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      Gastric Sleeve Surgery Poland

      Updated March 11, 2022

      gastric sleeve descriptionObesity is one of the most common problems in the world, according to the latest research, nearly one-third of the world’s population is obese or overweight. As obesity can be caused by health illnesses like diabetes or hormone diseases, often people cannot lose weight without medical help. What is more, thanks to the creation of an appropriate energy balance, surgical weight loss has a higher chance of lasting compared to dietary weight loss. The aim of the gastric sleeve in Poland is to help people with obesity lose weight by reducing the size of the stomach. Having gastric sleeve surgery done in Poland has numerous benefits, over having it done in other European countries. Below you will find 5 reasons why you should come to Poland to get a gastric sleeve done.

      Gastric sleeve definition:

      Gastric sleeve is a type of weight loss surgery that is performed on patients who have obesity to help them lose weight. This type of weight loss surgery is known as one of the most popular. The surgeon removes a part of the stomach and creates a long pouch that connects the esophagus to the small intestine, as a result, a patient feels fool sooner and lose weight.

      Benefits of gastric sleeve surgery:

      • Does not re-route the passage of food
      • Minimally invasive surgery
      • Cures obesity-related diseases like Diabetes, high blood pressure, and sleep apnea
      • Requires fewer follow-ups than other weight-loss surgeries (than gastric band Poland)
      • Invisible scars
      • No need to take vitamins after the surgery (unlike gastric bypass Poland)

      Gastric sleeve candidates

      An adult with BMI (body mass index) of 35 or more can consider having a gastric sleeve in Poland. If your BMI is lower but you have health problems caused by obesity, you may also consider gastric sleeve surgery. You can not have gastric sleeve surgery done if you are alcohol or drug-addicted, or have any psychological problems. You must have realistic expectations and understand the surgery requires a big change in your lifestyle, and if you are not ready to make these changes you should not have it done.

      Gastric sleeve procedure:

      Before the gastric sleeve surgery:

      Two weeks before the surgery you need to start an all-liquid diet, it is needed in order to shrink your liver which will make your surgery much safer.  Before the surgery, you will have a consultation during which all medical tests will be done. If you have any special health conditions you should inform your doctor during the consultation about them. If you chose to have gastric sleeve surgery done in Poland with Beauty Poland, consultation and medical tests will be included in the price.

      Required medical tests: Abdominal ultrasound, blood count (CBC), blood urea nitrogen (BUN), cortisol, creatinine, electrolytes, prolactin and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), Cardiac catheterization, Chest X-ray, Colonoscopy Echocardiogram Electrocardiogram (EKG) Flexible sigmoidoscopy, Mammogram, Pap smear, Pelvic ultrasound, Pulmonary function tests

      Gastric sleeve surgery

      The surgery is done with the use of a laparoscopic technique, which means that the surgeon uses a tiny camera called a laparoscope to guide the operation. During the surgery, the surgeon makes 2 to 5 small cuts in your abdomen. Through these cuts, he inserts the instruments which he will be using during the surgery. The surgeon will remove the portion of your stomach and then, using surgical staples, he will create long vertical “sleeve” about the size of a banana.

      Price5000 EUR
      Length of procedure1-2 hours
      Required medical testsAbdominal ultrasound, blood count (CBC), blood urea nitrogen (BUN), cortisol, creatinine, electrolytes, prolactin and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), Cardiac catheterization, Chest X-ray, Colonoscopy Echocardiogram Electrocardiogram (EKG) Flexible sigmoidoscopy, Mammogram, Pap smear, Pelvic ultrasound, Pulmonary function tests
      Anesthesia General anesthesia
      Stay in the clinic2 days
      Stay in Polandat least 1 week
      Back to work2 weeks
      Contraindicationssevere heart or lung disease, portal hypertension, cirrhosis, if you are on chronic, long-term steroid treatment or have an autoimmune connective tissue disease

      Gastric sleeve results:

      The result of the surgery is that your stomach size is reduced, you feel fool sooner, eat less and lose weight. You can expect to lose up to 70 percent of your excess body weight. Most weight you will lose in the first six months after the surgery. The most important thing you need to understand is that gastric sleeve in Poland will help you to lose weight, but you are the only one who can make the results last and make it happen you need to change your lifestyle and eating habits.

      After the gastric sleeve surgery:

      After the surgery, you will have a very small desire to eat as the hunger hormone ghrelin is almost non-existent after surgery. For 1 week after the surgery, all of your food must be blended, and you need to stay hydrated, which means to drink 1-2 liters of water every day. After gastric sleeve surgery in Poland, you should not drink carbonated beverages, very sweet beverages, caffeine. For at least 2 weeks you should have a full liquid diet with protein. For the next week, your goal must be to use 60 grams of protein per day. The size of your meals will be much smaller, you should eat them slowly and it is not allowed to drink during your meal. Light exercises like walking should be restarted right after the surgery, more serious exercises can be restarted in 1 month after the surgery. All the instructions concerning your diet and exercise plan will be given to you during your consultation.   

      Diet after gastric sleeve procedure

      The diet after gastric sleeve surgery consists of 4 stages:

      1st stage: only clear liquids allowed
      2nd stage: thicker drinks and soft solid food allowed
      3rd stage: pureed and solid food can be tested
      4th stage: solid food can be gradually added to the diet.

      The duration of each stage varies depending on the surgeon’s philosophy and experience. Some doctors admit that if the transition is quicker, it makes the recovery shorter, while other specialists say that the digestive system needs time to rest and get used to a new diet. Anyway, both methods are effective and you should follow your doctor’s instructions regarding the post-operative diet and gastric sleeve recovery time.

      Sleeve gastrectomy patients state that there is a significant reason why gastric sleeve is successful. Mainly, family support, encouragement, and help. It maximizes weight loss and helps avoid side effects.

      Below, you can find some diet tips from our successful sleeve gastrectomy patients:

      • set up and follow the diet journal
      • record your progress every day
      • plan your meals in advance, prepare a shopping list for each week and buy only the products that are on the list
      • do not eat any food not allowed by your doctor and prevent any diet cheating
      • attend the support groups (usually, patients joining such groups lose even 12% more weight)
      • don’t be afraid to talk to the specialists (your doctor, psychologist) or support group if you have any concerns (e.g. fear, insecurity about the future, diet, food temptation, frustration or impatience, work and relationships changes, depression)
      • monitor your blood sugar level regularly and keep it stable; it will result in a stable hunger and no mood swings
      • do not eat simple carbohydrates, that are in potatoes, white rice, white bread, peas, corn, and first of all, sweets
      • eat only good carbohydrates in small portions (in a combination with proteins), such as vegetables, some fruit, brown rice or whole-grain bread; this food will not only keep your blood sugar level stable but also make you feel full for a longer time
      • avoid snacking as it is the easiest way to gain weight, you should avoid snacks between meals at all or restrict them to one healthy snack a day
      • do not do the shopping while you are hungry
      • do not waste food, healthy food tends to cost more, so try to shop in bulk or freeze the remaining food
      • always use a scale to measure your meals
      • serve your food on small plates/utensils
      • do not drink alcohol, the carbohydrates and sugar in alcohol drinks may cause serious problems such as high blood sugar level, weight gain, uncontrolled eating, liver problems.

      doctor advicing heathy diet

      Vitamins & supplements after gastric sleeve

      In general, each patient needs to take some pills after gastric sleeve surgery. These are vitamins and supplements that supply the diet with necessary components.
      The typical vitamins and supplements after sleeve gastrectomy are listed below:

      • multivitamin with minerals: your doctor will advise you on the exact dose, some patients should take only one pill, while others need to take 2 or more per day
      • vitamin patches: they are typical of bariatric patients; thanks to the form of patches, there is no need to swallow the pills and process them in the stomach; the patch is placed on the skin for several hours. You should not take gummy vitamins
      • iron can be recommended for some patients, so before supplementing this element, you have to consult your surgeon
      • calcium citrate (you should avoid calcium carbonate); calcium in a liquid or chewable form is best absorbed; you have to pay attention that it must contain vitamin D
      • vitamin D: the recommended dose is 3000 Units of Vitamin D3 per day; the best absorption is for chewable and liquid forms while taken with food; you should supplement this vitamin for at least 3-6 months, but preferably, you should take it for the rest of your life
      • Vitamin B12: you should take 500 mcg tablet under a tongue or liquid once a day; alternatively, you could take 1000 mcg shot in a form of injection once a month

      In addition, proteins are extremely important in your diet after surgery. Gastric sleeve long-term results are possible thanks to a proper protein intake, which is at least 60 grams a day. If your food does not contain enough proteins, you should supplement them. The most popular protein supplements are Unjury, Genepro and Bariatric Fusion.

      Gastric sleeve risks and complications:

      Gastric sleeve surgery in Poland has a high success rate, but like any surgery, it involves some risks. Possible risks of the gastric sleeve surgery are:

      • Infections
      • B-12, vitamin D, zinc, folic acid, and iron deficiencies
      • Leaks at the staple line
      • Blood clots

      We want you to understand that ANY surgery involves some risks, but if the surgery is done by a professional and experienced surgeon there is no reason for you to worry about it. 

      Recovery after gastric sleeve

      Gastric sleeve recovery is very similar to recover after any other weight loss surgery. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia, so after the surgery, you will stay in a hospital for 1 or 2 nights. You will be swollen and your tummy will feel sore, but you will be getting the medications that will alleviate the pain and discomfort. At that time, your health condition (including blood pressure, pulse, and respiration) will be monitored so that the doctor is sure there are no postoperative complications. Before you leave the clinic, you will have a talk with your surgeon. He will provide you with all the instructions and recommendations for the recovery time, thanks to which you would avoid the complications. The doctor will also tell you when you can resume specific activities and what diet you should follow. You need to remember that even after you leave the clinic, you can always contact your doctor in case of any questions or concerns.

       Gastric sleeve in Poland is a minimally invasive surgery

      Gastric sleeve is the second most popular weight loss surgery (after gastric bypass Poland). This weight loss surgery, is performed on patients who have BMI (body mass index) of 35 or more. If patient’s BMI is lower, but he has health problems related to obesity, the surgery can also be performed. Gastric sleeve makes people lose weight by removing the portion of the stomach, which cause the secretion of hunger-causing hormones. During the surgery, surgeon removes the large portion of the stomach and creates a long pouch that connects the esophagus to the small intestine. The surgery is performed using laparoscope (the camera which surgeon will use to guide the operation) as a result scarring is minimal.

       Improvement and resolution of the diseases associated with obesity

      The result of the surgery is that the patient feels full sooner after eating, which makes him eat less and lose weight. After the surgery, you can expect to lose 25 to 35 percent of your body weight or 50 to 70 percent of your excess weight. Most weight you will lose 6 months after the surgery. As people with obesity have numerous health problems, having gastric sleeve in Poland not only make them lose weight but also improve their health a lot. Studies have shown that than 70 percent of patients experience improvement or remission of type 2 diabetes. Also, in most cases, after gastric sleeve surgery high blood pressure and obstructive sleep apnea are resolved, high cholesterol is improved. The results of gastric sleeve in Poland known to be long-lasting, but if you want the results to last you need to follow the diet and exercise.  

      After gastric sleeve, all food and nutrients are fully absorbed into the body

      Weight loss surgeries, like gastric bypass, make permanent changes to the digestive system of the patient, which makes it necessary for him to take vitamins and supplements for the rest of his life. One of the biggest advantages of gastric sleeve is that the surgery does not alter the intestinal tract or the digestive system. It means that all the food and nutrients will be fully absorbed into the body and there is no need to take vitamins and supplements.

       Gastric sleeve surgery in Poland is much cheaper that in the UK or Germany

      In recent years medical tourism is getting more and more popular, as people from more developed countries travel to less developed countries to get same quality surgery at a much lower price. Poland is one of the most popular destinations in Poland, as clinics in Poland are working according to European standards and the country is easy to get to. Prices for gastric sleeve surgery in Poland are much cheaper while doctors are professionals who use the latest equipment.

       Gastric Sleeve Abroad price comparison

      It is usually the last resort for the patients, but it helps them lose weight in a healthy and effective way. The price for a weight loss surgery can exceed many people’s budget, but thanks to medical tourism, patients have a chance to undergo a surgery in other country and at a significantly lower cost.

      Average costs associated with a sleeve gastrectomy

      Gastric sleeve surgery is considered to be one of the most effective bariatric surgeries, but patients always need to consider several factors before making the decision. Apart from issues related to the surgery itself, such as recovery time organisation or possible complications, patients have to take into consideration the cost of the procedure and make sure they can afford it. There is no one price for sleeve gastrectomy worldwide. The main factor that influences the price is location. Gastric sleeve cost varies from country to country, e.g. the average price for gastric sleeve in the US is 19 000 USD, yet ranging from about 19 000 USD in South Dakota to 58 000 USD in Alaska. The discrepancy between the costs stems from the number of obese people in a given region (the price is lower where there are many obese people).

      Factors that influence sleeve gastrectomy’s costs

      There are some important factors influencing the price of affordable gastric sleeve abroad that need to be mentioned. They include:

      • location – in some regions the price is lower than the other, which is a result of a currency used in a given country or prevalence of obese people in specific regions
      • institution – the prices may vary depending on where the surgery is performed, e.g. private clinic, hospital, surgical centre
      • insurance coverage – sometimes it is possible to get a full or partial refund for the surgery from an insurance agency or NHS; some places also offer financing options and payment in installments.

      Additional costs following sleeve gastrectomy treatment

      It is important to know in advance what components are included in the surgery price. Some clinics offer a full package with psychologist and dietician support, supplements and medications after the surgery and all the tests and examinations before the surgery, and some do not. After the procedure, patients need to visit nutritionists regularly, which may cost from 50 USD to 100 USD per 1 visit. What is more, there is a possibility of postoperative complications which could require additional medical treatment involving more or less expensive methods. The additional costs also involve everyday expenses, such as new clothes, gym membership or healthy food.

      Gastric sleeve prices in Europe

      We compared prices in various countries. We’ve done an in-depth review of trusted pages like Medigo, Realself and Treatment Abroad. We collected prices from the most popular destinations for having the gastric sleeve. Below you can find a detailed price comparison.

      Gastric sleeve in the UK

      Private clinics in the UK offer gastric sleeve surgery prices ranging from 7900 GBP / 10 082 USD to 10 000 GBP / 12 762 USD. The price for gastric sleeve in the UK is usually higher than for other weight loss surgeries (e.g. gastric balloon) because the gastric sleeve is a more complex surgery. However, it is also one of the most effective and least invasive or risky surgeries, so undoubtedly it is worth considering. Below, there are starting prices for gastric sleeve surgery in the UK offered by the leading private clinics:

      • Spire St Anthony’s Hospital: 10 300 GBP / 13 145 USD
      • The Hospital Group: 9 950 GBP / 12 698 USD
      • Healthier Weight: 9 990 GBP / 12 634 USD
      • The London Clinic: 9 885 GBP / 12 615 USD
      • Ramsay Health Care UK: 7 995 GBP / 10 203 USD

      You need to remember that these prices are not fixed and the final cost is always adjusted to the patient. So, please do not be surprised if your price varies from the one advertised on the clinic’s website.

      Gastric sleeve in the Czech Republic

      The price for gastric sleeve in Prague can be really affordable and is more attractive than the prices offered by the clinics in the UK or the US. Below, there are the prices from the chosen clinics in Prague:

      Iscare Centre for Bariatric Surgery: there is a guaranteed price for sleeve gastrectomy that equals to 3580 GBP / 4568 USD. This price includes the surgery, anaesthesia, medical materials, postoperative care, medications and food. The extra costs include a preoperative visit (175 GBP / 223 USD) and stay in the clinic (105 GBP / 134 USD per one night)
      Royal Medical: this clinic also offers a fixed price of 4760 EUR / 4238 GBP / 5408 USD. It includes the surgery, initial consultation with a preoperative investigation, anaesthesia, 4-night stay in the clinic, medications, food, and postoperative medicine.
      Hospital for Obesity Treatment in Jablonec: the price for the procedure is 4750 EUR / 4229 GBP / 5397 USD).

      Gastric sleeve in Poland

      Poland has become one of the main destinations for weight loss surgeries recently. It offers professional care, high standard of clinics and affordable prices at the same time. Below, you can check the chosen clinics offering cheap gastric sleeve surgery in Poland:

      EMC clinic in Wrocław: the price for the gastric sleeve is 23 500 PLN / 4836 GBP / 6171 USD. It includes the surgery, anaesthesia, stay in a hospital with a full medical care, all medical tests and medications received in the clinic, consultations with the doctors (surgeon, dietician and psychologist), postoperative visit, stay in a hotel in Wrocław for 2 days, airport transfers and all taxi transfers between the hotel and clinic in Wrocław
      KCM clinic in Jelenia Góra: the price is 5990 EUR / 5333 GBP / 6806 USD. It covers the surgery, anaesthesia, a 3-day stay in a hospital with a full medical care, consultations and examination before surgery (with a surgeon, anesthesiologist, cardiologist, internist), comprehensive diagnosis before surgery (including bariatric, internal and cardiac tests), diet plan for 7 weeks together with a 5-year support package, personal host at the clinic, personal driver and transfers between the airport, clinic and hotel and 2-3 days accommodation in a hotel.


      Average price for sleeve gastrectomy


      4 000 USD

      The Czech Republic

      5 400 USD


      5 700 USD


      5 700 USD


      6 000 USD


      6 000 USD


      9 500 USD


      9 600 USD

      The United Kingdom

      12 600 USD


      14 600 USD


      23 500 USD


      26 200 USD

      Prices of the gastric sleeve in Asia

      In Asia, the cost of the gastric sleeve depends on the country. The cheapest surgery will be done in India and Jordan where this procedure costs 4000-6000 USD. Definitely, weight loss surgery is most expensive in Israel, where the gastric sleeve costs 20 000 USD.


      Average price for sleeve gastrectomy


      4 000 USD


      6 000 USD


      8 400 USD

      United Arab Emirates

      8 800 USD


      11 500 USD


      11 500 USD

      South Korea

      15 700 USD


      20 000 USD

      Prices of the gastric sleeve in the Americas

      In the United States and Canada, the gastric sleeve price is about two times higher than in Latin America. It is obvious that people would most like to have a weight loss surgery in their home country with the surgeon they know or heard about. However, due to a high price, it is not always possible. Also, it is not so easy to be qualified for getting insurance for the procedure as each insurance policy has some exclusions. Since you read this article, the price for the procedure in your region is probably too high. Every year, there are more and more people traveling to Mexico for a cheap gastric sleeve abroad. The cost for gastric sleeve in Mexico varies from 4000 USD to 9000 USD.


      Average price for sleeve gastrectomy


      8 900 USD


      11 200 USD

      Costa Rica

      11 500 USD


      19 000 USD


      19 600 USD

      Prices of the gastric sleeve in the United States

      The average cost of the gastric sleeve in the USA is 19 000 USD, but the prices in individual states are varied. You can pay up to 58 000 USD. The lowest prices of the gastric sleeve are in Texas (13 700 USD) and in Arkansas (11 900 USD). As we described above, people from the USA prefer medical tourism and they choose Mexico or European countries as their destination for weight loss surgery.


      Average price for sleeve gastrectomy


      11 900 USD


      13 700 USD


      14 100 USD


      20 000 USD


      21 000 USD


      23 700 USD


      28 800 USD


      29 100 USD


      35 200 USD


      58 000 USD

      Price of the gastric sleeve in Oceania

      In New Zealand, the cost of weight loss surgery is comparable to American prices. Gastric sleeve costs even 20 000 USD. You will pay much less money in Australia, where this surgery costs only 12 000 USD.


      Average price for sleeve gastrectomy


      12 000 USD

      New Zeland

      20 000 USD

      Prices of a gastric sleeve in various countries – infographic

      Gastric sleeve abroad price comparison - infographics

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      Is gastric sleeve covered by insurance?

      Insurance in the USA

      The expenses for a gastric sleeve procedure may range from nothing to even several thousands of dollars depending on the insurance plan you have. So, if you cannot afford gastric sleeve without insurance, you do not need to worry as there is a high probability that you get a refund. If the surgery is covered by your insurance, the agency will pay the majority of the price. If it is not covered, you can still have some of the costs refunded.

      The main concern for gastric sleeve patients is whether their insurance covers this type of surgery. In the United States, sleeve gastrectomy is covered in any plan including weight loss surgery. The surgeries can be performed in the US, Canada, Mexico or Australia.

      Please check the insurance plans below:

      • Individual/Family Plans & Small Group Plans (for under 50 employees): the bariatric surgery is covered in most of the states
      • Large Group Plans (for more than 50 employees): it is your company that decides whether or not your gastric sleeve is covered by insurance; you need to contact your HR department as well as insurance agency
      • Medicare & Medicaid – gastric sleeve surgery is covered, but not every surgeon accepts that.

      If your insurance covers gastric sleeve surgery, your costs can be fully eliminated or reduced. The amount of refund depends on several factors:

      • discounts negotiated by your agency and the clinic
      • the calendar year deductible
      • remaining calendar year deductible amount
      • hospital coinsurance
      • hospital copay
      • out-of-pocket maximum amount

      Your surgeon should contact the given insurance agency on your behalf (usually they do that for free) and deal with all the numbers above for you.

      man who saved money having gastric sleeve in Poland
      If your insurance does not cover gastric sleeve surgery, you can still get a partial coverage. It will depend on how your hospital and doctor submit your claims to the insurance agency. There are plenty of non-bariatric reasons that could be recommended by your doctor, e.g:

      • cardiology exam
      • psychological exam
      • lab work
      • sleep study
      • diet program supervised medically.

      The UK – is the gastric sleeve surgery covered by NHS?

      As for NHS funding of a weight loss surgery, patients need to undergo the approval process. You have to visit the GP in order to ask them to provide you with the referral so that the whole process can start. If you do not know what the referral criteria for your local PCT are, it is easiest to look for this information on the Internet. There, you should find all the criteria for bariatric surgeries on NHS. Also, you can just look for the information on PALS website (Local Patient Advice and Liaison Service). In general, the weight loss surgery NHS waiting time varies because each PCT is different in processing referrals. Sometimes, they might require a referral to the weight management service before approving the funding or a referral that comes from the surgeon or a referral from your bariatric coordinator. The waiting time (since initial consultation with a GP to the actual surgery) ranges from 2 months to even 2 years or more. It is not possible to predict the exact time or give more precise waiting time.

      Can I get weight loss Surgery on the NHS if I go abroad?

      Just a few people realise that it is possible to get funding for various types of weight loss surgeries abroad. What is more, it is a quite simple process that allows for making huge savings. The main requirement is that you can get NHS help when the surgery takes place in the region belonging to EEA (European Economic Area). EEA gathers all EU member countries as well as Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Norway, and Iceland. So, if you consider any of the mentioned European countries as a destination for your affordable gastric sleeve abroad, you can, by all means, benefit from NHS.

      What treatments will NHS pay for abroad?

      The European Union Cross-Border Healthcare Directive states that people can access the treatment in EEA countries if the treatment is necessary from the medical point of view and would be otherwise funded by NHS. After the UK left the European Union, this rule could change in the future, but for the time being, this right remains unchanged and people can take advantage of it. The important thing to remember is just that the procedures performed abroad covered by NHS need to be medically necessary, so cosmetic dentistry or plastic surgeries are excluded.

      – Gastric Sleeve Poland reviews


      Bariatric surgery helped me get back to life

      After my dad death I lost faith in God in life, I was depressed. I ate tons of food, some people drink alcohol, some take pills, for me that was eating…. I have always had only Dad, he was my mum and dad, he was everything and I lost it. That was hard time for me I put on weight 150lbs, I have always found myself as pretty, sexy.. but it was my imagination only. I felt bad, looked even worse… lost self confidence, lost positive attitude. I tried online dites, specialists, home, gym exercies, yoga, fitness but ‘’yoyo effect’’ always returned. My GP suggested me bariatric surgery. I had some consultations, here in uk, but I was not sure. I did my homework, read so many positive reviews about KCM clinic. I think that price persuaded me, as I lost the same amount on diets, personal trainer in one year!!!! The first month after surgery was the hardest, I felt bad, had reflux, did not tolerate food which I used to eat. 3 months after surgery I had consultation planned, because I felt strange… and what a surprise the pregnancy test comes back positive! Yes I am pregnant, what a blessing!

      Olga, Luton, UK

      Lost 96 pounds after gastric sleeve

      Hey, I strongly encourage anyone who wants the gastric bypass to go for it! I ve been overweight my whole life, no confidence, health problems and an overeating problem! Up to date I've lost 96 pounds and I do not think about food all day, all night anymore! Kcm clinic is awesome! I had a great experience in Poland and recommend it to anyone looking into the surgery.

      Gary, Woking, UK

      Bariatric surgery changed me

      2 years ago my weight exceeded 200 kgs. I hardly walked, my wife was helpless. I just couldn't stop eating. It sounds terrible while I'm writing that... Anyway, she found a clinic in Poland, in Jelenia Góra where I was consulted online and scheduled for the surgery. It wasn't expensive, but it's not the case. I had a surgery there, and thanks God it was not over. After surgery I had numerous visits with dietitian, psychologist and even psychiatrist. These meetings changed me and my mind! It's great you offer such meetings after surgery! You don't realise how much people need it, more that the surgery itself!

      Helena K., Munchen, Germany

      Gastric sleeve surgery in Poland helped me a lot!!

      I am ashamed of my history... I do not really want to explain why I was obese... Let's just say I had my issues. I started to reserach weight loss surgery and I found a clinic near Wroclaw, Poland. I scheduled personal consultation with the surgeon and he suggested doing gastric sleeve surgery. Once I done all my medical tests, the surgery was performed. After care in the clinic was really nice. I was given a lot of attention, they provided me with new diet plan and healthy tips how to eat after the surgery. For the first few months, eating was a struggle, cause I wasn't used to small portions of food. However, after I got used to new way of eating I was happy with the results. I lost a lot of pounds and now I look much healthier!

      Diana, France

      Plastic Surgery Poland and Cosmetic Surgery Abroad - Beauty Poland

      Get the insurance for gastric sleeve abroad:

      Frequently Asked Questions about Gastric Sleeve (FAQ)

      Can sleeve gastrectomy be covered by insurance?

      Yes, often sleeve gastrectomy is covered by insurance. You need to contact your insurance company and ask them to provide you with all the details of your insurance plan.

      Is gastric sleeve reversible?

      No, the part of your stomach will be removed forever.

      How much weight can I expect to lose with sleeve gastrectomy?

      After sleeve gastrectomy in Poland, you can expect to lose 25 to 35 percent of your body weight or 50 to 70 percent of your excess body weight. You need to understand that after the surgery you have to follow the diet and exercise if you want your results to last.

      How quickly will I lose my excess weight with gastric sleeve surgery?

      It differs from patient to patient. Usually, most weight is lost 6 months after the surgery.  Most patients continue to lose weight 3 years after the surgery. But you need to understand that if you want to lose weight you need to eat healthily and to exercise.

      Will my stomach stretch back to its original size after gastric sleeve in Poland?

      Your stomach can never stretch back to the original size. However, its size can increase if, after sleeve gastrectomy, you will continue to overeat.

      How long will I be in the hospital after the gastric sleeve?

      You should stay in the clinic for 2 days after the surgery. This time is needed for you to recover from anesthesia and for the doctor to make sure that the surgery went well.

      Will I need plastic surgery to remove the sagging skin?

      slim belly with measuring tapeThe amount of excess skin, you will have after the gastric band surgery, depends on your weight loss, age, and habits. Only after the weight is lost you can see if you need to have plastic surgery or not. If you decide to have the surgery done you must have a stable weight for at least 3 months. We offer you to look for plastic surgery in Poland, as our surgeons can provide you with high-quality and cheap lipectomy in Poland.

      How long should I stay in Poland after gastric sleeve surgery?

      If you want to have gastric sleeve surgery done in Poland you need to come for at least 1 week. The first day you will have a consultation and medical tests. The next day the surgery is performed. For the next 2 days, you should stay in the clinic where our English-speaking medical staff will take care of you. The rest of your stay you can spend in the hotel. The price of the gastric sleeve in Poland includes medical tests, consultation, surgery and stay in the clinic. We also can offer an all-inclusive package which includes consultation, medical tests, surgery, stay in the clinic, hotel stay and transfers during your stay.

      Why does the gastric sleeve fail?

      There are a couple of reasons why gastric sleeve surgery can fail. It might be related to the procedure being performed incorrectly, hence it is important to choose the best clinic and experienced, respected surgeon. Also, the surgery itself is just the 1st step in losing weight and all post-operative instructions, diet, recovery steps must be followed by the patient. Only then, the desired results will be achieved. Nonetheless, if anything worrying happens, patients need to consult their surgeon because the surgery involves some degree of infections and complications.

      Why gastric sleeve works?

      Gastric sleeve surgery is one of the safest and most successful bariatric surgeries. If performed properly, it gives astonishing results (even 70% of excess weight). The patient needs to follow a healthy diet low in carbs and high in proteins and exercise regularly. All instructions given by the surgeon and dietician must be followed to make the surgery works.

      What diet is recommended before gastric sleeve?

      A special diet will be given to the patient by the surgeon but is important to change the diet even earlier before the planned surgery. Patients should eat 4-5 small portions (high in proteins and rich in vegetables) a day and drink at least 2 liters of fluids (including water, milk, tea, etc). Drinking alcohol should be ceased as early as possible. Also, it is valid to supplement vitamins and minerals and stay as active as possible.

      Will I have depression after gastric sleeve?

      It is very individual. Some patients may feel worse due to the total change in their lifestyle. They need time to get used to it and if they cannot cope with that on their own, they should go to a specialist. Yet, most patients experience a positive change – they lose weight, are more active, have more confidence and more energy.

      Will I have a headache after gastric sleeve?

      Weight loss surgeries may cause severe headaches in some patients. If you have headaches that are more severe and occur more frequently than before surgery, it would be best if you visit your doctor and get professional advice.

      Which insurance covers gastric sleeve?

      Bariatric surgeries are life-saving surgeries, so they can be covered by NHS or insurance. Nowadays, there are plenty of insurance companies that can cover weight loss surgery, including the gastric sleeve. You need to ask your agency if your agreement covers this type of surgery and whether you are qualified for getting a refund.

      Where can I get affordable gastric sleeve surgery?

      Gastric surgery price depends on the country. Nowadays, many people choose such destinations as Poland or Lithuania because the prices there are much cheaper than in Western European countries. It allows saving even 60% of the money.

      Who qualifies for the gastric sleeve?

      It is always the surgeon that qualifies a patient for gastric sleeve surgery. It takes place on the basis of the detailed medical interview and analyzing the health condition.

      Will gastric sleeve help fatty liver?

      Yes, the gastric sleeve allows for getting rid of fat on all organs, including the liver. As a result, patients avoid many chronic diseases in the future or eliminate the diseases they have suffered.

      Will gastric sleeve cure IBS?

      Typically, patients who have undergone gastric sleeve procedure, note a significant improvement in IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). These patients have regular stools and problems like diarrhea, loose stools or dry stools are eliminated.

      Will gastric sleeve cure PCOS?

      Gastric sleeve is not the cure for PCOS, however, it might cause life-changing results for women suffering from PCOS. The ovulation is normalized and pregnancy becomes possible.

      Will gastric sleeve cure GERD?

      Sleeve gastrectomy can aggravate GERD, so it is important that patients are under the constant control of their doctor.

      Will gastric sleeve cure food addiction?

      belly before duodenal switch abroadFood addiction is a psychological problem and cannot be eliminated by the gastric sleeve surgery. Yet, the gastric sleeve helps a lot. The smaller stomach is a great tool that controls eating, but you must be careful not to eat compulsively or overeat. It might take a week, month or year before patients get rid of food addiction, but the sleeve is a perfect foundation for this.

      Can gastric sleeve stretch my stomach?

      The stomach stretches every time we eat and it will stretch because it is natural. But, you need to be aware of the fact that if you eat large amounts of food, you will not lose weight and will feel hunger more often. It is important to keep a healthy and recommended diet after the surgery and then the stomach will stretch naturally and minimally.

      Can gastric sleeve be redone?

      Yes, in some revision gastric sleeve procedure is performed. Only the surgeon can decide about that, so if you do not lose weight for a long time after the 1st surgery, it would be best to visit the doctor and consider revision surgery. Of course, the surgeon will first analyze the possible reasons for unsuccessfulness of the procedure and then will make the decision.

      What should I do if gastric sleeve fails?

      If it’s been year or more after the 1st procedure and there is no gain loss, a patient needs to consult the surgeon again. In this case, it is possible that revision surgery is needed. It may be the gastric sleeve, but the doctor can advise any other bariatric surgery if he thinks it would be more effective for a patient.

      In which cases the gastric sleeve does not work?

      There are some contradictions to any bariatric surgery, including the gastric sleeve. They include:

      • advanced neoplasia
      • unstable coronary artery disease
      • cognitive or mental impairment

      Can gastric sleeve patients take tums?

      Tums are high in calcium and their intake should be discussed with the surgeon. The surgeon will determine whether they are safe to take and what amount should not be exceeded a day.

      Can gastric sleeve cause a hiatal hernia?

      The gastric sleeve may cause a postoperative hiatal hernia, but it is an extremely rare type of complication after the surgery.

      Can gastric sleeve patients take aspirin?

      In general, gastric sleeve patients should avoid taking aspirin after the sleeve gastrectomy.

      Can gastric sleeve cure diabetes?

      After gastric sleeve surgery, patients lose weight and there are many positive change s in their gastrointestinal tract (it concerns especially hormones called incretins which cause the release of insulin). It leads to a significant improvement in type 2 diabetes and many a time makes that diabetes goes away.

      Can gastric sleeve cause anemia?

      Some patients, especially women, may suffer from anemia after gastric sleeve procedure. Nevertheless, it is not caused by the surgery directly, but more by the iron deficiency. Each patient should pay great attention to taking all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Also, gastric sleeve is the safest in this field out of other bariatric surgeries.

      Can gastric sleeve patients drink alcohol?

      Patients should cease drinking alcohol after bariatric surgery at all. Yet, it can be difficult and from time to time people can allow for a small amount of alcohol, but they need to remember about a few things:
      alcohol must be totally excluded during the rapid weight loss phase (usually first 6 months)
      being mindful as the body may react to alcohol in a totally different way than before the surgery
      taking vitamins that alcohol tends to absorb.

      Can gastric sleeve patients take tramadol?

      Taking tramadol after gastric sleeve surgery needs to be discussed with the surgeon. By no means should patients take this medication on their own?

      Can gastric sleeve patients take gummy vitamins?

      Gummy vitamins are not allowed after the gastric sleeve procedure. These vitamins contain sugar and are usually poor in vitamins. It is better to choose the regular vitamins recommended by the doctor.

      Can gastric sleeve patients take Advil?

      Most doctors do not recommend Advil after gastric sleeve surgery. In general, patients should not take any anti-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs including Advil, Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Naprosyn or Celebrex. These medications can increase the risk of ulcers developing which is more difficult to treat and even diagnose after weight loss surgery. Yet, some doctors allow patients to take some doses of these meds. So, the best would be consulting the surgeon and ask for the opinion.

      Can gastric sleeve patients take Garcinia Cambogia?

      Usually, surgeons do not recommend taking Garcinia Cambogia after gastric sleeve. The pills can influence metabolism in a bad way. Instead, patients should increase water intake, daily activity, keep a recommended diet and then, there will be no need to take this supplement.

      Can gastric sleeve patients eat bread?

      After gastric sleeve, patients should avoid eating bread due to its starchy nature. Bread can block a stoma (a hole made to the pouch is a new stomach). Especially in the first months, patients should refrain from eating bread at all, but later they can introduce small portions and eat slowly with small bites. Introducing bread to the diet should be discussed with the dietician so that a patient is sure it will not influence a weight loss process.

      Can gastric sleeve patients eat pasta?

      Introducing pasta to the diet after the gastric sleeve is possible not earlier than after 6 months. Pasta, bread or rice have starchy nature, so there is a risk of blocking a stoma (a hole to the pouch that is a new stomach). Patients need to consult a dietician before implementing pasta.

      Can gastric sleeve surgery cause cancer?

      No, the gastric sleeve itself does not cause cancer. On the contrary, it can even reduce the possibility of some types of cancer.

      Can gastric sleeve patients eat salad?

      Yes, they can.

      Can gastric sleeve be done twice?

      Yes, gastric sleeve surgery can be done for the second time if needed.

      Is gastric sleeve safe?

      Any bariatric surgery is a life-saving procedure and involves some risk as any other surgery. Gastric sleeve is one of the safest bariatric surgeries where deaths are extremely rare. If the surgery is performed by an experienced professional, the degree of later complications and infections is also reduced to a minimum. After the surgery, there might happen just minor annoyances as well as life-alerting problems, so patients should not ignore any worrying signals.

      slim belly after gastric sleeve

      What is gastric sleeve revision?

      Gastric sleeve revision is a second surgery that is performed in case of unsuccessful initial sleeve gastrectomy. It is done when a patient experiences insufficient weight loss after 1st surgery.

      What is gastric sleeve dumping?

      Dumping is a syndrome that may occur after the gastric sleeve surgery. It is called also a rapid gastric emptying because the undigested food is winding up in a small intestine too fast. It is caused by food that is too fatty and rich in sugar. Usually, it is enough to change the diet to eliminate this problem, but if it does not help, the visit to the GB would be vital. Dumping after gastric sleeve occurs rarely comparing to other weight-loss surgeries.

      Can I have the gastric sleeve with a cold?

      It depends. If you have also fever and take medications, the doctor may postpone the surgery until you are healthy. Yet, sometimes just a cold is not a factor in the gastric sleeve. You must let your surgeon know about any health issue, even cold, and he will decide whether to perform the surgery.

      Can I undergo gastric sleeve having Crohn disease?

      Crohn disease is no contradiction in performing sleeve gastrectomy for patients with morbid obesity.

      Can gastric sleeve be replaced by a duodenal switch?

      Duodenal switch is a combination of the gastric sleeve and gastric bypass. This surgery can be performed after primary gastric sleeve surgery.

      Can gastric sleeve help for gastroparesis?

      Gastric sleeve usually helps patients with gastroparesis. After the procedure, nausea and vomiting cease and patients can eat and drink without any feeling of discomfort. Nowadays, the studies are still being carried out in this field, but by all means, gastric sleeve alleviates gastroparesis.

      Can I get pregnant after gastric sleeve?

      Women, by all means, could get pregnant after gastric sleeve surgery. It is recommended to wait at least 18 months before trying for the baby. It would be best if firstly women normalize their weight, hormones, diet and general lifestyle so that they feel well and their health is a good condition. After achieving it, pregnancy is of course possible.

      Can gastric sleeve put my weight back on?

      However gastric sleeve surgery is generally successful, sometimes patients put on weight after the procedure. It is vital to find out the reason for this situation. If a patient strictly follows all recommendations of the doctor and dietician and still gains weight, the visit at the doctor’s is inevitable. It could be possible that the type of bariatric surgery was not chosen correctly and some revision surgery could be necessary.

      Can I drink coffee after the gastric sleeve?

      There are no contradictions to drinking coffee after gastric sleeve. It serves as a hot beverage and a hunger suppressant. Patients just need to be careful about the amount they intake every day. It is ok to drink a cup of coffee, but larger amounts can cause some risk and absorb important vitamins – just like in the case of any other person.

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