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    Updated August 3, 2017

    We all live in a world where beauty and aesthetic look is an important factor in our life. Everyone loves to surround themselves with pretty stuff, take care of perfect surroundings and the aesthetic and trendy appearance. Any imperfections discourage us and they drove in a bad mood. The imperfections which we see every day and apply our body are the most annoying. Some researches show than about 90% women in the UK  would like to change something in their body appearance.

    Currently, thanks to Beauty Poland it is much easier to decide and organize your plastic surgery. We do our best to help you make your dreams about perfect look  come true. Check below the 5 reasons why you should choose plastic surgery offer in Poland

    5 reasons to have plastic surgery done in Poland

    1. The widest choice of cosmetic treatments abroad

    Beauty Poland offers a variety of cosmetic and surgical procedures which can rejuvenate your body and skin and visibly improve your overall appearance. We are happy to help you to realize your dreams. You can easily regain your young and supple skin, slim figure and beautiful face. In our plastic surgery clinics in Poland, everyone will find what he/she needs. Depending on your individual needs, our offer includes both surgical treatments as well as cosmetic procedures. On our website you will find many methods for improving your skin, face and body appearance, starting from simple injections to very advanced plastic surgeries. Not only we can make you look young and beautiful, but also considerably improve your the condition of your health.

    Explore our website to find details concerning particular procedures, recommendations and contradictions. Check the list of most frequently chosen procedures in Poland:

    • Liposuction
    • Tummy tuck
    • Belt lipectomy
    • Facelift
    • Rhinoplasty
    • Brazilian butt lift
    • Gynecomastia
    • Eyelid surgery
    • Mommy makeover
    • Hair transplant
    • Neck lift
    • Breast surgery (implants, reduction, lift)

    If you have any questions, contact our consultants. Together with our plastic surgeons, we will do our best to help you decide on the best solution to improve your appearance.

    2. Professional plastic surgery clinics in the biggest cities in Poland

    Beauty Poland cooperates with modern plastic surgery clinics in every city, which have access to an airport, for example: Warsaw, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Krakow, Poznan, Szczecin. We are doing our best to make your trip as most comfortable as possible. There are many flight search engine on the Internet, which has a wide offer of direct flights to Poland at very affordable prices. Also, our customer care  team will be happy to help you with your travel, accommodation and entire transport between an airport, hotel and the clinic. Our clinics are located in the most representative cities in Poland. It allows you not only to get treatment but also spend a wonderful time in beautiful surroundings.

    3. Experienced surgeons and modern plastic surgery clinics abroad

    Polish doctors are recognized as one the best in Europe. Our medicine achieves highest, world level and it is still developing.  Therefore you should not have any hesitation to choose Poland as your medical destination. Before we establish cooperation with a surgeon and clinic, we check very carefully if they meet our strict requirements. We examine opinions of a doctor, the percentage of successful operations and check if the clinic has modern equipment and offers a high residence standard. Everything for our patients comfort!

    We are proud of cooperation with well known in the UK Dr Rataj, he is a surgeon in Wroclaw and Dr Ingves in Warsaw.

    – Plastic surgery Poland reviews:

    R.A. from UK

    Best Clinic!

    Coming from the UK to Poland for surgery was a bit daunting, however the professionalism, skill and knowledge of the surgeon put my mind at ease, I knew I was in good hands.  The clinic its self was outstanding, it was clean and modern. The staff was wonderful and I am very happy with the level if care I received.  So far I am delighted with my results, and pleased with the level of aftercare. I would defiantly use Beuty Poland and the Clinic again.


    Henrik from Denmark

    Thank you, Beauty Poland

    Just a short mail to thank you and the Dr. for all the help with my procedure (also the staff at the clinic who were very friendly). It has been over 2 weeks now and I am extremely satisfied with the results. The scars are minimal and the effect as desired. Also the email correspondence was always fast and courteous.

    Brad P., Germany

    Excellent care!

    Will definitely use your service again! And recommend to everyone I know thinking about similar procedures.

    G. M. / Edinburgh

    I got all I needed!

    Very happy with everything from start to finish. Beauty poland organised everything from surgery to accomodation. I would highly recommend them.


    Em, Ireland

    Plastic Surgery Poland and Cosmetic Surgery Abroad - Beauty Poland

    4. Safe plastic surgery in Poland adapted to the patient’s needs

    Not only qualified and educated surgeons will take care of your health and safety during your surgery and stay in the clinic, but also a professional clinic staff and the latest technology equipment available in our hospitals. All of our surgeons are english-speaking so you can be sure that they will carefully understand your expectations. Moreover, they will advise you the type of the procedure with which you will achieve the desired effect and keep your health condition. Beauty Poland guarantees that your safety and comfort are always on the first place. If you choose our offer,  our customer care team will be in constant contact with you to make your stay and treatment perfect.

    5. Most affordable prices in Europe! Cost for plastic surgery even 70% lower than in the UK

    If you still have doubts whether travel to Poland for your plastic surgery or not, this argument should convince you. Poland is the only country in Europe where you can get a variety high quality plastic surgeries and surgeons at such affordable prices. See the examples below:

    Liposuction from 1,300 GBP (in the UK from 2,700 GBP)

    Tummy tuck from 2,100 GBP (in the UK from 6,800 GBP)

    Belt lipectomy  from 2,200 GBP (in the UK from 7,000 GBP)

    Brazilian butt lift from 4,400 GBP (in the UK from 5,900 GBP)

    Facelift from 1,800 GBP (in the UK from 6,000 GBP)

    To make your surgery in Poland cheaper we offer special All-inclusive packages which includes quality treatment and stay in the clinic, accommodation in comfortable hotel and transfer from the airport to hotel and clinic. Contact us and book your package!

    – Plastic surgery Poland – before and after