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man after gastric sleeve

Is gastric sleeve safe?

Safety is a key factor for all those who consider having any surgery. Safety of the procedure is closely connected to the clinic standard, surgeon’s experience and skills and a patient’s general health condition. Needless to say, every surgery involves

girl smiling after facelift

Will I have scars after my facelift?

Facelift Poland is very popular amongst woman after their 50s and 60s. Women decide to perform surgery to look younger and prettier and more attractive. Any plastic surgery, face lift, breast lift, liposuction, are likely to leave the patient with

girl keeping her face after facelift

Are the facelift results permanent?

When patients enquire about the cheap facelift, or even other plastic surgeries abroad, they commonly want to receive an answer to one simple question – “is facelift permanent?”. Additionally, they want to know if the cheap facelift will make them

facelift results

How to prepare for a facelift surgery abroad?

Facelift abroad involves some preparation before the surgery date. Patients who are coming for a cheap facelift to Poland are advised to make a to-do-list of tasks that need completing days or weeks before coming to Poland. Making the preparation

Facts to know about breast implants sizes in Poland

When you are looking for breast implants in Poland one of the first questions that come to your mind is probably what size to go with. It is very important to find one that you would be the most satisfied

Gastric bypass VS gastric sleeve Poland

Many people suffer from obesity nowadays. Stress, working in a hurry, unhealthy diet, genetic predispositions are only a few from a wide range of reasons that cause gaining weight. In some cases, the only option to stop the phenomenon is