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All on 4 Poland/abroad - price, reviews, before and after

Updated October 3, 2019

Reviewed by Karolina Kownacka, MD, PhD

Full jaw restoration is commonly seen as a very expensive treatment, especially in the UK or Germany. If you need it but you can not afford it in your country, take Poland into consideration. From various options that are available on the market, so-called ‘all-on-4’ is definitely the leading solution. Check out our 5 reasons for all-on-four in Poland in order to get to know more details.

You can achieve immediate effects with all on 4 procedure abroad

In the case of a significant number of teeth missing or simply having it in a very bad condition all-on-4 gives a possibility to get a beautiful smile within not more than 6 months. First, the surgeon installs the implants in your jawbone and covers it with a temporary denture. Healing time takes from 4 to 6 months. After that period, the temporary denture can be replaced with the permanent one. This is how a non-removable construction is established and it imitates natural teeth. There’s no need to spend your time on durable treatment if you can achieve perfect smile in 2 steps at a reasonable price.

It takes only 2- 3 trips to Poland to have all-on-4 Poland!

If you would like to get your perfect smile in Poland two visits are required. During the first one that takes up to 3 days, necessary examination are done and the implants are installed. Then, healing time is needed and it takes from 3 to 6 months. After your second visit, that takes 5 working days, you’re done. You can enjoy hollywood smile after only 2, quick visits in Poland in the period of not more that 6 months.

– Important importation regarding all on 4 procedure in Poland

Price of all-on-4All-on-4 in Poland usually starts from 25 000 PLN that is around 5200 GBP. This is the price for one arch, 12-14 teeth
Success rateSuccess rate of all on four installation procedure is over 95%
Number of trips abroad to have all-on -4 in Europe2 - 3 trips to Poland are required to get all-on-4 solution in Poland.The first is for implant installation. On the second visit the dentist will install denture on implants
Stay in PolandFirst visit requires your presence in Poland for 3 working days. When you’ll come for the second visit you’ll be asked to stay for 5 - 10 days
Duration of all-on-four procedureBoth visits in Poland require at least two appointments with the doctor. Implants installation takes approximately two hours. Permanent denture attachment is done by the dentist in the period of 2-4 hours.
AnesthesiaAll-on-4 treatments is commonly performed under local anesthesia that numbs the area that is being implanted. It is possible to have it done under general anaesthesia if you wish to be sedated.
Healing time with all-on-43-6 months of healing period is needed for your implants to properly adapt to the bone. If both the implants and gums are ready, you can have your treatment finished with the second step - your permanent denture may be installed as well.

All-on-four abroad requires only 4 implants!

What might surprise you is the fact that all-on-4 procedure requires the installation of only 4 dental implants into the jaw. With that procedure, you can achieve a beautiful smile without the need of paying for expensive bridges, usually anchored to the jawbone with a way more implants. What’s more, dental implants in Poland are the cheapest if it comes the European market. If you are interested in both affordable and good solution for you jaw restoration you should check our offer of clinics in Poland.


– All on 4 and dental implants before and after gallery:


Prices of all-on-4 in Poland are much more affordable than in UK or Germany

It is said that all-on-4 treatment is extreamly expensive. Indeed, if it comes to UK or Germany it might be hard to afford it. Poland is the best choice. It offers very attractive prices but also state-of-art solutions. To have your treatmanet done saving half of the price given in your country, contact Dental Travel Poland. We will help you to find the best solution for you.

– All on 4 abroad price comparison

The results of all-on-4 procedure abroad are very long lasting

With the proper care, all-on-4 treatment provides lifetime results. For that reason, it is crucial to attend annual check-ups in the dental clinic and put attention the mouth hygiene. Anyway, all-on-4 has the attitude of not being affected by decay. So if you are looking for the professional and affordable full jaw restoration,look no further, contact us today and get your cheap all on 4 procedure in Poland!


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