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      Ear Surgery Poland - Otoplasty abroad - price, reviews, before and after

      Updated March 10, 2022

      5 reasons to have affordable Otoplasty done in Poland

      Ear Surgery in Poland - Otoplasty Abroad Get rid of  your ears problems!

      Ear Surgery (Otoplasty) is a plastic surgical procedure in Poland, that is performed on children between 4-14, as well as adults. The surgery is used to fix many problems with the shape of the ears like protruding ears, big or deformed it can also restore a missing ear part. Otoplasty is known as one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures performed.


      – Otoplasty Poland reviews:

      Otoplasty in Poland was extremely cheap

      I am man, and I have always had long hair. You may wonder why.. because of ridiculous big ears. I saw Beauty Poland advertisement and was shocked that surgery price is only 900 GBP. I booked surgery immediately, it was so simple as I had all inclusive accommodation. I spent 3 days in Poland that was my first trip, but not the last! Thank you all for help.

      Artur, Germany

      Grazie! My ears looks very nice

      I'm from Italy never liked my ears. You priced my operation very cheap and I did it 8 month ago. Clinic name is Coramed and it was good. You treat me very well and I feel fantastic after operation. My ears are not stick out and look really nice. Grazie Mille!

      Alessandro, Italy

      No more huge ears!

      I've hated the way my ears looked! I had HUGE earlobes and my ears were too big! Dr Ahmed helped me change it and I am really happy with the results. Now my eras are proportional to my head and the earlobes are looking great 🙂

      Gareth, Scotland

      Cheap otoplasty in Poland

      I have always had big ears. When I found that otoplasty in Poland costs only 700 GBP I decided to do it! It was 3 days in Wrocalw, my ears are pinned back and reshaped. I had no complications, scars, took painkillers for one week.

      Bart, Crawley, UK

      Ear correction is really cheap in Poland

      I'm Anthon and since I remeber I had long hair. The reason is simple, one of my ears sticked out. I never had short haircut because I always hid this ear! I looked like alien. Accidentally I came across your website and saw that ear correction is increadibly cheap. I took 4 days off and came to poland. With the whole trip, hotels and 1 ear correction I spent less than 800 pounds. Plastic surgeries in Poland cost next to nothing! Really!

      Anthon, Ireland

      Ear surgery in Poland was really cheap

      My ear lobes stretched after I wore heavy earrings for many ears. I just wanted my ears to look normal again. I looked for a cheap ear surgery and found your website. You offered such a low price that hardly anyone could believe it! The whole procedure took less than 4 days. My ears healed for some time, but now they look great, no scars, I'm proud of your work, doctor! Thanks.

      Robert, Newcastle, UK

      Ears pinned back

      My case wasn't very interesting. I just wanted to have my ears pinned back, because I didn't like the way they looked. I was doing some jobs in Poland and I found good surgeon in Wroclaw that could do the surgery. I had the ear surgery on Tuesday and I could go back to Norway on Thursday! I saved time and money! Now I am happy with my new look 🙂

      Christian, Oslo, Norway

      Plastic Surgery Poland and Cosmetic Surgery Abroad - Beauty Poland


      Get the insurance for your ear surgery abroad:

      Help your child to feel confident with otoplasty in Poland!

      Usually, kids at the age of 4 have their ears fully developed. During that time, the ear cartilage is very pliable which allows the surgeon to make even extensive reshaping. Otoplasty in Poland can prevent your child from being laughed at by their friends due to different ears appearance.

      – Otoplasty Poland before and after:

      Ear surgery in Poland is safe procedure!

      Beauty Poland cooperates with the plastic surgery clinics that have professional surgeons who use only latest techniques. Otoplasty in Poland is usually performed with the use of one of these two techniques: 

      • The first type is used when the cartilage needs to be  reshaped or repositioned (for instance closer to the head). During this type of otoplasty, incisions are made at the back of the ear and the cartilage is uncovered. The surgeon may use non-removable stitches  in order to preserve the cartilage position. This treatment is similar to facelift procedure.
      • This type is used when no cartilage part needs to be removed, only the skin. After the surgeon, remove the skin, the cartilage is moved back. Non-removable stitches may also be used in order to preserve the cartilage position.

      Your surgeons will discuss with you which type is better for you and why. All of the steps of the surgery will be explained to you.  The procedure may be done under the local anesthetic and takes about two hours. Older patients often combine otoplasty with other facial plastic surgery procedure in Poland such as facelift.  If you choose to have otoplasty done in Poland you will get high-quality and safe procedure!

      …….. Ear Surgery in Poland - Beauty Poland . Ear correction in Warsaw..Ear Surgery effect

      Otoplasty in Poland is a fast and affordable procedure!

      You can have consultation and procedure at the same day. All of our surgeons speak English fluently and they will provide you with all the information about the procedure. In total, the procedure can last from 60 to 90 minutes. You should stay in our clinic 1 day after the procedure. In order to support the healing process and to keep the ears in their new position, the surgeon will ask you to wear bandages on your head after the Ear Surgery. Young patients should rest for at least a week after the surgery. Very often adults can come back to their normal activity after 3 days.Poland is a perfect destination to have cheap otoplasty.

      Combine your otoplasty in Poland with vacations!

      If you choose to have otoplasty done in Poland you will get an opportunity to visit Europen country with fantastic architecture and interesting history. What is more, the price of otoplasty in Poland are very affordable and you can get the surgery really cheap.



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