the significant part of the most stretchable stomach portion is removed, but the basic structure of the stomach remains the same. Also, about ⅔ of the upper small intestines is bypassed, so the absorption of calories is very decreased. So, these are a restriction of food consumption and malabsorption that cause a significant weight loss. One of the main advantages of the duodenal switch is that the stomach digests food normally as before the procedure.

3. Price of the duodenal switch in Poland is more affordable than in the UK or the USA

The price for any weight loss surgery in Poland differs from the prices offered by other countries. There are many factors that determine the price and these factors differ from country to country. In general, the prices for the duodenal switch are higher in countries with many obese people. In the US, the prices can range from 20 000 USD to 25 000 USD, but in some states, like Nebraska, the price can reach even 32 500 USD. Below, we present the lowest cost of the duodenal switch in chosen countries:


4. The duodenal switch gives much better results than other weight loss surgery procedures

It is important that the patients know what to expect after a duodenal switch and that they are aware of what they can achieve. Undoubtedly, the results are different for each person, but the general success rate is extremely high. Patients following the instructions after the procedure usually lose about 60% of the excess weight during the 1st year and reach about 75% during the second weight. Some patients noted even the weight loss of 80%. It is normal that some people lose more weight and some less, but if they follow all postoperative recommendations, they would lose as much weight as would best for them. Surgeons use professional methods firstly to assess what weight would be ideal for each patient, and secondly to estimate the percentage of weight that would need to be lost to reach the desired weight.
In order to maximize the surgery effects, patients need to attend follow up visits regularly and keep a healthy lifestyle. Regular visits after the surgery, as well as the regular medical tests, are vital for maintaining the good health condition and preventing any potential complications and side effects. Patients would also need to supplement necessary vitamins and minerals if the doctor suggests it. Usually, it recommended taking Vitamin B, folate and iron additionally.

duodenal switch abroad

5. Recovery time after the duodenal switch is short and simple

The recovery after duodenal switch depends on the individual predispositions as well as an effort made by each patient. If there are any complications or infections after the surgery, the recovery time lengthens. The general time for the recovery is 4-6 weeks. But some patients may need more, some less time. If the duodenal switch is performed laparoscopically, the recovery time would last 1-2 weeks only. Even after the recovery time is over, patients should still be careful and monitor their health and reactions in everyday situations as well as follow a healthy diet and increase physical activity gradually. In the beginning, painkillers might be necessary. Usually, all the pain disappears within a week. For the 1st months, patients would need to follow a liquid diet and gradually introduce soft food. Many patients admit that they were able to return to work even 2 weeks after the surgery, but it is suggested to take- week leave just because you have no idea how you would feel after the surgery.

If you look for a cheap duodenal switch, Poland would be the best destination. The surgery performed by experienced surgeons in a modern clinic would give you the results you want and improve your life quality enormously. The amazingly high success rate of the duodenal switch makes it one of the most popular weight loss surgeries allowing for losing even 80% of the excess weight. Performing the surgery in Poland would not only improve your health, appearance, mental state and life in general but also allows you to save much money. If you look for some more information about cheap weight loss surgeries, do not hesitate to contact us! We will be more than happy to help you change your life!

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