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      Gastric Balloon Poland

      Updated March 11, 2022

      .Gastric Balloon is one of the most popular weight loss procedures, as it is known as the safest one with the shortest recovery period. Most weight loss surgeries are no reversible and require taking vitamins and mineral supplements for the rest of your life, while gastric balloon can be removed at any time. If you are tired of fighting obesity, but cannot afford gastric balloon procedure in your country, coming to Poland is a solution.

      Since you read this article, you probably know what is gastric weight loss surgery and gastric balloon. You can just wonder why you should opt for gastric balloon or why gastric balloon is the best solution for you. In this article, you will find the factors that you for sure take into consideration before making the decision, which include the diet, recovery, gastric balloon safety and its side effects.

      What is a gastric balloon?

      The gastric balloon also is known as an intragastric balloon, It is a special device helping people lose weight. The balloon is inserted into the stomach of the patient, as a result of which less food can be taken in. Hence, patients feel full sooner and eat less.

      Benefits of gastric balloon surgery:

      • Less expensive than other weight loss procedures
      • Fast recovery
      • Type 2 diabetes remission
      • Fast and safe procedure
      • Non-surgical procedure
      • Does not require anesthesia
      • Lost weight
      • Reversible procedure

      Gastric balloon candidates

      You are qualified for gastric balloon procedure if your body mass index (BMI) is between 27 and 35, you also should be over 18 years old, and be in a considerably good physical as well as mental health. Sometimes gastric balloon procedure is performed to make the patient lose weight before more serious weight loss surgeries in order to reduce risks.

      Before the gastric balloon surgery:

      Before the procedure, you will attend a personal consultation with your doctor in Poland. During the consultation, you will have medical tests and will be able to ask all your questions. If you have any specific health conditions or problems, you should tell your doctor about them on the consultation. 48 hours before the gastric balloon procedure you must be on puree/soft solid diet, 12 hours prior the procedure you should avoid all food and liquid.

      Required medical tests: Abdominal ultrasound, blood count (CBC), blood urea nitrogen (BUN), cortisol, creatinine, electrolytes, prolactin and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), Cardiac catheterization, Chest X-ray, Colonoscopy Echocardiogram Electrocardiogram (EKG) Flexible sigmoidoscopy, Mammogram, Pap smear, Pelvic ultrasound, Pulmonary function tests.

      Gastric balloon surgery

      Length of gastric balloon procedure: 15-30minutes

      Type of anesthesia: sedation

      How gastric balloon is done:

      Gastric balloon insertion is non-surgical procedure during the procedure your throat will be numbed with a special spray, then with the use of the endoscope, doctor will put the balloon through your mouth into your stomach. The balloon can be filled with saline solution or gas.

      Stay in the clinic: no need

      Minimal stay for gastric balloon in Poland: 1 week

      Back to work: 1 week

      Gastric balloon results:

      Gastric balloon must be extracted maximum in 6 months. After 3 months most patients lose about 15% of excess weight. After 6 months the vast majority of our patients effectively lose even 30% of the excess weight. Gastric balloon can become a start of your new life, but it is you who influence the final results for the most part. You need to eat small portions, avoid junk food and exercise. If you don’t follow the recommended lifestyle changes you will regain weight.

      After the gastric balloon surgery:

      After gastric balloon surgery, you need to follow the diet and be physically active. After the surgery, you should not lift any heavy objects, but should start walking as soon as possible. It is advised to buy pedometer and to take 10,000 to 12,000 steps a day. After 1 month you can practice sport again. Drink at least 1,5 liters a day, eat small portions 5 times a day, and follow the instructions of your doctors.

      Gastric balloon side effects

      Gastric balloon for weight loss is a safe prcedure but, as any other surgery, may have side effects. In fact, they appear in most of the patients having gastric balloon and often involve making changes in eating habits or vitamins and medications intake. These problems require medical tests (as the evaluation) and medications or even additional surgery (as the solution).

      Below you can find the common side effects after gastric balloon:

      • there is an abdominal pain that can last for the first 2-5 days.
      • you can experience nausea and vomiting in the first week, which is your body’s reaction to the balloon placed inside
      • the sensation of balloon movements
      • the bloating or belching of gas
      • bad breath

      Recovery after the gastric balloon

      After your gastric balloon is placed, you may experience a growing discomfort, but is normal for gastric balloon recovery. It can last from a couple of days to a few weeks. This feeling is normal, but you need to tell your bariatric surgeon about any severe pain that you consider worrying. During the first 6-7 days after the surgery, the vast majority of patients do not feel hungry at all. Some experience nausea which can get worse while eating. Hence, the loss of weight is usually significant in the first week (about 8-15 pounds for men, and 4-8 pounds for women). If you are not hungry and have no appetite during the first week, do not worry because it should change at the beginning of the 2nd week. Yet, you will not eat big portions as you will feel full after a small amount of food. During the weeks 3-6, your appetite will be getting stronger and you will tolerate more and more food. You should still eat slowly, pay much attention to the quality and quantity of the food and observe your body reaction after eating certain meals. In the weeks from 7 to 12, you will notice that you lose weight slightly slower than in the previous weeks. You should take advantage of this time and try to maximize the weight loss by implementing daily activity and focusing on a healthy food. The physical activity is extremely important and this routine should be maintained for the rest of your life. Thus, it is important that you find the exercises you enjoy, like gym, jogging, swimming. During the weeks 12-26, you should maintain your weight loss thanks to a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercises. You can get support from a dietician, support groups or personal trainer. Finally, all the changes you have introduced should change into your habits. Then, you will achieve the gastric balloon long term results you always wanted.

      Diet after gastric balloon

      Day 1-3: only fluids allowed

      For the first 3 days after gastric balloon, only fluids can be consumed. It will help you prevent dehydration, keep high energy level and adjust to the balloon. Any other food eaten at this stage can result in vomiting or nausea. Just after the surgery, you will drink water only and if it is tolerated, you can add other fluids such as. milk, fruit juice, soup, yogurts within the next days. The best choice is nutritious and high-in-protein soups. It is important that you intake the fluids regularly, it is recommended to consume 8 or more cups of fluids a day including soups.
      The fluids that are recommended include:

      • yoghurts
      • milk (about a pint per day)
      • squashes (they need to be low-calorie or reduced-sugar)
      • diluted fruit juices (one part of juice + one part of water)
      • tea
      • coffee (weak coffee is suggested)
      • soups (smoothed in the blender, broth, clear soups)
      • Oxo, Brovil, Marmite, stock cube diluted in a hot water

      Day 4-10: soft food allowed

      Now, you can add soft food to your diet after gastric balloon. The ideal distribution is 4 small portions a day eaten in regular lags. You should not wait with the meals till you become hungry, you should eat small portions frequently instead. Also, you need to avoid hard food requiring a lot of chewing as well as spicy or heavily seasoned food. A strong coffee or tea are still not recommended. You ought to drink milk – about half a pint each day.

      After 10 days: balanced diet recommended

      If you tolerate fluids and soft food, you can gradually return to a normal diet. You need to do it slowly, day by day, and monitor how you feel after eating certain food. Some foods can stick to the gastric balloon and cause uncomfortable burps (in general, pasta is a problem for the patients). Shortly after each meal, you should drink water to rinse off your balloon. Once you feel bad after meals and struggle with nausea or vomiting, you should return to the liquid or soft diet. It is much better to replace the normal food with something you have eaten at the beginning than avoid eating at all.

      Pills after gastric balloon

      Any bariatric surgery changes the way a body absorbs medications – both these prescribed by the doctor and over-the-counter ones. Also, after the surgery, the health condition changes, for the better usually, and the medications type and doses also change. You need to discuss all your medications with your surgeon a few months before the gastric balloon surgery.
      A couple of weeks after the gastric balloon, your doctor can suggest that you take your medications in a different form, for example chewable, liquid, sublingual, crushed or as an injection. The reason for that is the possibility that a regular capsule or tablets may become lodged in the body. What is more, some medications are enteric-coated or covered by a polymer substance, which makes them very difficult be absorbed after the surgery. The tendency to crush depends on the formulation of a drug. For instance, enteric-coated medications are extremely difficult to crush, while quick-release drugs are crushed easily. The dosages of medications after gastric balloon change also and need to be modified regularly. Most patients eliminate high blood pressure thanks to gastric balloon, and then, the daily doses have to be reduced. Your doctor may also consider some medications as contributors to the weight gain, so he can advise you to take some alternative drugs.


      Gastric balloon procedure abroad

      cooperates only with the best clinics in Poland, our clinics are working according to European standards, use only high-quality materials and modern equipment. If you want to have the procedure done in Poland, you need to come for at least a week. With our all-inclusive packages, we will organise your travel and stay, so you have nothing to worry about. If you need any additional information or have some questions, contact our company and the consultatnts will provide you with all the information.

      Gastric balloon prices

      The price of gastric balloon varies by region, in countries like UK and Germany the price is much more expensive than in Poland. Usually, the gastric balloon procedure is not covered by insurance, but it is always advised to contact the insurance company as a first step. The price for a gastric balloon procedure in Poland includes medical tests, procedure, consultation, stay in a clinic ( if needed), after procedure check-ups. The money you save by choosing gastric balloon procedure in Poland you can spend on tummy tuck in Poland or liposuction in Poland that will make your results even better.  

      Gastric balloon abroad price comparison:


      5 most important reasons why you should come to Poland for the gastric balloon procedure.

       1. Gastric Balloon is a non-surgical weight loss procedure

      The biggest advantage of a gastric balloon over other weight loss procedures is that it is performed with the use of the non-surgical technique. The doctor will numb your throat with the spray, so you won’t feel anything during the procedure. Then plastic mouth guard will be put between your teeth and gums, that is done in order for the doctor to pass the endoscope through your mouth down to your stomach and insert the balloon. After the balloon is inserted it will be filled with saline solution or gas to occupy space in your stomach. The procedure takes about 15 minutes and is done under a mild sedative, which means that the same day you can go back home.

      Important information regarding gastric balloon procedure in Poland:

      Price of gastric balloon 2000 GBP
      Length of gastric balloon procedure15 minutes
      Required medical testsAbdominal ultrasound, blood count (CBC), blood urea nitrogen (BUN), cortisol, creatinine, electrolytes, prolactin and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), Cardiac catheterization, Chest X-ray, Colonoscopy Echocardiogram Electrocardiogram (EKG) Flexible sigmoidoscopy, Mammogram, Pap smear, Pelvic ultrasound, Pulmonary function tests
      Stay in the clinicno need
      Stay in Poland1 week
      Back to work1 week
      Contraindications constipation, adhesive peritonitis or significant hiatal hernia, diagnosed severe kidney, liver or lung disorders, chronic steroid treatment, pregnancy

       2. Gastric Balloon is less expensive than other weight loss procedures

      Gastric Balloon does not require anesthesia or stay in the clinic, which make the procedure much cheaper. Gastric balloon is temporary which means that no permanent change will be made to your digestive system and you will not spend money for the vitamins and mineral supplements for the rest of your life. What is more, in Poland the price for the procedure, even cheaper than in the UK or Germany. The difference in price has no influence on the quality of the procedure as doctors in Poland are professionals who use only best materials.

       3. More people qualify for gastric balloon surgery than for other weight loss procedures

      If you are not a candidate for the surgical weight loss procedures you may be a candidate for the gastric balloon procedure. To be the candidate you should have BMI (body mass index) between 27 and 35 while for other weight loss surgeries you must have BMI (body mass index) of 40 or more. Gastric balloon is often used before having a weight-loss operation, to reduce surgical risk. But remember only doctors can decide if you are a candidate for the gastric balloon procedure in Poland or not.

       4. Recovery after gastric balloon surgery in Poland is fast

      Gastric balloon does not require any anesthesia and for the most patients, there is no need to stay in the clinic after the surgery. Even though among all weight loss procedures, a gastric balloon has the shortest recovery period, it is still advised to take some time off work to give the body time to get used to new weight loss technique.

       5. Gastric balloon is a reversible procedure

      Most weight loss procedures make permanent changes in your digestive system, gastric balloon is not one of them as it must be removed in 6 months (can also be removed earlier if needed). The disadvantage is that it makes the chances of regaining weight higher, the advantage is that there is no need for you to take the vitamins for the rest of your life as your digestive system will be able to absorb all the vitamins from the food. Beauty Poland offers you not only weight loss procedures but also plastic surgery like liposuction Poland or lipectomy Poland. If you want to know more about gastric balloon surgery or plastic surgeries in Poland contact our consultants.

      Gastric Balloon – FAQ

      What is a gastric balloon?

      Gastric balloon is a medical device that is used to help people fight obesity. Doctor place the balloon, which filled with gas or saline solution, into the stomach in order to make less room for the food. As a result, the patient feels satiety and eats less.

      How is gastric balloon placement performed?

      The placement of gastric balloon is done using endoscopy through the mouth, under local sedation. The procedure takes up to 30 minutes, during it, you won’t feel anything. After the balloon has been inserted the doctor will but gas or saline solution into it.

      Who is a candidate for the gastric balloon abroad?

      The adult with a BMI (body mass index) between 27 and 35, who is in a good general and mental health can consider having the gastric balloon.

      How much is a gastric balloon procedure in Poland?

      Gastric balloon procedure has the lowest total cost out of all available types of weight loss surgery. Prices for the gastric balloon procedure in Poland starts from  2000 GBP which is almost twice cheaper than in the UK.

      Is the gastric balloon covered by insurance?

      It depends on your insurance plan, but in most cases insurance does not cover gastric balloon procedure. You should contact your insurance company for all the details.

      Will I be able to feel the balloon in my stomach?

      For the first three days, there will be some discomfort in your stomach. After 3 days to 1 week, most patients do not experience anything other than a feeling of fullness.

      How is the gastric balloon removed?

      The balloon is removed in the same way as it was placed, using endoscope through the mouth. Before removing the doctor will deflate the balloon.  

      How many pounds will I lose with the gastric balloon in Poland?

      In general, after 6 months most patients lose 30% of excess weight (10 – 25 kg). The long-term weight loss depends entirely on your diet and lifestyle choices. After the gastric balloon procedure, some people may have loose skin, this problem can be solved with lipectomy in Poland

      How long does it take to recover after insertion of gastric balloon abroad?

      There is no need to stay for the night in the clinic after the gastric balloon procedure. It is advised to take at least 3 days off work, in order to give your body time to get used to its new conditions. For two weeks you should avoid lifting heavy objects. After a month all the activities can be resumed.

      Does gastric balloon limit activities?

      Once your body has adapted to the gastric balloon (usually after 3 days) you can restart your usual activities. After the month you can restart any sport.

      What happens if the balloon leaks?

      This situation is very rare, but if it happens first thing you will notice is the change in the colour of your urine (blue/green). As soon as you notice it contact your doctor and he will extract the balloon with endoscopy. If you delay informing your doctor you might expect the balloon to be evacuated by the natural route.

      Will I gain weight once the gastric balloon is removed?

      Yes, you can gain and you can lose weight once the balloon is removed, gastric balloon is not a “long-term fix”, long-term weight loss depends entirely on your diet and lifestyle choices.

      What health improvements can I expect after gastric balloon procedure abroad?

      slim woman after gastric balloon

      Obesity is known to be very harmful to the health, with the gastric balloon you will lose excess weight, as a result, you will feel improvements in dyslipidemia, high cholesterol (hyperlipidemia), high blood pressure (hypertension), and joint/bone disease (osteoarthropathy). People who have type 2 diabetes might expect remission after gastric balloon procedure.

      Why must the balloon be extracted after 6 months?

      After a maximum 6 months, the gastric balloon must be removed as the stomach adapts to it and it no longer causes a feeling of satiety.

      After 6 months can I replace the gastric balloon?

      Yes. But it is advised to wait at least 6 weeks before replacing, in order for you to see if your behavioural modification programs were successful and if you continue to lose weight without the balloon.

      How long should I stay in Poland after gastric balloon procedure?

      You should stay in Poland for at least 1 week if you want to have gastric balloon procedure done. The first day you will have a consultation and medical tests, the next day the procedure can be performed. There is no need to stay in the clinic after the procedure, but you should stay in Poland for at least 5 more days. 3 days after the surgery, you will

      Is gastric balloon covered by NHS?

      Yes, it is possible for some patients to have gastric balloon covered by NHS, yet there have to be met some criteria ( for example BMI 40 or more, you tried other methods of losing weight) and they can vary across England.

      Can a gastric balloon burst?

      It is really rare, but yes, there exists a possibility that a balloon may burst, therefore colouring agent is poured into a balloon which after absorption to digestive track colours urine into blue. This balloon is then removed.

      How does gastric balloon work?

      An intragastric balloon is a newer kind of weight-loss procedure. A saline-filled silicone balloon is placed in the stomach, which helps losing weight by limiting the amount of food you can eat which makes you feel fuller faster. They are left for about 6 months

      Can I have a gastric balloon with BMI over 40?

      Most of the surgeons do not recommend gastric balloon with BMI over 40. The reason is that a BMI of > 40 is not really associated with good weight loss and the FDA approval was within the 30-40 BMI. The greater the BMI, the lesser the good results with balloons and other non-surgical interventions.

      Is gastric balloon good for non-obese?

      Generally, gastric balloon is for patients with significant weight gain and for those who tried losing weight through diet and exercising but failed.

      Is it possible to have a gastric balloon without surgery?

      Yes, it is possible with the gastric balloon. The gastric balloon is inserted orally through the oesophagus and placed put into your stomach during a non-surgical procedure.

      Is gastric balloon safe?

      Gastric balloon is a fully safe and reversible procedure. Although, there are some severe side effects, such as small bowel obstruction, perforation or tears in the stomach, and bleeding yet they are rare.

      Is gastric balloon filled with air?

      After the gastric balloon is inserted it is then filled with saline and remains as a free-floating object in the stomach cavity. Additionally to saline, the balloon that is made from silicone may contain some radio-opaque material as a radiographic marker and a dye such as methylene blue to alert the patient if the balloon leaks. Studies have proved that fluid is a better option to air for distending gastric balloons.

      Can gastric balloon affect pregnancy?

      If you already have the gastric balloon in place, you will be recommended to avoid pregnancy until your gastric balloon is removed.
      Moreover, after the gastric balloon is removed, the stomach regains normal size and fertility is not affected. If a woman would like to become pregnant, doctors will usually advise keeping weight in a reasonable range.

      Can smokers have the gastric balloon?

      Smoking increases the risk for many illnesses, for example, cancer of the mouth, throat, oesophagus, stomach and lungs as well as emphysema, heart disease and stroke. Many of these illnesses are already more common among individuals who are overweight or obese.
      Smoking also raises the risks associated with surgery, including bariatric procedures such as gastric bypass and gastric balloon. Those who undergo surgery are more likely than nonsmokers to experience anaesthesia-related complications or infections.

      Can I fly by plane with the gastric balloon?

      Yes, you can. A plane maintains normal pressure throughout the cabin, even at high altitude, so the balloon will not be affected at all. Also, it will not explode.

      Can I have a gastric balloon if I drink an alcohol?

      Alcohol can be rich in calories and, in large quantities, may affect the positive results of weight loss surgery. Moreover, alcohol does not provide nutrients to the body and in some instances, can cause harm by triggering the development of ulcers. In addition, with less food in the stomach, alcohol can have a quicker and greater effect on the body
      Also, alcohol increases gastric acid production, causes abdominal discomfort, slows down weight loss.

      Can I have a gastric balloon without insurance?

      Gastric balloons are usually not covered by health insurance as insurers claim that gastric balloons haven’t been proven to be very effective compared to more invasive, surgical procedures.

      Can gastric balloon cause diarrhoea?

      After the insertion of a balloon, there is a period of adjustment as your body adapts to having the additional balloon volume in your stomach. There are some additional side effects like diarrhoea. This symptom is normal and should be expected.

      Can gastric balloon cause constipation?

      Yes, the gastric balloon can cause constipation but it is a normal symptom and it will cease soon after the surgery

      Can gastric balloon cause vomit?

      Yes, a gastric balloon can cause vomiting but it is a normal symptom and it will cease soon after the surgery

      Can gastric balloon cure diabetics?

      It is proved that healthy weight loss plays a significant role in reducing blood sugar levels in Type 2 diabetics, and bariatric surgery has been proven to be the most effective way for obese patients to lose significant body weight.

      Can gastric balloon cause cancer?

      It is highly rated for the gastric balloon to cause cancer as it is the safe and non-invasive procedure

      Can a hiatal hernia be repaired with the gastric balloon?

      A large hiatal hernia is a contraindication to gastric balloon insertion. For patients who are looking for a balloon and have a known a hiatal hernia, specialists will try to obtain a copy of any prior X-ray tests or endoscopy reports, so that they can determine the size. For patients without a known hernia, a diagnostic endoscopy is performed at the time of a balloon placement. This allows identifying a hiatal hernia.

      What if the gastric balloon goes wrong?

      As the gastric balloon is not a surgery but endoscopic procedure, it is mainly for extremely obese patients who are later on prepared for a bariatric surgery, for those with advanced age, who do not want to undergo a surgery, and for those who are overweight. Therefore, the gastric balloon should not be treated as the treatment itself.

      What does the first week after gastric balloon look like?

      For the first few days after the gastric balloon procedure, you may feel uncomfortable because the stomach is adjusting to the balloon. Also, you may feel nauseous, may vomit, and can experience flatulence, diarrhoea or stomach cramps until the body adjusts to the device. These conditions are normal and can be expected. Your doctor will provide you with guidelines about administering water during this period. It is highly important to drink lots of water during the first couple of days, and solid foods should be avoided.

      What diet is recommended before gastric balloon?

      Before the procedure, your stomach must be completely empty and if there are any food remnants, your doctor won’t be able to insert the balloons. Starting two days before the surgery it’s important to follow diet eating guideline, for example 48 hours before the procedure you can eat only soft foods such as milk, eggs, tofu, cheese, custard, strained soups, rice, cooked vegetables, and bread–no fried foods, rich desserts or meat in any form. 24 hours before the procedure you are allowed to consume only clear liquids (e.g., broth, tea, apple juice). 12 hours before the surgery you cannot eat or drink anything.

      What diet is recommended after gastric balloon?

      After the gastric balloon procedure, you are allowed to have mall sips of water, diluted juices, sports drinks, herbal and decaffeinated tea and popsicles.
      You should avoid: carbonated drinks, such as soda or mineral water, because they may cause gas and bloat. Caffeinated drinks such as coffee and tea as they may produce more stomach acid and cause gastric irritation.



      Will gastric balloon help fatty liver?

      The most significant risk factors are obesity and the metabolic syndrome for which bariatric surgery has been shown to be an effective treatment. However, the effects of bariatric surgery on the nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, specifically liver fibrosis and cirrhosis, are not well established.

      Will gastric balloon cure IBS?

      Most patients who suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome find that after Gastric Balloon surgery and other types of bariatric surgery, their IBS improves. In fact, numerous bariatric surgery patients notice that their IBS is no longer a fact for them and their symptoms are greatly reduced.

      Will gastric balloon cure PCOS?

      Bariatric surgery can be an effective way of weight loss in PCOS women. Surgical techniques have become safer and less invasive and have been found to be effective in achieving significant weight loss. Bariatric surgery may also have reproductive benefits in PCOS patients.

      Will gastric balloon cure GERD?

      People who are thinking of having any bariatric surgery often have GERD. It is proved that weight-loss after bariatric surgery can often help relieve GERD symptoms.

      Will gastric balloon cure food addiction?

      The gastric balloon itself does not cure food addiction. It is the patient who needs to learn new eating habits. Also, it is of great importance to engage a patient into a therapy as the gastric balloon is eventually removed and changes implemented into digestive track last definitely longer.

      Can gastric balloon stretch my stomach?

      Yes, the gastric balloon may stretch the stomach as it takes some part of it and eventually it stretches the stomach. It also thickens the stomach’s walls, therefore the risk of leak of a digestive track after bariatric surgery, after gastric balloon, is greater.

      Is gastric balloon reversible?

      A gastric balloon is a reversible weight-loss procedure that can be of a great help to obese patients or for those who do not have quite the BMI required for weight-loss surgery.

      Can I have a gastric balloon with a cold?

      Cold excludes you from the gastric balloon. Only after 2 weeks, the procedure can be performed.

      Can gastric balloon cure Crohn disease?

      No, it does not cure Crohn disease

      Can gastric balloon put my weight back on?

      Patients with gastric balloons typically experience around 20 and 30% weight loss. However, the amount of weight lost by each patient will vary depending on individual circumstances.

      Can gastric balloon patients take aspirin?

      If a patient needs to take Aspirin, yes he/she should continue. However, there is a risk that bleeding from the stomach is greater.

      In which cases the gastric balloon does not work?

      Generally there are some contraindications for the intragastric balloon which among them are previous gastric surgery, hiatal hernia Z5 cm, a coagulation disorder, a potential bleeding lesion of the upper gastrointestinal tract, pregnancy or desire to become pregnant, breastfeeding, alcoholism or drug addiction, severe liver disease, or any contraindication to endoscopy Relative contraindications include previous abdominal surgery, hiatal hernia, esophagitis, Crohn’s disease, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug use, or uncontrolled psychiatric disorders

      Why does gastric balloon fail?

      In general, gastric balloon surgery fails due to a patient’s negligence of diet or not committing to it properly, moreover, to lack of physical activities

      Beauty Poland cooperates with best clinics in Poland and can guarantee you the high quality of the procedure. If you have more questions contact us, we will be happy to help you!


      Gastric Balloon Poland reviews

      Gastric Balloon = new life

      Gastric baloon was a thing that saved me. I was always obese, I lost some weight a few times, had jo-jo effect, another diet, another breakdown, depression, and so on. I was in a disastrous shape. I went to psychologist who made me aware that my obesity was an illness and needed to be treated like any other illness. I had a gastric balloon surgery done in Poland. 7 months ago. Since that time, I'm still losing weight! I still visit my psychologist. I feel like a human, normal person - like I've never felt in my life. I'm so happy!

      Richard, Leeds, UK

      Lost 50lbs with gastric balloon

      I have been overweight my whole life. The most I've ever weighed has been 240lbs. I've tried all types of diets. Two years ago I lost about 50lbs with traditional diet and exercises everyday. I was devastated when it all backed in 6 months. Gastric balloon was my last chance. I am six months after surgery, struggling the most now with uncontrolled reflux and constipation. Lost 50lbs in 4 weeks.! Will fight!

      M.H. London, UK

      Gastric Balloon was a beginning of a journey…

      I had gained a lot of weight after my divorce. I lost faith in myslef, I started to eat my feelings... My divorce was a tough battle and it costed me a lot. I gained 110 pounds in just 2 years... I was in terrible condition, discovering one disseasse after another, that were connected with my obesity. After a talk with my GP and trying many diets, I decided to have gastric balloon installed in Poland, as it was much more affordable. KCM clinic was a great choice! Now I am a year after the surgery and I am amazed by the results. I am loosing pounds and I am starting to feel better about myslef 🙂 Wish me luck in my journey ahead!

      Mary J., Scotland

      Gastric Ballon abroad was good

      I decided to have a gastric ballon surgery after I realised I can't put on my socks. I didn't want to try any diets, exercising because I was already too obese for that. Never had friends, never had girlfriend, I literally started to desire this surgery. I borrowed money and had the surgery in Poland. There was really the cheapest clinic I found. I went there by my car (I'm from Germany) because I was ashamed of travelling with other people. That's the last bad memory in my life. Since I got to KCM clinic and talked to a doctor, I felt a new beginning approaches. And so it did. The recovery time was hard, not pleasant, many restrictions, but now, after a year, I feel perfect and my BMI is only 32. I like myself.

      Jurgen, Koln, Germany

      Plastic Surgery Poland and Cosmetic Surgery Abroad - Beauty Poland

      Get the insurance for gastric balloon abroad:



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      Klaudia Grabowska

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