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man with head on a pillow

What is a perfect season for having hair transplant?

After making the decision to undergo the hair transplant abroad you may have a lot of questions that at a certain point may overwhelm you. This rule is applicable especially when you struggle with hair loss for a long time.

man after hair transplant poland

Can I wear a hat after hair transplant?

Having your hair transplant procedure done, you will be required to follow certain steps afterwards to ensure that your scalp is healing properly and that you will get the best results. Your surgeon will provide you with the comprehensive instructions.

slim belly after tummy tuck

Working out after tummy tuck

After you underwent tummy tuck in Poland you may be curious about the potential time when doing the exercises is allowed and what types of exercises you may perform.  As after any invasive surgery, you must pay attention to take

girl touching her face

Is an otoplasty painful?

Otoplasty is a great alternative to change the appearance of your ears and solve other issues associated with it. Many men and women suffer from various discomforts strictly related to their ears, therefore, causing unfavourable psychological effects. They range from

enlarged breast

Is scuba diving with breast implants possible?

Seemingly, the juxtaposition of words scuba diving after breast enlargement might sound innocuous but diving after breast implant procedure can pose a certain risk. Majority of the society is not aware of the risk connected with placing implants deep in

woman who consider breast implants

Are breast implants good for me?

When thinking about plastic surgery, the first thing that comes to mind is boob job, which claimed to be the most popular type of cosmetic procedure performed in the US in 2016. Many women who are unhappy with the size