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      Belt lipectomy Poland

      Updated March 11, 2022

      lipectomy-polandSagging skin is a common problem among people who lost a lot of weight. Healthy eating and exercises can help you to lose weight, but it is almost impossible to get rid of sagging skin without a surgery. Often lipectomy is advised after having liposuction in Poland in order to achieve better results.

      Lipectomy definition:

      Lipectomy (also known as body lift or belt lift) is plastic surgery designed to improve body contours by removing excess skin, fat and tissue around your hips, waistline, and back.

      Typical problem areas that can be treated with lipectomy surgery:

      • stomach lipectomy
      • back lipectomy
      • waistline lipectomy
      • thighs lipectomy
      • hips lipectomy
      • buttocks lipectomy
      • arms lipectomy (arms lift)

      Benefits of lipectomy / body lift surgery:

      • weight is lost almost immediately
      • increased self-confidence
      • ability to fit into your clothes better
      • improved body shape

      Lipectomy / body lift candidates:

      Both men and women can have body lift procedure. You should be at least 18 years old. The best candidate for the body lift is the one who is close to the ideal weight and have an ongoing diet and exercise regime. If you want to have body lift your weight must be stable for a couple of months. Of course, the one who wants to have lipectomy done should be in a good health and quit smoking.

      You can not have lipectomy surgery is you have diseases like diabetes, infection, heart or circulation problems.

      Lipectomy / body lift prices:

      The price for the procedure depends on many factors such as how much skin needs to be removed, the country where you live, the clinic you choose etc. Here you can see the prices for lipectomy in different countries:

      Lipectomy procedure:

      Before the body lift surgery:

      Before the surgery, you will have the consultation with your surgeon. It is good to prepare the list of questions you want to ask.   Depending on the clinic the same day or the next day you will have medical tests. In most clinics, the price of the medical tests is included in the price of the surgery. However, you should understand that the clinic is not responsible for your results and if they will be bad the procedure cannot be done.

      Required medical tests

      • blood group
      • blood morphology
      • SR (sedimentation rate)
      • coagulogram (APTT, INR)
      • serum glucose
      • electrolytes levels
      • urine analysis
      • Ekg (only for patients older than 55 y.o.)
      • HBs
      • HCV
      • HIV

      Lipectomy / body lift surgery:

      • Length of lipectomy procedure: The surgery lasts from 5 to 8 hours.
      • Type of anesthesia: Lipectomy is done under the general anesthesia.
      • How lipectomy is done: Basically lipectomy is the combination of three procedures tummy tuck, buttock lift and thigh lifts. The surgeon will remove the excess and sagging skin around the abdomen, butt, and thighs. During the belt lipectomy incisions will be done around the lower torso, so you will be able to hide it in your underwear.
      • Stay in the clinic: After the surgery, you need to stay in the clinic for at least one more day.
      • Minimal stay for lipectomy Poland: 7 days
      • Back to work: You can go back to work in 7 days. But if it is possible, ask for 2 weeks off work.
      • Lipectomy results: If after the procedure you will eat healthy and have regular physical activity the results of the procedure will be permanent.

      After the lipectomy surgery:

      After the surgery bandages and special undergarments will be placed around your abdomen and waistline to provide additional support. The next day you can go home, but ask someone to drive you and to help you for at least three days after the surgery. For about two weeks after the surgery, you will have swellings and will be prescribed painkillers in order to handle the pain. In 4-6 weeks, most patients can go back to normal daily activities.

      Lipectomy risks and complications:

      You should understand that body lift is a surgical procedure and as any surgery it involves risks. Possible risks and complications of lipectomy are:

      • Embolism (blockage in a blood vessel)
      • Changes in skin sensation (temporary or permanent)
      • Anesthetic toxicity
      • Skin discoloration
      • Bleeding
      • Swellings or fluid accumulation
      • Unsatisfactory aesthetic results

      You should have the opportunity to contact your surgeon any time. If you have chest pain, shortness of breath unusual heartbeats or bleeding you should immediately contact the doctor.

      Lipectomy abroad:

      If you want to have belt lift done abroad, you should come to the country for at least one week. It is better to take a friend or a relative who will take care of you after the procedure. You should remember that lipectomy is a surgery and you need to give your body time to heal.

      5 reasons to have lipectomy done in Poland


      Excess skin is a common problem that many people deal with. With diet and exercises you can lose weight, but often the excess skin and folds are left around the abdomen. If you have sagging skin you want to get rid of you should consider having lipectomy (known also as a body lift) in Poland.

       1. You will get rid of sagging skin with lipectomy in Poland

      The best candidate for lipectomy procedure is a person whose weight is close to the ideal BMI. Basically, lipectomy surgery is a 360-degree tummy tuck. Some patients with bad skin elasticity often need to have lipectomy after liposuction or gastric band. During the procedure, the surgeon removes all the excessive, loose, sagging skin around the abdomen area, buttocks, and thighs. Lipectomy in Poland involves smaller procedures such as

      You need to stay at the clinic for at least 1 days after the surgery and should wear special compression garments for about a month after the surgery.

       2. After body lift in Poland, you will lose weight almost immediately and get more attractive look

      The biggest advantage of the procedure is that you will notice the results the next day. Both men and women can get a body lift in Poland. Male lipectomy and female lipectomy do not differ from each other. The surgeon will remove the excess skin and fat that can weigh several pounds. After the healing period is over you will be able to see final results which will impress you. Your abdomen will be slimmer and you will no longer have rolls of fat on your back. After lipectomy in Poland, you will be able to fit into your clothes better and will feel confident again.

      Our patient Anna who had lipectomy done in Poland says that “The clinic and the staff were very professional. I needed lipectomy as I lost 147 lbs over the last few years, and had a lot of sagging skin. During the consultation, the surgeon advised me lipectomy. The recovery was pretty hard but it was definitely worth it!”

      Important information regarding belt lift in Poland: 

      Pricefrom € 2200
      Length of procedure3-7 hours
      Required medical testsblood group, blood morphology, SR (sedimentation rate), coagulogram (APTT, INR), serum glucose, electrolytes levels, urine analysis, Ekg (only for patients older than 55 y.o.), HBs, HCV, HIV
      Stay in the clinic1 day
      Healing time2-4 weeks
      Special compression garmentsAt least one month after the surgery
      Incisions Done around the lower torso
      Stay in PolandAt least 1 week

       3. Lipectomy procedure done in Poland is safe and done by professional surgeons

      Lipectomy abroad is a popular plastic surgery procedure. The surgery is done under the general anesthesia and can last from three to seven hours. The incision is always made round the lower torso, thanks to which it is easy to hide the scar. As any surgery lipectomy has some risks, but if the surgery is done by professional and experienced surgeon it is safe and fast. Beauty Poland can guarantee that all of the surgeons we cooperate with are professionals who constantly improve their knowledge not only in Poland but also abroad. Our surgeons are the members of The Polish Society of Surgeons, The Polish Society of Aesthetic Medicine, The Polish Society of Dermatosurgery and Aesthetic Dermatology, UIME (International Association of Aesthetic Medicine/Union Internationale de Médecine Esthétique) etc. We are cooperating with Dr. Piotr Rataj and Dr. Jakub Kratochwil who are known for their professionalism and personal approach to every patient. They are providing high-quality plastic surgeries for patients from abroad for many years. Both can speak English and will be happy to help you.

       4. Price for lipectomy in Poland is much lower than in the UK or Germany

      Lipectomy prices in Poland start from €2.220, whereas in other countries, such as Germany the price is €8.000. At the same time we can guarantee that the quality of the surgery remains at the higest level despite the lower price. Plastic clinics in Poland offer the materials and equipment of the highest quality and such a difference in prices stems from the economical differences. Poland has affordable prices not only for the plastic surgery but also for accommodation and stay. Which make Poland the best destination for cheap lipectomy abroad. The money spent on the surgery, flights and stay in Poland will be still much less than in Western European countries. Additionally, plastic surgery clinics in Poland have high availability with no waiting lists, which means that our English-speaking surgeons will be happy to welcome you as soon as you can come.

      Lipectomy abroad price comparison:

      Source: Beauty Poland research

       5. You do not have to worry about the organization of your travel and stay

      Beauty Poland is the trust-worthy and reliable company providing exclusively high-quality plastic surgeries in Poland at affordable for patients from abroad for the last 10 years. Our goal is to make your travel and stay as comfortable as possible. Beauty Poland consultants help every patient at each step of the journey and its organisation. You need to remember that we work for you! We also offer you all-inclusive packages including consultations, surgery, medical tests, hotel stay and all transfers during your stay.

      Lipectomy / Body Lift – FAQ

      What is lipectomy / body lift?

      Lipectomy or body lift is plastic surgery procedure that is designed to remove the sagging skin and fat from the hips, waistline and back.

      Is there a chance my skin can shrink back after a weight loss?

      There are different factors that influence on the degree of sag, the most important are your skin elasticity and the magnitude of the weight loss. In most cases, if you lost more that 100 lb you would have a sagging skin that can be removed only with the surgery. It is hard to predict how much skin will be needed to be removed so before you start to look for the surgery, you should be close to your ideal weight and it must be stable for at least 2 months.

      How much does a body lift cost?

      The price of the surgery depends on your geographical location, your surgeon experience, your clinic, the length of the surgery, and the amount of skin that will be removed. Sometimes the clinic can charge you for anesthesia or medical tests. In plastic surgeries in Poland, the costs of medical tests and anesthesia are included in the price of the surgery. However, the final price will be determined after the consultation.

      Where will the incisions be for this procedure?

      Incisions placement depend on the areas that will be operated. During circumferential lift, the surgeon usually makes the incision around the abdomen, hips, and back. In most cases, you will be able to hide your incision in underwear.

      What are the risks associated with a body lift?

      As any surgery, body lift involves some risks such as infection, swelling, seroma, temporary or permanent change in skin sensation, asymmetry, fat necrosis etc. To avoid the complications you should find a professional and experienced surgeon.

      What should I expect after my body lift procedure?

      In order to minimize swelling and to provide additional support, a special compression garment (girdle) will be placed on you, right after the surgery. For about a month after the surgery, you can experience pain, bruising and swelling. The surgeon will prescribe painkillers to help you handle the pain. In order to prevent blood clots, you should begin light walking a day after the surgery. You will be able to resume normal activity within a couple of days after the surgery.

      How long will my results last?

      The results of the body lift are long lasting, but you should understand that no surgery can protect you from gaining weight and from aging process. You should eat healthy and exercise if you want to make the results last.

      What will recovery be like?

      After the surgery is done, the surgeon will apply dressings to the incision site and drains under your skin this will help to drain the excess blood and fluid. In most cases, in 1 – 2 weeks after the surgery, it all will be removed. To minimize swelling and to improve the contour of your body you will be told to wear tight fitting garment.

      What is a lipectomy suction assisted?

      Suction assisted lipectomy is the other name for liposuction – the surgery that can remove fat deposits with the help of special cannula from different areas of your body. More information about liposuction in Poland you can find on our page.

      What is lipectomy radical abdominoplasty?

      Lipectomy radical abdominoplasty is the other name for lipectomy, belt lift or lower body lift. Basically, it is a 360-degree tummy tuck.

      How much weight to lose before body lift?

      You should understand that lipectomy is not a weight loss procedure, it is done to improve your body contour. It is better to have lipectomy done once all the weight you are going to lose has been lost. The most important is that if you want to have lipectomy done your weight must be stable for at least 2 months.  

      Can I sit after belt lipectomy? Is lipectomy painful?

      The next day after your body lift you will be able to sit. You can experience swellings and pain for a few days after the surgery. In 2 weeks most patients can go back to normal activities.

      What is the difference between a body lift, a circumferential lipectomy, and a belt lipectomy?

      There is no difference. Those are all names of the same procedure.

      How much weight can be removed with a lift procedure?

      Even though body lift is not a weight loss procedure, you will lose some weight. With full body lift, you can lose about 20 pounds as this procedure involves tummy tuck, thigh lift and buttock lift. The amount of weight you lose depends on the amount of skin that will be removed.  

      Are there different types of thigh lifts?

      Yes. There are two types of thigh lifts: inner thigh lift and outer thigh lift. With inner thigh lift the skin is removed from the inside of your thighs, with an outer thigh lift it is removed from the outer sides of the thigh.

      Are there any lift procedures that do not involve extensive scarring?

      All lift procedures involve scarring. But most surgeons will position the incisions so that you will be able to hide it under clothes or bathing suit.

      What regions of the body are addressed by a lower body lift?

      Usually lower body lift tights skin on the hips, waistline, and back. However the surgery varies from patient to patient, and all the details of the procedure will be discussed during the consultation with the surgeon.

      Lipectomy Poland reviews:


      Cheap lipectomy in Poland

      I gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy, with diets and workouts I lost 105 lb. I was in my perfect weight but I did not like the way I look because of the sagging skin. The surgeon in the UK advised me to have lipectomy, but the price was too high, so I decided to look for it abroad. I heard from my friend who had liposuction done in Poland that the prices are much cheaper there, so I contacted Beauty Poland and my consultant advised me to go to Wroclaw. I stayed for 10 days, while I was in the clinic the staff was very supportive, for 5 days I was in the hotel and my doctor called me every day to check if I was ok. He gave me his skype so I could call him from the UK. For the high-quality surgery and caring staff, I paid twice less than I would in the UK.

      Kathy Jones


      Love the results of my lipectomy!

      Lipectomy is something I've wanted to do for YEARS! Its been 3 months since I had my surgery in plastic surgery clinic in Poland. And I love the results!


      a woman holding a baby

      The best decision I’ve ever made

      I had always had problems with my stomach area, even at my lowest weight. I finally came to summation that I wanted to go forth with body lift. And it was the best decision I've ever made! Everything in my plastic surgery clinic was very professional! And the price was much lower than in my country!


      a black woman

      Now I can wear a bathing suit in public!

      I had upper lipectomy done in Warsaw. So glad I went through all that. Now I can wear a bathing suit in public!



      Satisfied with the results

      I am 3 months after my lipectomy in Wroclaw. Even though I still have swellings I am very satisfied with the results!


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