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    Breast Reconstruction Poland

    Updated March 11, 2022

    Breast reconstruction is a surgery usually performed on the women who recently had mastectomy. Often breast reconstruction is done during or soon after mastectomy, but if a patient must be treated with radiation after mastectomy, breast reconstruction can be performed many months after. According to the research of Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act, breast reconstruction provides life improvements and psychosocial benefits. Surgeons in Poland can perform high-quality breast reconstruction surgery at an affordable price. Lear why is it worth to consider Poland for the breast reconstruction surgery.

     1. Breast reconstruction abroad restores a woman’s sense of self-confidence and self-esteem.

    Giving up a part of the body that was one of the hallmarks of becoming a woman, makes most women feel unconfident and less feminine. Breast reconstruction is the surgery that can make a woman feel confident and helps her to forget about cancer. Breast reconstruction in Poland is a common plastic surgery, the aim of the surgery is to rebuild breasts, which can be done with the use of autologous tissue or prosthetic material. The reformation of a natural-looking areola and nipple are often included in the breast reconstruction surgery. Beauty Poland cooperates only with the best surgeons in Poland, who can perform breast reconstruction surgery with the use of best materials and latest techniques.

    Price 3400 GBP
    Length of procedure2-3 hours
    Required medical testsblood group, blood morphology, SR (sedimentation rate), coagulogram (APTT, INR), serum glucose, electrolytes levels, urine analysis, Ekg (only for patients older than 55 y.o.), HBs, HCV, HIV
    AnesthesiaGeneral anesthesia
    Stay in the clinic1 day
    Stay in Polandat least 1 week
    Back to work2 weeks
    Contraindicationssevere lung disease, advanced diabetes, recent heart attack, psychological illnesses, heavy smokers

     2. All types of breast reconstruction can be performed in Poland

    There are two main breast reconstruction techniques available Implant reconstruction and Autologous or “flap” reconstruction. Both techniques have advantages and disadvantages and both can be performed by surgeons in Poland. Implant reconstruction is the most common technique during which breast implants, filled with salt water (saline) or silicone gel, are inserted. Implants are placed under the pectoralis major muscle of the chest wall. During flap reconstruction, surgeon uses tissue from other parts of the patient’s body (belly, thigh, or back). There are also different types of nipple reconstruction, before the surgery you will discuss with your surgeon if you want to have nipple replaced or not. Surgeons we cooperate with can speak English and during the consultation will explain you advantages and disadvantages of each type and find the best to meet your needs.

     3. We help women after breast cancer

    Breast reconstruction changes not only the appearance but also have psychological benefits. For many women, breast reconstruction is an opportunity to return to as “normal” appearance and lifestyle as possible. Woman with cancer has to make not only physical effort to recover from a sick body, but also a lot of mental work, that is why breast reconstruction is considered not as a cosmetic surgery but as a reconstructive one and is a part of the treatment of a disease. Patients, who have breast reconstruction done, experience less traumatic rehabilitation during breast cancer treatment. What is more, the surgery helps women to improve quality of life, integrity, and self-image.

    – Breast Reconstruction Poland reviews

    Breast treatment after cancer

    It has been one month since my surgery. I had Eurosilicone high profile implants, 300 cc. I used to have D cup before cancer, so I was a bit nervous that breast would be smaller. I am lucky to have reconstruction without any complications. My new boobs are smaller, I wish I had them bigger, but right now I am not interested in anymore surgeries, anytime soon.. Some days ago I had a party celebrating me being cancer free for a year. It was nice and fun to have something positive to celebrate. Once again I want to thanks Beauty Poland team for all help. It's time to focus on starting back my life that has been on hold.

    Kate, Dublin

    BIG thank you Doctor!

    I made a decision to have breast reconstruction just when I made a decision to have 1 of them removed. I struggled with breast cancer for half a year, but I knew I win. And I did. I overcame this horror and as soon as it was possible I had a left breast reconstruction. Dr Piotr, my hero, did an excellent job. I wished that my new breast looks just like the other one. He lived up to all my expectations and my breasts look great. Both breasts. I want to say BIG thank you!

    Samantha, Bristol, UK

    Cancer free with breast reconstructed!

    Over ten years ago I have heard one of the worst news possible... I had breast cancer, just like my grandma. When the surgeon suggested mastectomy I was devastated! I was only 31 years old... Now I know it was a good decision, because I am cancer free for few years now. After all the dust settled, I decided to regain control over my life and look beautiful again! I contacted Beauty Poland and got a great price for breast reconstruction surgery using anatomical shaped implants. I wanted to achieve as natural as possible look and it was a great decission. Dr Piotr was really understanding of my needs and suggested that I get back to my natural size, which was a B cup. Thank you doctor! I feel great again and I am no longer ashamed of my look 🙂

    M.J, Milton Keynes

    Full C cap 🙂

    I am still waiting to see the final changes. Doctor Ryszard advised me round implants. I am really happy that my breast does not look fake, was a bit afraid that everyone will notice my fake boobs. I wanted to be a full C, but breast they look like the small B, doctor advised me that we may change implants in future to receive fuller and bigger boobs.. but I am still afraid of any surgery. For me it was a good decision, I feel more like a woman. I had nightmares about holidays and swim suit, I forgot to add that I am only 27.. Right now I am more self confident, nightmare are gone and my chest does not remind me cancer anymore.

    Aleksandra, Crawley, UK

    The happiest woman in the world!

    I was at extraordinarily high risk of breast cancer due to genetic reasons. I'm a wife and mother to 3 children. The last thing for me was to wait for cancer to come. I decided to have mastectomy. I almost accepted that I lose my femaleness, bu the doctor said it is possible to have profilactic mastectomy and breast reconstruction done at the same time. I agreed immediately. I came to dr Jakub who performed my mastectomy and breast reconstruction in one surgery. Now I have my breasts, beautiful, naturally looking, just like before. The one difference is that the risk of cancer diminished by 80%! Now I'm the happiest woman in the world! Thank you!

    Lucy, Oslo, Norway

    Breast Reconstruction Poland

    Get the insurance for breast reconstruction abroad:

    4. Breast reconstruction in Poland provides permanent results

    After breast reconstruction surgery, you need to monitor your breast health through self-exam, mammography, and other diagnostic techniques. You need to have realistic expectations toward the results of the surgery, you need to understand that after the surgery your breast won’t look and feel same. The results of the breast reconstruction surgery are known to be permanent.

     5. The price of breast reconstruction surgery in Poland is much cheaper than in the UK or Germany

    As breast reconstruction is not a cosmetic surgery, it is often covered by insurance. You need to contact your insurance company for details. If your insurance does not cover it, we suggest you come to Poland for the breast reconstruction surgery, as prices in Poland are much cheaper than in the UK or Germany. Poland is a part of Europen Union, which means that the quality of medical services is as good as in other European countries like Germany. If you want to know more about breast reconstruction in Poland do not hesitate to contact us!

    Anna Drabek
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