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    cutting fat belly

    Gastric Sleeve Complications – What if Gastric Sleeve Fails?

    Numerous research studies have shown that people after vertical sleeve gastrectomy are able to successfully lose weight and keep the new weight afterward. According to researchers from Claraspital in Basel, Switzerland, averagely patients lose 57.4% of the excess weight over

    girl with slim belly is touching her pants

    PCOS and weight loss surgery – Can weight loss surgery help PCOS?

    Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is becoming a common factor pushing a weight loss surgery. Multiple research has proven that there is a strong connection between PCOS and obesity. Obesity entails many hormonal changes, e.g. imbalance of such reproductive hormones as

    girl is catching her skin folds

    Recovery from bariatric surgery – How does it look like?

    Bariatric surgery abroad has become a popular trend among people from Western Europe. For people who try to lose weight for months but cannot achieve it, a gastric sleeve, gastric bypass or gastric band is the last resort. In this

    fat belly is measured by the doctor with measuring tape

    Gastric surgery regain – What percentage of weight loss surgery patients regain weight?

    Weight regain is one of the gastric surgery problems. According to Nia Mitchell, MD et al., almost 40% of adults in the US are suffering from obesity and the number is constantly rising thus bariatric surgeries gain popularity. Studies exhibit

    fat belly with measure tape

    Weight loss surgery reversiblily – Which bariatric surgery is reversible?

    For those who deal with obesity or morbid obesity despite all efforts, they made ( like trying losing weight through exercises or diet) a bariatric surgery may be a good solution for these issues. As there four different types of

    girl showing her belly

    Dumping syndrome after gastric surgery – What are the symptoms of dumping syndrome?

    Imagine you have just eaten a delicious piece of cake at your birthday party, where a word “no, thanks” was not an option for you and you had no excuses to refuse any food. About half an hour after eating

    mariah carey before and after gastric sleeve

    Celebrities after weight loss surgery – Who had bariatric surgery done?

    Weight loss surgery abroad has become one of the main topics of Hollywood conversations and gossips. Many magazines and websites have been speculating about celebrities who might have had a gastric sleeve, gastric band, gastric bypass or any other affordable

    girl showing throusers bigger than her tummy after weight loss surgery

    Diabetes and bariatric surgery – Will weight loss surgery cure diabetes?

    Which bariatric surgery cures diabetes? More and more studies state that bariatric surgeries may be a solution for those who struggle with diabetes type 2. To be precise, diabetes is not well comprehended and medical science is not able to

    Smiling middle-aged man

    DHI vs FUE – which procedure is better?

    Are you a good candidate for hair transplant? Due to the fact that hair transplant is gaining popularity, it may suggest that more and more people are seeking to regain their hairline and curing baldness. Nevertheless, there are more requirements

    body with marked lines before the liposuction

    Tummy tuck – age limitations

    Question about the age limitation for the plastic surgery is a common one in the surgeon’s office. It is not an easy question and the answers are very complex taking into consideration patient’s lifestyle, mind-set, attitude toward themselves, genuine health