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    Rhinoplasty Poland

    Updated March 14, 2022
    ClinicHunter Ltd

    girl touching her noseRhinoplasty is known as nose surgery, which changes the shape of the nose. Commonly rhinoplasty is performed for aesthetic reasons, but in some cases, rhinoplasty surgery with septoplasty is recommended due to breathing problems. Thanks to nasoplasty surgery surgeon may make your nose bigger or smaller, change the shape and nose proportion. Rhinoplasty is one of the most frequently performed plastic surgery in Poland. Every year, millions of patients travel to Europe to have rhinoplasty surgery abroad. Below you may find may interesting information about the rhinoplasty. Feel free to contact our consultant if you need anything else!

    Rhinoplasty definition:

    Rhinoplasty is commonly known as a nose job, or a nasoplasty surgery, which is any cosmetic surgery to the nose. The procedure aims to change shape and size of the nose. A nose job may also correct breathing problems, as the nose surgery may be combined with septoplasty. During surgery, doctor may change the width of the bridge, remove humps or depressions, the position of the nasal tip, the size of the nostrils, and asymmetry.

    Benefits of rhinoplasty surgery:

    Rhinoplasty surgery combine appearance and medical benefits.What is more, the results are permanent. One nose surgery is enough to have excellent effects for a whole life. It is hard to list appearance benefits, as you may wish to have larger or smaller nose. To sum up, after nasal surgery you may have nose which you have always dreamt about. What is more, in some cases when septum surgery (septoplasty) is performed also, you will not have breathing problems, snoring, runny nose problems anymore longer.

    Rhinoplasty candidates:

    The nose surgery is recommended for people with deviated, twisted, slanted, or crooked noses. Also rhinoplasty surgery is performed for people after trauma. Many patients who had nose broken in childhood are good candidates for surgery. Patient should have more than 21 years.

    Before the rhinoplasty surgery in Poland:

    It is essential to send 4 photos of your nose from the front, left and right side, also photo of your nostrils. Basis on them your surgeon will confirm if you are good candidate for surgery. He will also advise you what kind of surgery would be best and suggest final cost.

    In Poland you will have blood tests before surgery. You should fasten 6 hours before blood test, you may drink water only.

    Patients should consult their medications with surgeon.

    You should stop smoking 4 weeks before surgery.

    Aspirin, ibuprofen should not be taken 4 weeks before surgery.

    Required medical tests:

    blood group, blood morphology, SR (sedimentation rate), coagulogram (APTT, INR), serum glucose, electrolytes levels, urine analysis, Ekg (only for patients older than 55 y.o.), HBs, HCV, HIV

    Rhinoplasty procedure:

    Length of rhinoplasty procedure: 1 – 4 hours

    Type of anesthesia: general

    How rhinoplasty is done:

    The surgery is performed under general anaesthetic. The surgeon will make some incisions either inside the nose. That is a common procedure, which leaves no visible scars. It is difficult to predict surgery steps, as each surgery is different as based on individual needs. While surgery doctor may insert nose tip implant, shave bone, or change the position of the bones. It is common also that cartilage shape may be changed. After rhinoplasty surgery abroad you may be asked to wear a plaster for 7 days.

    Stay in the clinic: 1 night

    Minimal stay for rhinoplasty in Poland: 6 days, maximum 8 days when plaster is needed

    Back to work: 2 weeks

    Rhinoplasty results: permanent

    After the rhinoplasty surgery:

    • Swelling and bruising should be gone after 2 weeks
    • You should refrain sport activities for one month at least
    • Also avoid wearing glasses or sunglasses as the nasal bridge heals
    • Keep balance diet
    • Drink a lot of water
    • Avoid nose injuries (skipp box or karate lessons) for 6 months

    Rhinoplasty risks and complications:

    • Numbness
    • Prolonged bleeding
    • Skin necrosis
    • Nerve damage
    • Infection
    • Unhappiness with the result

    Rhinoplasty abroad

    Beauty Poland would love to organize your surgery and staying in Poland. Contact our consultant, tell us about your expectation, send photos. Your surgeon will advise you best surgery and final price. Our team will take care of your accommodation. We may book for you all-inclusive package, which includes staying in 3 stars hotel, airport picks up, transport between clinic and hotel. Poland is a great destination to perform nose surgery, not only because of low prices. You may save up even 60%, as surgery is affordable, only 1900 GBP. Feel free to contact us, our consultants are ready to organize your surgery abroad.

    Rhinoplasty Poland prices:

    Nose tip surgery price starts from  2 426GBP

    Full rhinoplasty surgery price starts from 3 033  GBP


    Get the insurance for your rhinoplasty abroad:

    5 reasons to have rhinoplasty surgery in Poland..

      Best rhinoplasty prices abroad only with !

    Rhinoplasty is one of the most frequently performed plastic surgeries in Poland. is ready to help you achieve affordable nose surgery abroad. Due to low nasoplasty price in Poland you may save up to 60% compared to UK prices.  In our offer, we may provide you with full rhinoplasty, nose tip surgery, or full nose surgery with osteotomy. Our low rhinoplasty prices start from 1800 GBP for nose tip surgery, for full nose surgery in Poland you will pay only 2500 GBP. Feel free to contact our consultants, tell them your story, expectations and we will be happy to advise and explain your rhinoplasty surgery in Poland. Poland is a perfect destination to have cheap rhinoplasty.


    Rhinoplasty abroad prices:


    Rhinoplasty in Poland for aesthetic and medical reasons!

    Rhinoplasty is an excellent option for people who are not pleased with nose shape or size. The nose surgery is recommended for people with deviated, twisted, slanted, or crooked noses. Many our patients do not feel self-confident with their nose appearance. Our specialists may make your nose shorter, narrower, or remove the hump. It is worth mentioning that rhinoplasty in Poland may be combined with nasal septum surgery. We are aware that straight nose will not only improve your appearance, but it will make your nose breathing simpler. We have many reports that after full nose surgery with septoplasty some problems like: snoring,  or runny nose are gone. may offer you a video consultation with your surgeon to provide you with the opportunity to discuss surgery process and results.

    Important information regarding rhinoplasty in Poland:

    Price of rhinoplasty in PolandFrom 1100 GBP for nose tip surgery
    From 1900 GBP for full rhinoplasty
    Length of rhinoplasty procedure1 - 4 hours
    Required medical tests before rhinoplastyblood group, blood morphology, SR (sedimentation rate), coagulogram (APTT, INR), serum glucose, electrolytes levels, urine analysis, Ekg (only for patients older than 55 y.o.), HBs, HCV, HIV
    Stay in the clinic after rhinoplasty1 night
    Healing time after rhinoplasty1 - 2 weeks

    Performs ethnic nose surgeries.

    There are unique characteristics of African American, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, or Asian-noses that determine experienced doctor and modern techniques. understands that ethnic noses require significant alteration of the internal structures in order to achieve the perfect external look which everyone desire.

    Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty

    Common features include:

    • Pronounced nasal hump
    • Wide tip or round tip
    • Downward sloping or drooping tip

    African-American Rhinoplasty

    Common features include:

    • Wide bridge, or low nasal bridge
    • Flared nostrils
    • Round tip

    Asian Rhinoplasty

    Common features include:

    • flatter profiles
    • flatter bridges
    • round nasal tips
    • long nose
    • pronounced bumps.

    Latin Rhinoplasty

    Common features include:

    • Weak cartilage in the nasal tip
    • nasal hump
    • thick nasal skin


    I am African and I have always wanted to get a nose surgery. I was a bit surprised when I found out that not every doctor performs ethnic rhinoplasty, to be honest, it was hard to find a doctor. My issue was: flared nostrils, real short nose. I had also problems with my sinuses and septum. After doing plenty of research and some consultations, I decided to get my surgery in Wroclaw with . I was more than impressed with the professionalism and friendliness of doctor Ryszard. He answered all my questions and made me feel that surgery will help me. I believed in his experience and skills, I DO NOT REGRET NOW. I had full rhinoplasty with septoplasty. Now I am 5 weeks after surgery and I felt in love with my new nose. I am aware that with passing time my nose will look even better. There is nothing to be scared, except the first three days which are a bit painful.

     Video consultation with your surgeon before rhinoplasty abroad.

    has more than 10 years experience with plastic surgeries and best plastic surgeons in Poland. That is why gained trust of more than 1000 patients. Our abroad patients are satisfied with modern equipment, professional services, qualified and trustful surgeons in Poland. We try to make our best to ensure patients that they are in good hands. Best plastic surgeons in Poland who cooperate with are known as professionals not only because of their long experience and extended knowledge but also because of their approach to patients. Our surgeons always listen to patient’s needs and expectations. For abroad patient may organize video consultation, or phone conversation with surgeon just to make you feel more confident about surgery.

    Rhinoplasty in Poland Before and After photos


     Will help you organize your surgery, flights and accommodation.

    After nose surgery in Poland, patients stay one night in clinic where professional medical stuff takes care of them. After staying in hospital patients are advised to have a rest 4-5 days in hotel. All that time our consultants are ready to help with any case. For all our rhinoplasty patients we offer 24-hour assistance and medical aftercare which is included into standard surgery price. To make your rhinoplasty surgery abroad more comfortable and easy, we have prepared all-inclusive package which covers accommodation (3 stars hotel)  with breakfast included,  air-port picks up, and taxi transport between clinic and hotel. Our team is always ready to help you organize your affordable rhinoplasty surgery, accommodation and flight tickets also. Commonly we may book for you surgery one month in advance. For some of patients who need urgent surgery we are able to find date one or two weeks in advance.

    Rhinoplasty FAQ

    What is rhinoplasty or nose reshaping?

    Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that can change the looks of your nose. It is performed when you wish to make your nose smaller or larger, get rid off a bump, make your nose straighter or slimmer. If you feel that your nose does not match your face or that you wish to make it look more beautiful, then nose reshaping surgery is for you.

    What is involved in the procedure?

    Rhinoplasty is performed using general anesthesia. During the procedure, the surgeon may take different approach depending on the type of surgery. In open rhinoplasty, the surgeon makes incision on the bottom of your nose, right between your nostrils. If you choose closed rhinoplasty than he will make the incision in the lining of your nostrils. Depending on the effects you wish to achieve, the surgeon will manipulate your cartilage or break the bone. After the surgery you will be taken to your room in our clinic to rest. The clinic staff will take care of you until the next day, when you can come back to your hotel.

    What’s the difference between an open and closed rhinoplasty?

    If you and your surgeon decide to perform open rhinoplasty than the incision will be placed underneath the nose. In closed rhinoplasty, all the incisions ale placed inside your nose. As you can see, the basic difference is the placement of the incision site. Most surgeons prefer closed rhinoplasty, because they say it heals faster than open nose job. However, some surgeons prefer open approach, because it gives them more control over the procedure.

    How long does the rhinoplasty procedure take?

    The length of the procedure depends on the type of rhinoplasty, but usually the surgery takes from 1 hour, up to 4 hours. Surgery time varies depending on the chosen approach.

    Who is a candidate for rhinoplasty abroad?

    You are a good candidate for rhinoplasty if you feel that the way that your nose looks is not matching your face. However, managing your expectations is very important in this type of plastic surgery. The best candidates do not want to achieve perfection, but rather want to improve their appearance. It is important to remember that nose job is not only for women. Men can also undergo the surgery if they are not happy with their looks.

    Is it safe to get nose job done abroad?

    Of course, it is safe! Our clinics in Poland are equipped with newest generation equipment and modern interior. Our surgeons have finished the best medical universities in Europe and have many-year experience. During your stay in Poland, you will be in constant contact with your patient adviser and the surgeon that will perform your surgery.

    How much does rhinoplasty cost?

    The price of rhinoplasty depends on the range of your surgery and type of the procedure. There are 6 types of nasoplasty:

    • Open
    • Closed
    • Reduction
    • Augmentation
    • Post-traumatic
    • Ethnic

    The costs of rhinoplasty abroad are much cheaper than in the UK and start from 1800 GBP. To get your quotation please contact our patient advisers and find out what type of surgery is best for you.

    What are the risks of rhinoplasty?

    As with every plastic surgery, there are risks connected with rhinoplasty. After your surgery look out for any signs of infection, excessive bleeding or abnormal reactions to general anesthesia. Our clinics, hire only surgeons with many years of experience, so do not worry too much.

    How can I prepare for rhinoplasty?

    As before any other plastic surgery, you should not take aspirin or aspirin-containing products. Also, you should stop drinking alcohol 72 hours before and after the procedure. Another important thing to remember is that you cannot smoke two weeks prior/after your surgery.

    Before your plastic surgery, you will have a consultation with our surgeon. He will discuss with you possible outcomes of the procedure and answer all your questions. He will also, determine what type of rhinoplasty is best for you.

    What’s the recovery time after rhinoplasty?

    Healing time varies with each patient. However, it is common to expect some bruising and swelling after the surgery. In some cases, you may experience black eyes usually when the bone in your nose has been broken. It is recommended to breath through your mouth after the surgery, because of all the bandages and possible congestion in your nose. Unfortunately, days after the surgery are no fun. You may experience some pain in your nose area, as well as your head in general. Sleeping poses some problems too. You should sleep sitting, because it is not advised to lay down.

    After 5 or 7 days after the surgery, your surgeon or general doctor will take off your cast or nasal bandages. Next stages of healing will be easier for you, because you may sleep normally and breath through your nose. Many patients ask how many days after the surgery they may go back to work. Usually, you should notice less swelling and bruising 10-14 days after the procedure. However, please remember that this should be light work. Normal activity and exercise should wait at least a month.

    Does getting a nose job hurt?

    The surgery is performed using general anesthesia, so you are asleep during the whole procedure. After the surgery, you will mostly feel discomfort, rather than pain. The surgeon will prescribe you some painkillers, just in case. Some patients say, that the most painful part of the whole procedure is taking of the nasal cast or the nose bandages, but do not worry about it too much.

    What is Asian rhinoplasty?

    Asian rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery for patients of Asian descent. Some people may want to make their noses narrower, add some height or create sharper tip. To get you personal assessment, please contact our patient advisers.

    What results can I expect after rhinoplasty?

    It is important to address your expectations clearly before the surgery. The surgeon needs to know what changes you wish to see in your nose so that he can plan the surgery accordingly. Most change is visible after the swelling and bruising is gone. However, to see the final results you may have to wait even years! Your nose will look healthy a year after your surgery, but the bone and cartilage is still healing. That is why surgeons do not advise revision rhinoplasty less than a year before the initial procedure. Please remember to give yourself time to heal.

    Rhinoplasty Poland reviews:

    a man's face

    Extremely happy with the result

    I had Rhinoplasty in August 2015, after choosing this Clinic based on reviews and cost of procedure. I am extremely happy with the result. I spent one week in Poland, with one Overnight stay in the clinic, which had high standards of hygiene. From collection at the airport, through to surgery and after care, I was dealt with true professionalism.  Dr Adam is personally is on hand daily, for advice and help if required, his team provide the highest standard of care. All in all a 5 star experience.

    Callum, UK

    an Asian woman

    I should do this earlier!

    Because of break septum and significant turbinates I have had trouble with breathing and my nose didn't look aesthetic. I had planned to do this surgery for years, but it was a big expense for me. Now, after my nose surgery in Wroclaw, Poland I'm very happy with the results. I feel that my health condition is better now. I regret that I did not do this earlier. My surgeon was phenomenal so was all medical team. They carefully answered all my questions and resolved all my doubts.

    Mary Alice

    a smiling woman

    I absolutely love my new nose!

    Since I remember I had crooked nose, therefore I was so excited and of course a little nervous when I finally decided to have nose surgery. After research in Internet I chose clinic in Szczecin, Poland and dr Christopher. And I have not regrets! I've received as much information as possible from my surgeon and the medical staff, they did their best to make me feel comfortable and calm during the surgery. The hardest time is after surgery. My nose was swelling and blue and it was hard to breath, but a week later these difficulties were gone and I could go back to work. The result is amazing, now I have nose, I've always wanted. No more shame and avoiding mirrors. Thank you dr Chris for your help and care!

    O.P., Ireland

    woman sitting on the rocks

    Rhinoplasty in Warsaw

    As long as I remember I have been uncomfortable with the way my profile looks in pictures, I've been unhappy with my profile look, the reason was my humpy nose. Dr in the clinic in Warsaw was professional and provided the best and safe option to resolve my nose problem. Now, after 2 months I am very happy and grateful with final shape of my nose. My healing time wasn't as long and difficult as I expected.


    woman sitting on the rocks

    I strongly recommend Beauty Poland!

    I have wanted change my nose since school. Kids used to comment my nose and even as an adult I heard unpleasant comments. For a long time I was looking for the best clinic with reasonable prices. Thanks to Beauty Poland I found surgeon dr Jacob in Wroclaw, Poland. He understood my problems and found the best type of rhinoplasty for me. Also Anna from BP was great and very helpful with all travel and treatment issues. They cared for me before my surgery, during and after to make sure I was ok! It was very nice.

    Alexandra M., London

    New rhino after nose surgery in Poland

    I have always had a bulby nose. As far as I can remember I though everyone is staring at my nose. Children laugh at me and I had only bad memories with my nose. I was more than desperate to have rhinoplasty. My another problem, except nose of course.. was money. I do not earn a lots.. so I started checking out clinics abroad. I had video consultation with doctor Kratochwil. He made me feel like a valued patient, and after talking with him I knew I was in great hands. I had full nose surgery with septoplasty, I had no idea that, my always runny nose, may be caused by my nasal septum.. I am half a year after surgery, sometimes I still feel a pain while nose touching, but it is acceptable. My new nose is perfect, I can take selfies right now all time.

    Theresa, Sweden

    Silm and straight nose!

    I can't believe how my face has changed after reshaping the nose! I didn't have much problems with my nose, only a small hump and wide nostrils. I decided to have nose surgery for my 25th birthday. I knew my nose would be more symmetrical and proportionate, but when I saw my face, I couldn't believe that was me! Totally different face with a perfectly slim and straight nose! Even swollen at the beginning, it looked billiant. Thank you doctor, you did an amazing job. And thank all the clinic team from Warsaw, I felt like on holidays in your clinic!

    Vicky, Scotland

    Nose repaired after accident

    As a child I had an accident and I broke my nose. The doctor then, did not set my nose properly and my nose was crocked since then. I have had a lot of issues with the way my face looked and I was ashamed to go outside. I decided I need to do something about it and I started looking into plastic surgery. I have found great clinic in Poland called Coramed, which offered me email consultation before comming to Wroclaw. I have received my final price for rhinoplasty and all the information necessary to perfom the surgery. I came to Poland for 5 days and during that time I hade my nose straightened by the surgeon. After the cast was taken off, and the swelling was gone, I was extremly happy with the way my nose looked! Now I am 4 years after the surgery and I have my perfect, dream nose 🙂 Thank you to the whole team at Coramed clinic!

    Robert M., Glasgow

    Great stay in Poland

    Had a very pleasant stay. The doctor was very kind and reassuring

    Bradley Kerr, th UK

    Very friendly and happy place

    They were very efficient in everything they did. It was nice and clean with comfortable beds for recovery. Although the pain management was non-existent/not provided following my surgery, that would be my only sticking point. Everything else was great.

    C.M. , the USA

    I like my rhinoplasty results

    Overall I was very happy with the experience and that the fact everybody spoke perfectly good English.

    G.S. , the UK

    Nose surgery in Poland



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