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    Dilated capillaries – Skin Care Procedures in Poland

    Updated November 24, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Dilated capillaries – what is this?

    Dilated capillaries occur in case of many people. Such skin is difficult to be cleaned just like sensitive skin. It usually shows itself in redness which appears beacuse of stress, emotions, changes in temperature (cold, heat, wind), drinking hot drinks, alcohol and strong coffee. This can not be underestimated because it may lead to more serious skin diseases, which may result in a very poor condition and appearance of the skin. Beauty Poland offers you different plastic surgery procedures to improve the way you look.

    Capillaries – why do they occur

    Capillaries may occur becasue of the following reasons:
    – hormonal disorders
    – circulatory disorders
    – genetic tendencies
    – steroid medications
    – diseases of the digestive tract
    – hypertension
    – too hot baths
    – eating spicy food, spices
    – hormonal contraceptives
    – intense sun, saunas, warming treatments for the face and legs, warm wax
    – intense exercise
    – also on the feet due to wearing high-heeled shoes (it should be limited)

    Dilated capillaries – how to remove them

    The problem can be removed or reduced visibly by means of appropriate treatments at plastic surgery clinics Poland. One of the most effective methods is microdermabrasion and the laser therapy. Microdermabrasion prepares the skin for laser surgery to remove blood vessels. It involves the removal of the stratum corneum.
    Then, the laser light removes blood vessels during a series of treatments (2-3 treatments at intervals of 5-6 weeks). In case of little visible blood vessels, even just one treatment is enough.

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