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      Labiaplasty Poland

      Updated March 11, 2022

       Labiaplasty, which is also called labioplasty, labia minora reduction, or labial reduction, is an aesthetic surgery performed on the women vulva. It alters the size, colour, and shape of inner labia (labia minora) and outer labia (labia majora) and hence improves the physical appearance, psychological condition, and general health. As a result, uncomfortable and painful defects are removed and aesthetics of vulva is significantly increased.


      Best candidate for labiaplasty

      If you feel that your labia minora or labia majora deprive you of your attractiveness and sense of self-worth, you are a good candidate for labial reduction. Additionally, if you feel that they cause discomfort during such activities as sex, cycling, or while wearing tight underwear and clothes, the only solution could be having labial reduction surgery.

      Benefits of labiaplasty

      After the labial reduction, skin maintains the natural and aesthetic look. It is also as elastic as before the operation because the tissues of labia parts not affected by the surgery remain intact. Thanks to labial reduction, women rebuild their sense of self-worth and confidence, as well as the functionality of the physical condition of the body is increased.

      Minimal stay in Poland

      It is recommended that for labiaplasty women stay for 6 days in Poland. During the first day they have a consultation and medical tests, also if they wish, there can consult sexologist or psychologist. On the second they there is a surgery and after 2-3 days women have one more visit at the clinic so that the surgeon makes sure there are no complications or infections.

      Labiaplasty – procedure

      During the surgery, the doctor precisely chooses the incision lines so that the scars are invisible afterwards. There are two methods used with regard to labial reduction surgery.

      • Edge resection technique. The excessive tissue is trimmed out from the edge of labia minora or labia majora. It is a very precise method, but the natural look of labial edges might be sometimes taken away.
      • Central wedge resection technique. In this method, the surgeon cuts a wedge from a thicker section of the labia, and then the two sides are stitched together, as a result of which the overall length is reduced. This method retains the natural look of labia, but the risk of under or over correction is increased.

      Type of anaesthesia

      Labial reduction surgery is performed under local anaesthesia and seduction. However, if a woman feels she is not able to bear the surgery under local anaesthesia, then the surgeon can use general anaesthesia.

      Length of labiaplasty surgery

      The labiaplasty operation lasts from 45 min. to 2,5 hours depending on the complexity and scale of the operation.

      Required medical tests

      Before the surgery, it is necessary to do medical tests. The tests include blood group, blood morphology, coagulogram (APTT, INR), serum glucose, electrolytes levels, urine analysis, HBs, HCV, HIV. On their basis, the doctor qualifies a woman for the labiaplasty surgery.


      Labiaplasty allows for reduction of the size and reshaping labia minora. As a result, their aesthetic appearance is significantly improved, which boost confidence, attractiveness and eliminates complexes. Moreover, it enhances sexual activity sensations. Regarding health, labiaplasty surgery eliminates the feeling of discomfort during sports activities and enables women to wear tight underwear and fitted clothes.

      Stay in the clinic

      Regardless of the method, the surgeon uses dissolvable stitches, hence the scarring after the labiaplasty operation is not intense. There is no need to stay in the clinic for a night. Hence, unless the doctor recommends otherwise, a woman can leave the clinic the day of the surgery.

      Labial reduction – risks and complications

      Labial reduction is a surgery, therefore it involves some degree of risk. Sometimes minor bleeding or infections occur after the surgery. The more serious risks are: labial asymmetry, under or over correction, decreased sensation, nerve damaging, dyspareunia.

      After labiaplasty surgery

      Within a week after the surgery soring, swelling and bruising occur. Swelling results from the fact that before the surgery doctor inserts fluid to the tissues in order to make them bigger. The inconveniences may be reduced by painkillers and ice compress. What is more, you might feel uncomfortable when passing urine for several days.

      Labiaplasty recovery

      During the first week after the labiaplasty, you will wear a panty liner as extra protection. For the 4 weeks you ought to avoid tampons and wear loose underwear and clothing. It is recommended to rest for one week after the surgery, avoid exhausting exercises for a month, and refrain from sexual activities for 6 weeks.

      Back to work

      Labiaplasty is a regular surgery, thus you need some time for recovery. Nonetheless, this time is relatively short. On average, women are able to go back to work a week after the operation. This time, however, depends on individual predispositions. Sometimes women need less than a week, sometimes they require up to two weeks off work.

      Labiaplasty abroad

      Labiaplasty abroad is a perfect solution in terms of economical reasons. In Poland, this surgery costs less than in the vast majority of European countries. At the same time, the quality of surgery is impressively high and follows the best European standards. What is more, women are taken care of from the very beginning of the arrival till the end by our patient advisors and clinic personnel. We offer also all-inclusive package deals, where you do not have to worry about accommodation and transportation during the whole stay, as you have it provided by our company. We assist you for your whole stay in Poland.

      Labiaplasty price

      The prices for labiaplasty vary depending on the country. As a result, many women decide to have the labial reduction surgery abroad. In Poland, clinics follow high European standards and at the same time offer one of the most affordable prices for labiaplasty in Europe. The price for labiaplasty starts from 435 EUR.

      Price for labial reduction plastic surgery in Poland is significantly lower than in Germany or the UK 

      The price for labiaplasty surgery in Poland starts from 5500 PLN / 1200 GBP. Plastic surgery clinics in Poland work only on the materials of the best quality as well as have the most modern equipment. All Polish clinics follow the high, professional, European standard. Doctors and nurses speak English fluently. According our patients, the plastic surgeries in Poland are even twice as cheap as in other countries, while the quality of surgeries is impressive and the effects are just excellent. All mentioned factors make Poland one of the most attractive and cheapest destination for an affordable labiaplasty abroad. In addition, our clinics in Poland have no waiting lists or these lists are very short, so as a result, you can book the date for your surgery even 3 weeks in advance.

      Labiaplasty abroad price comparison:

       Labial reduction will put an end to health problems caused by labia

      Many women decide to have labiaplasty abroad due to purely medical reasons. The size of the labia may cause pain, irritation, and discomfort during physical activities, sexual activity, urination, or even while wearing skin-tight underwear. Labiaplasty treatment helps eliminate these problems once and for all. After the surgery, such problems as frequent infections, pain, or impediments to practicing sports will disappear.

       Labiaplasty treatment will bring back your sense of self-worth

      The abnormality of labials is a source of serious complexes and emotional stress. It leads to restraining from sexual activities or showing body in a swimsuit because you feel ashamed, worse and embarrassed. Labial reduction will make you feel attractive and desirable again. The surgeon may suggest you to combine it with vaginoplasty in Poland. But more importantly, your self-esteem and psychological condition will be significantly increased.

      Labiaplasty in Poland is safe and performed only  by professional and experienced surgeons

      Labiaplasty is a very subtle surgery and it demands from the surgeon not only qualifications and medical knowledge, but also a great artistry. In Poland, only highly qualified personnel is designated for this type of surgery, as they know how to prepare themselves, and more importantly how to prepare the patient for this type of surgery. Labiaplasty might be performed under local anesthesia, but due to its sensitive character, you can make a decision to have general anesthesia. The proper care and psychological support before and after the surgery is as important as the surgery itself.

      There are 2 types of labioplasty:

      • trim labioplasty
      • wedge labioplasty

      In trim labiaplasty, labia are resized and reshaped by being cut away with the surgical instruments or laser. It is recommended when the surgery is accompanied by clitoral hood reduction. The wedge labiaplasty involves removing a wedge-shaped section of tissue from the middle third of the labia and then the top and bottom parts of the labia are stitched back together. It is the least invasive method of labioplasty. Regardless of the surgical technique, the incision is really inconspicuous and virtually imperceptible in the future. The surgeon uses dissolving stiches and no dressings after surgery are required. 

      Important information regarding labiaplasty in Poland

      Price1200 GBP
      Length of procedure30 - 120 minutes
      Required medical testsblood group, blood morphology, coagulogram (APTT, INR), serum glucose, electrolytes levels, urine analysis, HBs, HCV, HIV
      Stay in the clinic1 day
      Recovery time6 weeks
      Stichesdissolvable stiches
      Stay in PolandAt least 1 week

      We will take care of the organization of your journey and stay during your labiaplasty surgery abroad

      For the recent 10 years, Beauty Poland has been providing patients from numerous countries with the best plastic surgeries in Poland at very affordable prices. Customer service team from Beauty poand will make your travel and stay as easy, pleasurable and comfortable as possible. Our consultants will be ready to find the best flight tickets for you as well as affordable accommodation and of course the best surgery prices. Since we receive an enquiry from you till the very end, our customer service will organize your journey, stay and surgery in Poland. Beauty Poland successfully meets the needs of its patients by offering all-inclusive packages which always include the surgery itself, medical tests, stay in a hotel and all transfers between the clinic and the hotel. It’s a pleasure for us to help you with everything.

      Labiaplasty – FAQ

      What is labiaplasty?

      Labiaplasty is a plastic surgery which aims at resizing and reshaping such vaginal parts as labia minora or labia majora. It eliminates hygienic problems, discomfort during physical activity or intercourse and allows wearing fitted underwear and clothes.

      How long does labiaplasty plastic surgery take?

      The surgery of labial reduction lasts from 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on how much work is needed and type of labiaplasty technique. When labiaplasty is combined with other plastic surgery, the surgery time might lengthen.

      Where is the surgery performed?

      Labiaplasty in Poland is performed in high-standard private clinics specializing in plastic surgeries. In Poland, labial reduction is regarded as a sensitive surgery, thus the experienced personnel and surgeons pay much attention to the quality, standards and atmosphere before, during, and after the treatment.

      How much does labiaplasty cost?

      The cost of labiaplasty in Poland starts from 435 EUR. The price of the surgery in Poland is much cheaper than in many other European countries. The price includes consultation, medical tests, anaesthesia, stay in the clinic, and any necessary medication.

      Is there a fee for the initial consultation with the surgeon?

      No. The initial consultation is out of charge. It is an indispensable part of the whole treatment procedure and our patients do not have to bear any additional costs for the consultation.

      Is labiaplasty covered by my insurance?

      In general, labiaplasty is treated as a selective, non-obligatory aesthetic surgery such as tummy tuck or liposuction and is not covered by insurance unless it is proved that labiaplasty will eliminate serious health problems. Nonetheless, before deciding to have labial reduction, it is vital to check whether your insurance company covers such type of surgeries.

      What symptoms are typical among women who elect to have labiaplasty?

      The most common inconveniences caused by labia are discomfort while practicing sport, e.g. cycling, horse riding and pain or irritation during tampon placement and sexual activity. The pain may also occur while wearing fitted underwear and clothes. The majority of women decide for labiaplasty purely to improve the appearance of their labia and increase confidence and attractiveness.

      What are the surgical risks of labiaplasty?

      Labiaplasty is regarded as one of the safest plastic surgeries with less than 1% cases of post-surgical complications. The risks after the operation include bleeding, pain, infections and scarring. Very rarely there are also nerve injuries. The mentioned risks may be for the most part avoided if the surgery is performed by an experienced surgeon.

      What types of anesthesia are available?

      The majority of labiaplasty surgeries are performed under local anaesthesia with sedation. But if a woman feels really uncomfortable being conscious during the surgery, the doctor may agree for a general anaesthesia.

      What is recovery like after labiaplasty?

      The recovery time is significantly fast. In the afternoon of the surgery day, women can walk as usual. For 1 or 2 days after the surgery, it is advised to use ice packs or other frozen material decrease bruising. For the first days after the surgery women should wear loose underwear and clothes. On average it takes about 72 hours before women can go back to their everyday activities. If muscle relaxers or pain medications are not prescribed by the doctor, women can drive a day after the surgery. After 2-3 days it is possible to go back to work and start practicing sport with low intensity. The full recovery lasts 6 weeks. During this time women cannot use tampons or have intercourse and should avoid exhausting physical activity, such as cycling, swimming, horse riding. 6 weeks after the surgery there is a post-surgery visit at the doctor’s. By this time stitches will have dissolved.

      How soon after surgery can I return to work?

      It is possible to go back to work 2-3 days after the surgery unless the surgeon forbids it.

      What kind of pain can I expect after labiaplasty?

      After the surgery, there will be a minimal pain thanks to the local anaesthesia injected during the surgery. However, a slight pain may be felt up to 24 hours after the labiaplasty surgery. Cold compresses and painkillers effectively decrease the feeling of swelling and pain.

      How soon may I have sex after surgery?

      Sex and masturbation are to be avoided for the whole recovery time, that is for 6 weeks after the surgery.

      Will I have a scar after labiaplasty?

      The incisions made during the surgery are very small, hence scars are almost invisible and indistinguishable. Labia after the surgery look as natural as before the surgery.

      Will labiaplasty affect my sexual satisfaction?

      Many women after labial reduction surgery admit that their sexual satisfaction has significantly improved, which is by and large psychologically conditioned. During the surgery, doctor precisely separates labia from other organs, e.g. clitoris, so that the sensation after the surgery remains unchanged.

      How long will it take for me to see my final results?

      After 6 weeks stitches will dissolve as well as swelling and bruising will disappear. The final results of the labiaplasty are visible about 4-6 months after the surgery.

      Can labiaplasty be combined with other cosmetic surgical procedures?

      Yes. Labiaplasty may be combined both with other gynaecological surgery treatments, such as vaginoplasty, and with regular plastic surgeries, e.g. liposuction or breast enlargement.

      How long before should I come and when can I travel back home after my surgery?

      You should come 1 or 2 days before the surgery. At this time you will have a consultation with the doctor and all medical tests done. Usually, it takes one day to receive medical tests’ results, and it is essential for the surgeon to have them before your surgery. After the surgery, you do not have to stay in the clinic and may leave it the following evening. You should spend 2 more days at the hotel before going back home because if any infection happens or you would not feel well, you should contact your surgeon and have one more visit to the clinic.

      Is it possible to lighten the dark skin on my labia and in the vaginal area?

      Dark skin is caused by hormonal and genetic predispositions or changes, but it can be lightened surgically, with a specially prescribed cream, or chemical peels in doctor’s office.

      Labiaplasty Poland reviews:

      a woman sitting on the grass

      It was easy – labiaplasty Poland

      Labiaplasty surgery in Poland was so much easier than I expected! Dr. Piotr in Wroclaw and all of his staff in the clinic were so nice and made me feel very comfortable and safe. I'm looking for the final results and let you know

      Jennifer from Birmingham

      a woman's face

      Vaginoplasty Poland – I couldn’t be more excited about it

      Firstly, it was scary for me! I've decided to a highly personal and sensitive surgery done abroad in the clinic I've never seen before. Now I know that this fear was unnecessary. My whole experience  (travel, stay, clinic and surgery) was super and above my expectations. I would recommend Dr. Christopher and his staff to anyone looking for plastic surgery, specifically vaginoplasty. This great adventure in Poland changed my and my husband life and I couldn't be more excited about it.

      Julia, Aberdeen

      a woman with a flower in her hair

      Happy with the results of labiaplasty done in Poland

      I am so happy with the results of my labiaplasty surgery in Poland, they are wondefrul both the way it feels and looks. I've decided to have this surgery because I lost sensation in this area. It was over a year, and today feel that my problem was resolved definitely. The excess skin that has been removed no longer disturb during my sex so the surgery increases the pleasure. As for clinic and surgeon I felt comfortable and safe, they gave me detailed instructions on pre and post surgery expectations. I would like to send a big thank Dr. Piotr for my great results. I'm sure that any future surgery I would definitely do in Wroclaw clinic.

      Monica H.

      Plastic Surgery Poland and Cosmetic Surgery Abroad - Beauty Poland

      Get the insurance for labiaplasty abroad:

      Klaudia Grabowska

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