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    About Beauty Poland

    Updated March 18, 2022

    Beauty Poland is a part of ClinicHunter company – new leader in the medical and plastic surgery tourism market. ClinicHunter was founded to help people to find a treatment they need in medical clinics around the world.

    Sector of aesthetic medicine is the most popular in the medical tourism market.  Beauty Poland and ClinicHunter serve thousands of patients every year in our plastic surgery clinics in Poland. We do our best to provide the highest quality plastic surgeries in Poland at affordable prices. Trust and satisfaction of our patients is our primary goal!

    Today, with ClinicHunter we have 2000 plastic surgeons and clinics in the biggest cities in Poland. We work hard to give access to cosmetic procedures for patients from around the world. We want to make our service global!

    Beauty Poland is a company cooperating with the most reputable plastic surgery clinics. We rely on the wide experience of our consultants and surgeons, thanks to which we have won the trust of a test of patients. Our main priority is to improve the standard of your living by fixing any imperfections of your appearance which may lower your self-esteem.

    plastic surgery Poland

    Our mission

    Beauty Poland was created to help you to find affordable treatment. We believe that everyone deserves a chance to improve his/her well-being at a reasonable price. Before you undergo any surgery you need a deliberate decision. That’s why we provide you with high-quality medical content. Our articles are verified by the qualified and experienced physicians. Their experience is the most important factor in creating our content. We want to be sure, that our articles are reliable and our readers make the best purchase decisions.

    Cosmetic and plastic surgeries offered by Beauty Poland

    Our offers includes a wide range of cosmetic and plastic surgeries and treatments starting from skin care procedures, like peeling and botox injections, through facial procedures, for instance rhinoplasty abroad,  lip augmentation but also reduction of wrinkles, to very advanced body surgeries, including breast reduction abroad, breast enlargement abroadliposuction abroad and many more.

    We are open to innovations, and new methods of plastic and cosmetic treatments in order to provide our patients with the highest level of efficiency and professionalism. There is probably no imperfection of skin, face or body appearance that our surgeons would not fix. That is why more and more patients decide to entrust us with their health and beauty.

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