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Male facelift Poland

Facelift in Poland is a very popular cosmetic procedure amongst women. But nowadays it is also growing in popularity amidst men. If you are looking for information about cheap male facelift abroad, this article is just for you! Who should

Gastric sleeve abroad and pregnancy

Gastric sleeve in Poland has become a very popular procedure treating obesity among patients from the whole world. More and more often, people make a decision to come to Poland for their cheap gastric sleeve in order to save money

How weight changes can affect the results of your cheap rhinoplasty abroad?

Rhinoplasty abroad is one of the most popular plastic surgeries. Many people think about how the look of their nose will change after the cheap nose job in Poland, but not so many take into consideration how the body weight

Patient Stories - Katrin`s Tummy Tuck in Poland

Katrin is a happy mom of three kids, wife and a very determined young businesswoman who lives in Manchester, UK. Though nothing is as perfect as it seems. Katrin contacted Beauty Poland on 9th of April 2017. After 3 pregnancies

Weight loss abroad - recovery tips

The recovery after weight loss procedure may take up to 2 years. After weight loss surgery in Poland all patients should keep the healthy lifestyle, but what does it mean? Patients should follow doctor restrictions also to make your weight

Patient Stories - Emily`s Liposuction in Poland

Emily is a Beauty Poland patient living in Glasgow. She contacted Beauty Poland in December 2016. She has never been obese but had some weight problems since childhood. In her 30s, Emily has changed her eating habits for better and