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    Updated March 18, 2022

    female doctor with stethoscopeProfessional and experienced doctors are a flagship of Beauty Poland. We cooperate only with the best specialists with enormous expertise and acquirements. We pay great attention to the doctors résumés before starting the cooperation with any clinic. We all realize that Polish doctors are renowned and recognized in the whole world, and we do everything to defend this belief by providing our patients with their excellent care. Our doctors are experienced in treating foreign patients, which is a great asset. They speak Polish, English, some of them also German, Russian or Swedish. We realize that patients coming from abroad need much care to feel safe and comfortable, and we put a great effort to make them feel welcome in our clinics. Below, you will find some information about our best clinics and their doctors as well as a general note about the doctors in Poland.

    KCM Clinic in Jelenia Gora

    KCM is our leading clinic in bariatric and orthopedic surgeries. It is located in Jelenia Góra, a charming city in the heart of Karkonosze region. The clinic offers a full range of procedures and engages only the best specialists in offered services. The doctors working in KCM clinic can price themselves on high qualifications and numerous scientific accomplishments. They regularly participate in congresses, symposia, training and research, so that they are able to provide medical care at the highest possible level. The clinic also cooperates with Sanford Health in the USA.

    What is more, KCM itself serves as an educational and scholarly center for doctors, academicians, and other specialists and organizes workshops and international conferences regularly. Thanks to that, KCM clinic is not only following the innovations and trends in medicine, but it creates these trends, approaches, and solutions.

    Liposuction Centre in Jozefow

    Centrum Liposukcji (Liposuction Centre) is a clinic situated in Jozefow, Warsaw. It is a no.1 clinic as for liposuction in Poland. The clinic specializes in the traditional as well as innovative body-sculpting procedures, such as liposuction, HD body sculpting, stem cell obtaining, and fat transfers. There are 7 liposuction types performed by the doctors: traditional, vibration, laser, Dual, water, infrasound, and ultrasound liposuctions. Presently, in the clinic, there are 5 best doctors specializing in liposuction procedures. They perform up to 800 liposuctions and 100 fat transfer procedures a year. The clinic’s policy to specialize in a specific field of plastic surgeries, that is liposuctions, has made Centrum Liposukcji the most professional, innovative and dynamically developing clinic offering body modeling surgeries. The specialists in the clinic offer their service and help not only before and during the surgery but also afterward. There are plenty of postoperative rehabilitation types including ultrasound therapy, pressotherapy, massages, or cryolipolysis.

    Coramed Clinic in Wroclaw

    Coramed is a medical center in Wrocław. The clinic is focused on treating people from abroad and they have gained a huge experience in helping foreign patients. The doctors working in the clinic have impressive experience, knowledge, and achievements in plastic surgeries. There are both experienced doctors with 25-year experience and young, voracious doctors with a mind like a sponge. The clinic offers professional and efficient medical care as well as support, compassion, and attention during the whole stay of a patient in Poland. The doctors pay much attention to a patient’s medical history and offer a range of additional consultations or procedures if necessary. The clinic is modern, well-equipped and innovative. It offers the sterilization room of the highest European standards, the new generation XION laparoscope, EMERGE – the fractional laser, ultrasonography. Apart from the main domain of the clinic, that is plastic surgeries and aesthetic procedures, the clinic offers a range of other services such as aesthetic dermatology, cosmetology, dietetics, rehabilitation and psychological care.

    How to become a doctor in Poland?

    It is believed that young people need to feel a passion and calling to be a good doctor, but it is only the beginning of a long and difficult path in their lives. After graduating from secondary school, students choose the University where they want to study. Poland can pride itself on having ones of the best universities in the world (e.g. Jagiellonian University or Medical University in Gdańsk) gathering students from all the continents. Medical studies last 6 years and during that time, students acquire a general knowledge of biology, chemistry, physics, and medicine. After graduating from Medical University, entrants need to notify District Medical Council about this fact and the council gives them the limited doctor license. Once the license is received, each entrant must do a 13-month internship in one of the hospitals. The internship ends in the exam. Passing this exam guarantees getting a doctor license with all the rights. The last stage is choosing the specialization. The training in the chosen domain lasts from 2 to 6 years depending on the specialization.

    Each doctor has to be verified and accepted by the Supreme Medical Council. Only the Chamber has the power to award the right to practice the profession of a physician or dentist and keep the register of physicians and dentists. The register is public, so everyone can verify a doctor by the name or license number (each doctor has a unique license number).

    The educational system in Poland is very strict regarding medicine. The formal education time is about 10 years, the practical knowledge is being gained for the whole life of course. Beauty Poland cooperates with the carefully selected specialists with outstanding experience, knowledge, and competencies. Regardless of the clinic you choose, we assure you that you will meet great specialists there – not only surgeons but also nurses, anaesthesiologists, dermatologists, dieticians, psychologists, physiotherapists, and assistants are the best professionals in their fields. We can guarantee that each treatment we have in our offer is performed by a highly-qualified doctor specializing in this particular field. If you want to get more information about the doctors, contact us and we will provide you with sufficient details about their education, experience, and photos of their works.

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