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      Breast Reduction Poland

      Updated March 11, 2022


      Beautiful breasts do not always equal to big breasts. Many women feel unattractive and, more importantly, they struggle with health problems due to too large breasts. Reduction mammoplasty is a plastic surgery aiming at reducing the size of breasts. As a result, breasts gain not only better size, but also shape, contour and look.

      Too large breasts often cause psycho-physical discomfort and health problems. Thanks to breast reduction treatment, breast size, shape and position are changed so that they look proportional and attractive.

      Breast reduction definition:

      Breast reduction, called also reduction mammoplasty is an aesthetic procedure which reduces the size, and as a consequence the weight, of breasts. The surgeon removes the excess breast tissue, stretched skin, fat, or sagging. Thanks to it breasts have better contour, are lighter, more proportional with the body, and are more symmetric and firm.

      Benefits of breast reduction surgery:

      Breast reduction in Poland helps to get rid of health problems, such as neck, shoulder or back pain caused by too heavy breasts. Thanks to it, women can do physical activities which were burdensome before, e.g. jogging. What is more, reduction mammoplasty gives psychological comfort, confidence, and self-esteem because the breasts are more proportional, attractive and have better shape. There are no problems with fitting bras or wearing swimsuits. In addition, you stop stopping because your breasts are much lighter and you feel more confident.

      Breast reduction candidates

      The best candidates for breast reduction abroad are those with good health condition (who do not suffer from any active disease) and are realistic with regard to the effects of the surgery. Your skin needs to be elastic so that it can come to its tightness after the surgery. Nonetheless, if you feel your breasts are the cause of health problems or their size prevents you from doing regular activities, you can be qualified for breast reduction surgery.

      Everyone is a good candidate for reduction mammoplasty in Poland.

      In order to be qualified for breast reduction in Poland, you must be at least 18. You also cannot be pregnant or nursing during the surgery or some time after it. The best candidates are people with big breasts which cause health problems and dysfunctionality in everyday activities. If you are bothered by feeling that you have too large breasts, it is a great idea to consult the doctor and decide for breast reduction abroad.

      Greta, one of our patients from Germany, has had a reduction mammoplasty in Warsaw. She said “I was 21 year old woman having E cup size when I decided for breast reduction in Poland. For years I couldn’t do many things my peers did, but more importantly, I had problems with my neck and spine. After breast reduction, I felt I started a new life. I took up jogging which was impossible before. I’ve never felt more attractive than now. I knew breast reduction would improve my health condition, but I didn’t realize it could so significantly improve my psychological condition!”

      Breast reduction procedure:

      The reduction mammoplasty lasts from 1 to 3 hours. Firstly, surgeon marks the breasts in places where the incisions will be made. As soon as the anaesthesia starts working, the surgeon makes the incisions and removes excess skin, breast tissue and fat. If need be, the nipple is also relocated so that breasts look natural.

      Before the breast reduction surgery:

      About 3 weeks before surgery you should cease smoking and taking medications containing aspirin or Ibuprofen. Also, you should refrain from taking Vitamin E. Your diet should be balanced and contain many vegetables. 2 weeks before the surgery you start taking Vitamin C and stop drinking alcohol. Before the surgery, you need to do medical tests and for at least 6 hours before the surgery, you should be on an empty stomach.

      Required medical tests:

      Before the surgery you need to do the following medical tests: blood group, blood morphology, SR (sedimentation rate), coagulogram (APTT, INR), serum glucose, electrolytes levels, urine analysis, Ekg (only for patients older than 55 y.o.), HBs, and HCV. The price for breast reduction surgery in Poland includes these tests, so patients do them on the day of their arrival.

      Length of breast reduction procedure:

      Reduction mammoplasty procedure lasts between 1 and 3 hours. The time of the surgery always depends on the scale and complexity of the surgery. Also, if breast reduction is combined with other plastic surgery, e.g. liposuction or breast implants, the time is longer.

      Type of anesthesia:

      Usually, breast reduction procedure in Poland is done under general anaesthesia. Nonetheless, there are cases where local anaesthesia with sedation is enough.

      Stay in the clinic:

      Due to the fact that breast reduction requires using general anaesthesia, you will stay 1 night in the clinic afterwards. You will spend 2 nights in the clinic. During this time you are under special personnel’s and your doctor’s care, who make sure there are no complications or infections after the surgery.

      Minimal stay for breast reduction in Poland:

      In order to have your breast reduction abroad, you come to Poland for at least 6 days. On the day of your arrival, you will have medical tests. On the second day, you will have a consultation and surgery and stay in the clinic for 2 more nights. On the 5th or 6th day, you will come for a control visit to the clinic. He will give you all instructions for further recovery process and assess whether it is safe for your health to go back home.

      Back to work:

      You should be able to go back to your work as well as other regular activities between 1 and 2 weeks after the surgery. The exact time you need for recovery depends on your health condition.

      Breast reduction results:

      Breast reduction surgery allows you to have our dream breasts. Their size should not change after the surgery unless you lose or put on weight, or become pregnant. However the effects of the surgery are visible immediately, all results and positive effects of the reduction mammoplasty are achieved after 2-3 months. The effects are astonishingly long-lasting, but you should remember that breast reduction does not prevent the aging process and your breasts may change over time, which is completely natural.

      After the breast reduction surgery:

      After the surgery, the doctor bandages your chest and you need to wear surgical bra. In the first few days after breast reduction in Poland, you may feel slight soreness, swelling, little pain, but you will be prescribed pain medications by your surgeon. It is suggested you place ice on the bandages on your chest in order to reduce the unpleasurable feeling. You will be able to walk even on the same day as your surgery will take place, but you must stay in the clinic for the next 2 days. You can return to work even a week after the surgery, but you should avoid strenuous exercises for 3-4 weeks.

      Breast reduction risks and complications:

      Breast reduction is a very safe procedure, but it is still a surgery and hence involves some risks and complications. The minor complications involve slight bleeding, blood clots, infections. More serious risks are the loss of feeling in nipple or breasts area, uneven breasts, change of nipple position. Some women planning to have babies in the future may have problems with breastfeeding.

      Breast reduction abroad

      If you want to perform the breast reduction surgery abroad, your stay in Poland should last 6 days. During this time we and the clinic’s personnel will be taking care of you. Beauty Poland offers not only one of the cheapest prices for breast reduction abroad, but also all-inclusive packages that cover accommodation and all transfers. It is a pleasure for us to help you!

      Breast reduction prices

      Breast reduction prices differ from country to country. Poland offers cheap breast reduction prices, which start from 3200 GBP.  In European countries this surgery is costly, hence it is a great idea to have affordable breast reduction abroad. The price for breast reduction in Poland contains the surgery, consultation, anesthesia, medical tests, stay in the clinic for a night, special garment, and post-surgical visit at the doctors.

      Breast reduction surgery and vacations in Poland at the same time.

      is a company thanks to which you will not only have the top-quality and affordable breast reduction surgery but also spend a few days in amazingly beautiful touristic places. Krakow, Wroclaw, and Warsaw are the representative cities in Poland with rich history, unusual atmosphere, and many touristic attractions. The prices for breast reduction in Poland are astonishingly cheap, so are the costs of accommodation and transportation. Poland is a perfect destination to have your breast reduction surgery abroad.

      Thanks to breast reduction surgery you will get rid of your complexes.

      Naturally big breasts often cause discomfort in doing everyday activities or practicing sport and are the body parts many women feel ashamed of. It may be also hard to get used to big breasts after pregnancy or puberty. Reduction mammoplasty helps to solve all these problems. It is the procedure that removes excess fat from your breasts, as a result of which you have breasts proportional with your body. After breast reduction you gain confidence and sense of self-worth, also your social and sexual life will improve significantly.

      Breast reduction in Poland allows you to have breasts you always wanted.

      Reduction mammoplasty is a surgery that eliminates health problems caused by breasts size and allows you to practise sport without feeling pain in your breasts. Thanks to breast reduction surgery you can feel attractive and confident again. Breast reduction in Poland may also be combined with breast implants procedure in order to achieve more aesthetic and desirable effects. Thanks to affordable reduction mammoplasty treatment abroad you can have your ideal size and shape of breasts.

      Important information regarding breast reduction surgery:

      Pricethe price for breast reduction in Poland starts from 3200 GBP
      Length of procedure1-3 hours
      Required medical testsblood group, blood morphology, SR (sedimentation rate), coagulogram (APTT, INR), serum glucose, electrolytes levels, urine analysis, Ekg (only for patients older than 55 y.o.), HBs, HCV
      Stay in the clinic2 nights after surgery
      Healing time2 weeks
      Stay in Poland6 days

      Reduction mammoplasty abroad is a safe and fast treatment.

      The surgery is always performed under general anaesthesia. Firstly, the surgeon makes small, almost invisible incisions and then he removes, reshapes and repositions breast tissues, skin, and fat. Nipples sometimes also must be repositioned, but they always remain connected to nerves. The breast reduction surgery lasts from 1 to 3 hours. After surgery, you will stay in the clinic for 2 more days and you will wear bandages for a few more days. However the results of the surgery are visible immediately, your satisfaction and comfort will keep growing over time when incision lines will fade and swelling will cease.

      Breast reduction Poland – FAQ

      Is breastfeeding possible after breast reduction?

      Of course, it is. Breast reduction is now performed using the most modern techniques possible. The surgeon always aims to preserve as much milk-producing tissue as possible. However, you should talk with your surgeon to make sure that it can be done in your case. If you are thinking of breastfeeding after breast reduction, then you should wait around a year to do so.

      Is breast reduction painful?

      This surgery is performed under general anesthesia, which means that you will be asleep during the procedure. After the surgery, the patients usually experience minor pain and discomfort. The surgeon will prescribe some painkillers for you and provide you with instructions how to handle your bandages. It is important to follow his guidance, to ensure the best healing possible.

      Will I have scars after breast reduction surgery?

      Unfortunately, scars are a possibility after breast reduction surgery. However, the surgeons make the incision in places that can hide the scars. The size of the scar depends on the extent of the procedure. If you take good care of your incision site and your scar, then it might be less visible.

      Does breast reduction involve loss of weight?

      Usually, after standard breast reduction, the patient does not see visible change in the weight. You may loose a little bit of weight, but it will be just a small change. If the patient has very extensive surgery and reduces breasts by 4 cup sizes, then she may experience loss of 2-4 kilograms. However, this kind of surgery is not a good choice when it comes to losing weight.

      Does breast reduction affect mammograms?

      Yes, breast reduction may cause some changes in your mammograms. It is important to notify your technician and doctor what you had such surgery in the past. If you get a call back after your mammogram, please follow up with the doctor. Post-op changes are easy to distinguish from cancer cells, so he will explain everything to you.

      Does breast reduction cause cancer?

      There is no reason to worry! All medical studies show that there is no correlation between breast reduction surgery and breast cancer. To be honest, there are some medical studies that claim that breast reduction surgery can lower the likelihood of breast cancer.

      How is breast reduction done?

      The procedure is done under general anesthesia and requires a one-night stay in the clinic. The surgery lasts about 2-5 hours, depending on the amount of work that needs to be done. First the surgeon will make an incision around your nipple and then downward. Extra skin, fat, and tissue will be removed to achieve desired effects. In the end, the surgeon will reposition your nipple and close all the incisions. The surgeon may use drainage tubes to get rid of excess fluid. Finally, you will be covered in special garment and bandages to cover incision sites and your new, smaller breasts.

      How much does reduction mammaplasty cost?

      The price for breast reduction surgery in Poland starts from 3200 GBP and depends on the extent of the surgery. To compare, price in the UK starts from 6000 GBP, which is 60% more than in Poland! If you wish to have the surgery done in the modern clinic, by an experienced surgeon, but for an affordable price – visit one of our clinics in Poland!

      Breast reduction Poland – before and after pictures

      – Breast reduction in Poland reviews

      Breast Reduction in Poland

      I have always had big breast. After my 40s I have started suffering from back pain, all doctors said your boobs are guilty. Pain and discomfort became larger and larger, I visited a couple of plastic surgeons in the UK, but simply can not afford them. A friend told me about you guys. Had surgery in Wroclaw, and I am pleased with results, all my pain symptoms are gone. Plastic surgery not always to look like an Angelina Jolie!


      Taylor D., UK

      Breast reduction abroad was best decision in my life

      I am 30 years old and 5 years ago I had a breast reduction surgery. Best decission of my life! I was a very early bloomer and my breast were to big for my small body. I had problems with my back and all my friends were laughing at me because my boobs were too big... I decided to do the surgery as a gift to myslef for my 25th birthday. I am very grateful to the surgeon in Coramed clinic for doing such a great job! Thank you all!

      Joanna, New York

      No more back pain after breast reduction in Poland

      I was actually dreaming about getting breast reduction surgery for 10 years, as they were always in the way and caused so much back pain... I finally decided to get it done in Poland. The clinic is great and the staff is extremely friendly. But, what's most important' my surgery went great, I look slimmer and the pain is gone!

      Roxana, Ireland

      Good price and quality for breast reduction in Poland

      I had so big breast which made me a lot o health problem but the price in me country was to high for me. Some day me friend told me that i can made this surgery in Poland. She suggested me to concact with clinic in Warsaw, Poland which had a great doctors. Now am after the breast reduction surgery in Warsaw and this was I can said the clinic is amazing the surgeon full professionell. I feel much younger and don`t have more any helath problem after the surgery. I feel me now like a holywood star.

      Jolanta, London

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