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    Liposuction Poland

    Updated March 11, 2022

    Reviwed by Tomasz Klos, MD

    Nowadays, the perfect body look is a very important part of our life and culture. Almost 90% of British women declare that they are taking a number of activities every day to look more attractive and fit. More and more people are interested in cosmetic treatments in Poland, which give faster and long term results compared with hard diet and exercises. What is more, treatments abroad are much cheaper than in the UK. Low cost liposuction abroad has been the most frequently recommended and performed aesthetic procedure providing immediate results in the world. Below we will provide you with 5 reasons to choose Poland for liposuction surgery.

    Liposuction  – 5 reasons to choose Poland for Liposuction

    bodyLipo in Poland is a simple and safe procedure, which removes excess fat from almost every body part!

    Liposuction is also known as a lipoplasty procedure, liposculpture suction or lipo. This is a cosmetic surgery that breaks up and removes fat from your body using suction. Fat is suctioned out through the small surgical cannula (a hollow tube) and aspirator (a suction device) which are inserted through miniature cuts in the skin. The surgeon moves the tubes around under the skin to remove fat deposits.

    .We all know how hard is to lose fat accumulated in tummy, hips or thighs areas. Very often exercise and diet are not enough! Fortunately, liposuction procedure deals with this body shape problem. Liposuction abroad is a safe procedure that can be performed on the following parts of the body.

    • hips
    • tummy
    • thighs
    • lower flanks
    • back
    • buttocks
    • knees
    • upper arms
    • breast
    • neck and the face

    If you decide to get lipo done in Poland you can be sure that for your safety, the surgeons evaluate and recommend the right amount of fat that can be removed from your body.

    In some cases, liposuction abroad can be combined with tummy tuck surgery and belt lipectomy or breast reduction.

     Liposuction is the most effective treatment in improving your body contour!

    The big advantage of liposuction in Poland is that the effects are visible on the next day after surgery. But the full healing process can take up to 4 weeks, by this time it is recommended to wear a compression garment, but it does not interfere with activities of daily living. The main goal of lipo procedure abroad is to reshape chosen areas of your body, but it is not the overall weight-loss method or cellulite and stretch marks removal process.

    Liposuction result will not only give you desired body shape but also encourage you to have a healthy lifestyle, which will improve the quality of your overall health condition and well-being. Proper nutrition and taking care of your body will provide a lifetime effect of liposuction and will protect you from rebuilding the fat tissue.

    – Liposuction in Poland – before and after gallery

    “Liposuction treatment in Poland solved the problem that I had lived since 10 years. I had the accumulation of fat tissue around the belly button, which occurred after two pregnancies. None exercise could help! My stomach became my obsession. For many years I avoided the beach, the pool and my husband had a ban on touching my belly! It was frustrating!

    Finally,  I’ve decided on liposuction surgery abroad because of the lower cost for lipo. I came to Wroclaw in July and in a few days I got rid of my horrible complex! I got BodyJet lipo, it was my surgeon’s recommendation. The price for liposuction in Poland is much lower than in UK, I’ve paid around 1,600 GBP.  But the most important thing Is that my flat tummy is back and I will spend my next holidays on the beach!”

    Emilly J. Brighton

    All modern liposuction techniques are available in Poland!

    The huge popularity of affordable liposuction procedure has made modern clinics in Poland to offer a wide range of liposuction techniques, which can be fitted to the needs of the patient. Improving techniques for liposuction make the lipo surgery safer, less invasive and nearly painless.

    You can choose from the wide offer of lipoplasty abroad to achieve the desired effect:

    SAL (suction-assisted liposuction)

    SAL is the traditional method of liposuction. The surgeon uses small cannula with an attached vacuum device which destroys fat cells and removes them out of body by suction.

    UAL (ultrasound assisted liposuction)

    Ultrasound-assisted liposuction. UAL lipo method uses ultrasound to break the fat cell. This technique is the best for the neck, upper abdomen, lower flanks and back liposuction. The most known type of UAL liposuction is VASER Lipo®. The advantage of VASER Lipo, which distinguishes this type of liposuction from others is firming skin. What is more, 90% of the aspirated fat is suitable for reimplantation to the other parts of the body. VASER liposuction is almost painless, the possibility of complications is minimal and the return to activity is very quick.

    PAL (power assisted liposuction)

    Power assisted liposuction is similar to SAL – traditional liposuction, but it uses cannula with automatized movement. Thanks to that the surgeon can use less force to complete the procedure. It is a perfect solution especially when a large amount of fat tissue needs to be removed. PAl lipo is also a popular method as it has less swelling and bruising after surgery.

    LAL (Laser assisted liposuction)

    Laser liposuction is also known as SmartLipo uses very small cannula that is put into a micro incision to heat the fat tissue which gives the surgeon the opportunity to remove it easily from the body. This type of lipo procedure is less invasive. After laser lipo abroad the incisions heal very fast and leave almost invisible scar.

    TCAL lub TCL (Twin-Cannula Assited liposuction)

    For this type of lipo two cannulas are used, one is placed into the other and they perform different movements at the same time. Twin cannulas can remove up to 2 inches (5 cm) – the other lipo methods stimulate only 1/4 inch (1-2 mm) of tissue TCAL lipo results are less burning and scarring

    WAL (Water Assisted liposuction)
    Water liposuction is also known as BodJet liposuction. It is the technology that is used to remove the fat with a pulsatile water jet which is placed at the end of the lipo device. The big advantage of BodyJet lipo is its minimal invasiveness, which allows having the procedure done under local anesthesia compared to traditional liposuction. Also, the recovery time after lipo treatment abroad is shorter than usual.

    NIL (Nutational Infrasonic liposuction)

    Also called a vibrolipo or rotary liposuction. The newest method of liposuction procedure in Europe. During fat removing, cannula performes movements in three dimensions plus emit infrasounds which breaks unwanted fat cells. NIL liposuction is approved by FDA as the newest body shaping method.

    Important information regarding liposuction

    Standard liposuction
    AnesthesiaIntravenous sedation
    Time of stay in the clinic
    You need to stay one night in the clinic
    Time of stay in Poland5-6 days
    Length of procedure
    2 - 3 h
    less skin elastic, diabetes, heart problem, infections, circulation problems

     We will organize your travel and stay during your liposuction in Poland!

    If you still hesitate if our liposuction offer in Poland is for you or you do not have time to organize the trip, please contact us. For the last 10 years, our consultants have been providing the highest quality customer care in Poland for patients from the whole world. Our team does their best to help you with all questions related to your affordable liposuction treatment – before and after, finding cheapest flight tickets and accommodation, or organizing transport. To efficiently meet the expectations of our patients we prepared several beneficial all-inclusive packages which contain liposuction procedure in Poland, medical tests, transfers from the airport and hotel to a clinic and stay in the hotel. We will be more than happy if you let us arrange your lipo treatment in Poland!

    – Liposuction Poland reviews

    Tummy and love handles liposuction

    I had breast implants performed 4 years ago in Poland. KCM clinic has good reputation, always nice and very professional. One year ago I start thinking of liposuction. I made comparison, consider some clinic in Hungary and Poland, but finally I decide to come to KCM once again, I knew that last surgery had no hidden costs, results were good and they offered me discount as previously I had surgery with them. Liposuction effects are awesome, people think that I am going to gym everyday as my body shape is perfect. To be honest I am crazy about my body and how does it look like.. and I am absolutely happy. I had tummy and love handles liposuction, I have completely flat tummy. Can not wait for summer on Ibiza!

    Ksenia, Cornwall

    Liposuction in Poland was a good decision!

    Oh God where to begin... I am 30 and I was fit my whole life. I could not imagine not working out, but I had to stop due to my pregnanacy 4 years ago. Before my beautiful child I had a flat stomach, but now, 4 years after the pregnancy, I still struggle with that extra fat on my belly that just won't go away! I exercised, went on multiple diets - 4 years and still no effects. I decided that I have to find a solution and I contacted a great plastic surgeon in Poland that advised performing liposuction on my stomach. That was the best decission EVER! I am so happy now with the way that my belly looks - no sign of that stubborn fat! I am back to my old, beautiful self. Thank you very much for all the help!

    Megi, Oxford, UK

    a black woman in the park

    I love my new body!

    I'm only 27 years old and no kids. My self esteem have decreased in past years. I did my best to improve my body contour on tummy / waist and hips by exercises and diet but nothing worked. I decided to travel to Dr Rataj, to Wroclaw (I found him on some forum) for liposuction (BodyJet) and some fat removal. His works are great and I haven't heard any bad reviews about his clinic. And as for the result I love it. My waist is back 🙂


    a woman holding a baby

    Successful flanks and abdomen liposuction

    I had my lower flanks and abdomen lipo surgery  in Warsaw. After 4 weeks all swelling and inconvenience disappeared. I have a noticeable line along the waist yet, but week by week it is getting less visible. I'm very happy with my result and the medical care I've received in the clinic. Thank you!

    a woman wearing sunglasses

    Superb surgeon and clinic in Wroclaw!

    Hi, I'm 30 years old mom I've always hated my pooch. Thanks to Beauty Poland I finally got rid of it from my tummy. They've recommended me a superb clinic and surgeon in Wroclaw and now the effects are incredible. I had my surgery in January so my body is still healing but I'm happy so far, everything looks good. I spent 1900 EUR on my surgery, It is very good price in my opinion. I will come back to Poland for upper belly and back liposuction and maybe brazilian butt lift 🙂

    a woman sitting on a beach

    My best decision!

    I've done abdomen and lower flanks liposuction in Poland and It changed my life.I had the surgery in Warsaw. Everything went well and the pain after procedure was not that bad. Now,thanks to my surgeon Dr Kris, I have a slimmer body shape, also I decided to eat healthier and lose some weight. So one operation has changed my lifestyle. Big thank to all Beauty Poland team

    Ursula Britt, Scotland

    Liposuction in Poland

    Get the insurance for liposuction abroad:

     Prices for Lipo in Poland are much lower than in UK or Germany!

    The last but not least argument that should convince you to travel to Poland for liposuction is the prices.  Cost of lipo in Poland is even 50% – 60% lower than in the Uk, Germany or Sandinavia (take a look at the charts below). In addition, we guarantee that the quality of liposuction in plastic surgery clinics in Poland is the same or even better than in your country. We can be proud of the experience and education of our surgeons in Poland and their accuracy. They always put the welfare and safety of the patient in the first place. Therefore you can be sure that you will receive the highest quality liposuction in a modern clinic at an affordable price! For your convenience, we offer occasional packages, which include low-cost liposuction in Poland plus comfortable accommodation and transportation around the city of your choice! You cannot miss this opportunity to make your dream about perfect body shape comes true here in Poland!

    Remember that the price of liposuction depends on the body area, which will be treated and will be estimated by the surgeon after he receives your photos.

    – Liposuction Poland price – comparison



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    Klaudia Grabowska