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      LASIK Poland

      Updated March 11, 2022

      girl's eyeLASIK (laser in-situ keratomileusis) is also called ‘flap and zap’ method for the middle of the cornea. Thanks to this technique a narrow flap of the corneal tissue containing the surface cells is performed with an automated tool. The flap is hinged and after that uncoiled,  therefore laser treatment may be used to the stroma as in LASEK. If the application of laser is finished, the flap is exchanged and restored into position in a couple of minutes.

      LASIK deals with the surface of the cornea as soon as the epithelium has been taken away. In a few weeks, time vision is improved with LASIK. It treats an interior surface of the corner area when a fap has been performed in the corneal tissue by means of an accurate blade.

      Perfect Candidate for LASIK

      In order to have LASIK surgery performed abroad there are some criteria which should be met:

      Age: At least 18 years old

      General health: Candidates should be in a good health and should not suffer from any health issues, especially uncontrolled diabetes,  autoimmune or collagen vascular disease, prescribed medications or any issue connected with the immune system.

      Eye condition: most of any eye diseases like keratoconus, glaucoma, cataracts, corneal disease and certain retinal and optic nerve diseases make a candidate disqualified. Moreover, such eye conditions like herpes simplex and herpes zoster also disqualify a patient.

      Eye problems: If a candidate suffers from any eye disease like amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus (muscle imbalance), or any recurrent, residual or active eye conditions which have an impact on the healing process,  he should inform the surgeon about it. Other conditions like keloid scarring, back problems or claustrophobia should also be mention during the consultation. Moreover, the doctor should be informed of all the illnesses which may have an influence on LASIK treatment and recovery time after LASIK.

      Eye injury: candidate without any eye infections or injuries

      Nursing/ pregnancy: Pregnancy or nursing is not advisable during LASIK surgery as hormones may influence the stability of a  prescription, therefore women expecting babies or nursing ones are not entitled to have LASIK surgery up to three menstrual cycles after nursing was stopped.

      Dry eye: Candidates should not suffer from prolonged dry eyes.

      Steady vision: Candidates should have stable vision minimum one year before the procedure.

      Contacts: Before consultation and LASIK in Poland you cannot wear lenses for some period of time and the exact time will be decided by your doctor during the individual visit. Thanks to this, it makes corneal stable and ensures precise assessment of the prescription before the LASIK procedure. Corneal thickness is one of determining factors in qualifying a candidate for LASIK.  Candidates also must have minimum 0.5 mm of corneal thickness.

      LASIK procedure

      Before the surgery anaesthetic drops will be inserted to numb the eye.  During the procedure, you will have a small eye- guard (speculum) located between upper and lower eyelids just to make them open and help you resist from blinking.

      The eye is moisturised and suction ring is put onto the eye which makes the eye more stable yet the vision may be little blurred. Through the use of the automated instrument (microkeratome) its blade goes through the cornea where stops at a pre-set point making a hinged flap of a very thin corneal tissue. After that, the suction ring and microkeratome are taken away. At this stage, vision is still blurred but much brighter than before. Next, the flap is raised and folded back. The laser is used and sculps the corneal tissue. The flap is next put back into position.

      Back to work

      Some types of antibiotics are applied to the eye and sometimes it is necessary to put clear bandage contact lens. You may feel some inconvenience when the anaesthetic wears off which is not unusual. Normally  after 24 hours, everything comes back to normality but it also can be softened by allowing your eyes for some rest and through medications

      Usually, after a day or two, you may freely come back to work if you have a possibility to work in clean spaces. If you feel you have dry eyes after LASIK, apply artificial tears during the first few weeks especially if you have a sedentary work in front of the computer.

      Eye surgery in Poland- risks and limitations

      Not everyone is qualified for the LASIK surgery. Some conditions and factors may pose limitations and put you in risk of side effects or impair the results of LASIK. These are:

      • Too thin or irregular corneas
      • Large pupils
      • High refractive error
      • Unstable vision
      • Dry eyes
      • Age
      • Pregnancy
      • Degenerative or active autoimmune disorders

      LASIK aftercare

      You are required to have a post check up on the first day and one week after the procedure and usually after the first and on third month.

      It is recommended to have a week off out of work but if you wish you can also come back to your duties even earlier.

      LASIK Prices:

      in Poland LASIK costs +/-  460 GBP per eye
      In the UK prices start from 1200 GBP per eye

      LASIK success rate

      LASIK abroad procedure has generally the same success rate as LASEK ones. Nevertheless, your vision will recover quickly. Even the next morning you will have significant improvement in vision which will stabilise during the next days.

      However, it will be decided during a personal appointment as it all relies on your prescription and if you do not suffer from astigmatism.

      Instructions after the LASIK procedure

      • after the surgery, you may feel some pain and discomfort
      • after 2 days the eye is at ease
      • better vision is different in each case but generally improves after 24 hours
      • in case contact lenses are applied, leave them until the next appointment ( next day)
      • start drops from four to six hours after the surgery, also painkillers are necessary
      • try to rest and sleep enough to let eyes rest
      • refrain from rubbing the eyes
      • protect your eyes from bright light
      • avoid watching tv/ reading/computing
      • you may come back to work if you feel better
      • worth to consider is staying away from work at least for a week
      • do not let shampoo or soap get into your eyes for 1 week
      • swimming is not allowed for 1 week
      • your vision will improve after a few weeks
      • if your eyes are dry use artificial tears
      • driving a car is possible if you meet legal requirements to drive

      LASIK in Poland is a great option if you would like to improve your comfort of vision. This is one of the most effective procedures in eye treatment and is suggested by many specialists. If you would like to get more information about the procedure and the cost of LASIK surgery, contact Beauty Poland and ask our advisors for more detailed information.


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