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      Tummy Tuck Poland

      Updated March 11, 2022

      Nowadays, there are plenty of plastic surgeries available to change your appearance. If you have lost a lot of weight and you cannot get rid of excess skin, tummy tuck surgery is for you! See the article below to learn more about abdominoplasty abroad and contact our patient advisers to get more detailed information.

      Tummy tuck definition:

      Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a plastic surgery, the aim of which is tightening loose skin and muscles on your abdomen. If you feel that your skin in not tight enough or you feel that your muscles are not what they used to be – tummy tuck surgery in Poland is for you.

      Benefits of tummy tuck surgery:

      As with every plastic surgery, you may expect some changes in your body. After lipotuck surgery, your abdomen will be flat and tight. You will lose excess skin and fat. Another great benefit of abdominoplasty is getting rid of stretch marks!

      Tummy tuck candidates

      In general, the guidelines for tummy tuck candidates are very similar to the guidelines for other plastic surgeries. Your excess weight cannot be higher that 25 pounds. You should not suffer from chronic, long diseases and your general health must be in a good condition. What is more, your weight needs to be stable for minimum one year prior to your tummy tuck surgery.

      Tummy tuck prices

      Abdominoplasty price depends on the amount of work that needs to be done. Usually, the price starts at 3200 GBP. It needs to be added that the cost of tummy tuck performed in Poland is amazingly cheaper than in such countries as the UK or Germany. In Poland you will have the surgery performed at the high standard and best possible price.


      Tummy tuck procedure:

      Tummy tuck surgery is always performed using general anesthesia. The surgery makes horizontal incision between bellybutton and pubic hairline. Size of the incision depends on the amount of skin and fat that needs to be removed. After the incision is made the surgeon lifts the skin and takes care of the loosened muscles and undesired fat. After taking care of excess skin, fat, and muscles, the surgeon tightens the remaining skin and pulls it down to close the incision site. New opening is created for the bellybutton. The surgeon uses sutures, tapes or clips to close the incision.

      Before the tummy tuck surgery:

      Before the tummy tuck surgery you cannot take any aspirin or aspirin-containing medicines or supplements. Regarding alcohol, you should refrain from drinking 72 hours before and after  the surgery. Smoking is forbidden before and after the tummy tuck. The best is quitting smoking at least 2 weeks before and after it.

      Required medical tests:

      Usually the surgeon requires you to perform all the standard medical tests:

      • blood group
      • SR (sedimentation rate)
      • blood morphology
      • urine analysis
      • coagulogram (APTT, INR)
      • Ekg (only for patients older than 55 y.o.)
      • serum glucose
      • electrolytes levels
      • HIV
      • HCV
      • HBs

      All of those tests can be performed in our clinic. However, if you wish to do them in your home country, please keep in mind that the results cannot be older than one month.

      Length of tummy tuck procedure:

      Abdominoplasty can be a really extensive procedure. Depending on how much work needs to be done, the surgery can last between 2 – 5 hours. In order to achive better results tummy tuck can be combined with liposuction in Poland. You will be sleeping during the whole procedure, so you will not feel a thing.

      Type of anesthesia:

      Tummy tuck surgery is always performed using general anesthesia. After the surgery you will be transported to a different room in the clinic to rest. You will leave the clinic next day after the check up from the surgeon. You will feel no pain or discomfort during the surgery. However, for a few days after the surgery, you could feel sore, so the doctor will prescribe you some painkillers.

      Stay in the clinic:

      In case of surgeries performed under general, you will stay in the clinic for one night after the surgery. Next day, you will have a check up from the surgeon. After the check up you can leave the clinic to rest in your hotel. If needed, our surgeon is at your disposal in emergency situations.

      Minimal stay for tummy tuck in Poland:

      Our surgeons advise that your stay in Poland lasts at least six days. On the first day, you perform all necessary medical tests, and second day is reserved for your personal consultation with your surgeon and surgery. From 3rd until the 6th day you will rest in a hotel to gain strength for fly back home.

      Back to work:

      Abdominoplasty is an extensive plastic surgery, so it is worth remembering that healing time depends on how much work was done. If your job does not require physical activity (for example desk job) then you can go back to work after at least 10 days of resting.  It is important to talk with your surgeon about this and follow his recommendations. Each case is unique so please consult with the doctor.

      Tummy tuck results:

      Abdominoplasty results may not be visible right after the surgery due to swelling. After healing time you will notice that your stomach is flatter and muscles feel firmer than before the surgery. Another great result is your new body shape. The contour of your tummy will be more proportional to the rest of your body.

      After the tummy tuck surgery:

      After abdominoplasty, you will experience swelling of the treated area. Most of the swelling is gone after 6 months, but the best results are visible year after the surgery when your body is all healed. In case of the extensive procedure, the surgeon may install drains in your incision site, then will collect blood and fluids after the surgery. Usually, they can be taken out days after the surgery. Another important factor to consider is your posture. Few weeks after the surgery it is not advised to stand straight due to muscles tightening and incision site. It is important to take good care of your scar. After closing your wound, you should use lotions and ointments two times a day for at least few months.

      Tummy tuck risks and complications:

      When it comes to surgeries performed using general anesthesia, you always have to be aware of risks and complications that may occur. In case of tummy tuck surgery, ask your surgeon about:

      • Excessive bleeding
      • Infections
      • Seroma
      • Changes in skin sensation
      • Scarring
      • Cardiac and pulmonary complications
      • Persistent pain

      During your consultation, your surgeon will refer to all the risks and complications and explain them. However, do not worry too much about it. Our specialists have a lot of experience in their field and always to their job properly.

      Tummy tuck abroad

      If you are eager to have the surgery performed, you may be interested in doing it abroad. Poland has become one of the most popular destinations for plastic surgery. Our specialists are highly qualified and are working on the best equipment available. Contact our patient advisers to get a quotation for your tummy tuck in Poland.

      Reasons to choose Poland for abdominoplasty

      Slim bodyAlmost 63% women in the UK indicate the abdomen area as a body part, which is the largest complex for them. And the most desperate are the women (but also men) who have not only the belly excess fat, but also folds of sagging skin. That problem arises the most frequently after pregnancy or after a rapid weight loss (very common as a result of the operation of the gastric banding). Unfortunately, exercise or firming creams are not effective with this problem.

      Luckily, modern medicine makes it possible to restore body shape which people lost for the various reasons by performing the plastic surgery known as a tummy tuck. Moreover, this treatment does not require a large budget. There are many opportunities thanks to that almost everyone could afford the luxury of a perfect body. Very recommended way to get affordable and quality tummy tuck surgery is travel to plastic surgery clinics abroad. One of the most popular destinations is Poland. Below you can see the reasons for coming for your tummy tuck procedure to Poland.

      Tummy tuck Poland – the best way to eliminate excess fat and skin

      The other name of tummy tuck procedure is abdominoplasty. This plastic surgery eliminates deposits of fat and removes excess of loose skin at the middle and lower abdomen area. Tummy tuck procedure makes the abdominal muscles firmer and tighter. It is an excellent procedure to get healthy and fit silhouette. An important result of the abdominoplasty in Poland is not only the perfect body look, but also the patient better mood and improving his self-esteem. It is amazing that a simple and very safe treatment can improve the quality of our whole life.

      Abdominoplasty surgery lasts several hours (from 1 to 5 hours). It depends on the type of tummy tuck procedure which will be carefully planned by your surgeon. Also the location and size of the incision will be fitted to minimize the visibility of scars.

      The tummy tuck surgery in Poland has several stages:

      1. Incision the abdomen

      There are different types of cutting depending on the type of tummy tuck. The surgeons use:

      • single incision below the navel for mini tummy tuck
      • incision along the waistline for skin removal from the whole hips area
      • incision along tummy, between the hips bones

      You can be sure that resulting scars will be almost invisible and easily hidden under your lingerie or bikini.

      2. Belly-button reconstruction

      In most cases abdominoplasty surgery needs to change your naval position in order to make the tummy final look more natural.

      3. Tightening the abdominal muscles

      During the operation, the doctor is able to improve the condition of your abdominal muscles and make them tighter. Muscles are pulled to each other, modeled and stitched. It gives them more attractive appearance and also can result slimmer waist!

      4. Excess skin and stretch marks removal

      Next step of abdominal procedure abroad is the removal of sagging and stretching skin by trimming. Also stretch marks located under the belly button are removed with the excess of skin. The rest of them can be reduced by stretching the skin, so your tummy will get back more aesthetic look. Our patients admit that for them,  it is the most significant part of the procedure.

      5. Closing

      Tummy tuck surgery ends with closing the incisions which are sutured by surgical stitches. To speed up the healing time and avoid complication, there is a drain inserted at the incision site. The drain is taken out before the stitches. There can be 2 types of stitches: regular stitches (can be removed 7 days after surgery) and absorbable sutures (will be absorbed by your body after about 3 months

      Tummy Tuck effectTummy Tuck surgeryTummy Tuck in PolandAfter Tummy Tuck

      Important information regarding Tummy tuck in Poland

      Price:3800 GBP
      Length of procedure: 1 - 5 hours
      Required medical tests:blood group, blood morphology, SR (sedimentation rate), coagulogram (APTT, INR), serum glucose, electrolytes levels, urine analysis, Ekg (only for patients older than 55 y.o.), HBs, HCV
      Stay in the clinic: 1 night after the surgery
      Time of stay in Poland5-6
      Contraindications:internal organs diseases, blood clotting problem, diabetes, severe obesity, pregnancy or planning in the near future

      Surgeons will choose for you the proper and safe type of tummy tuck in Poland

      There are four types of tummy tuck available abroad and be sure that our surgeon will help you to choose the best one for your safety and needs.

      – Traditional tummy tuck  

      The most known and popular  type of abdominoplasty abroad, characterized by hip-to-hip incision and belly button cutting.

      – Mini tummy tuck

      Also called partial-tummy tuck or mini-abdominoplasty. This procedure is done only below the belly button (which is not operated)  Mini tummy tuck surgery in Poland is most frequently done on women after pregnancy to remove stretch marks, C-section scar or post-baby belly.

      – Endoscopic tummy tuck surgery

      This technique is dedicated to people with weak abdominal muscles and for patients with almost unnoticeable loose skin or amount of fat. There is very small camera uses during the surgery. The big advantage of endoscopic abdominoplasty is almost invisible scars.

      – Extended tummy tuck

      During this procedure a long incision is required because fat and skin are removed from the abdominal, lower flank and back areas at the same time (there are larger areas operated than traditional abdominoplasty)

      – Circumferential tummy tuck

      It is the most complex type of body lift because it is possible to remove undesirable skin not only from the abdomen but also hips, buttock and thigh. Circumferential abdominoplasty is recommended option for patients after gastric bypass procedure. Rapid weight loss also causes loss of elasticity of the skin and the excess is visible as sagging folds.

      Keep in mind that there is no better and worse methods for performing this operation. Each of them is safe and effective if it is adapted to your needs and health condition. That is why it is very important to listen to the recommendations of the surgeon and give him all the necessary medical information. Do not forget to tell the surgeon about your expectations after tummy tuck surgery.

      Tummy tuck Poland procedure can be done at one time with many other plastic surgeries.

      The tummy tuck is safe procedure which can be combined with several cosmetic treatments.  Thanks to that you are able to achieve the desired results in a shorter time. Check the list of procedures which can be done during abdominoplasty abroad.

      Liposuction, the treatment that removes excess fat located under the skin by suction. Lipo surgery can be performed on your tummy, hips, back, arms or buttock areas.

      Breast surgery – it is possible to connect the breast enlargement, breast lift or breast reduction with tummy tuck surgery. What is more during this time the surgeon may resolve mens problem with breast by gynecomastia surgery. Remember – it depends on your health condition and doctor’s recommendation.

      Thigh, butt and arms lift. These areas of body also can be operated  at the same time as your tummy. Surgeon improves muscle tension and gets rid of loose skin. There are several methods of body lift, the surgeon will decide with method is best for your case.

      Mommy makeovers procedure it is type of full body contouring, dedicated for women after pregnancy and breast feeding time. In most cases this treatment involves abdominal and breast areas.

      Panniculectomy is a procedure which can be a part of traditional tummy tuck. It is the elimination of skin hanging under the tummy, called as pannicula. Panniculectomy surgery is not performed on abdominal muscles and belly button

      Important. If your doctor finds some contraindications to perform several operations at the same time, you should follow the recommendation and wait several months

      Tummy tuck Poland before and after photos

      Abdominoplasty in Poland is a safe procedure available both women and men

      If you consider tummy tuck surgery you should check if you are a good candidate for this surgery. It is important for your health and safety. You can have abdominal procedure:

      1. if you are in a good health, there is no severe medical problem with your heart, lung, blood clotting, diabets, blood pressure
      2. if you have excess fat and loose skin at the abdomen area
      3. your expectations are realistic and healthy
      4. you are not pregnant
      5. you are aware that you should change your lifestyle to a healthier (stable diet, exercies)

      I am 30 years old and I am mother of two boys, they have 5 and 2 years old. After second child my skin lost elasticity because I lost weight very rapid. I had an awful, sagging skin fold under belly button. Now, I’m after traditional tummy tuck and liposuction done aborad, in Poland. Yes, it really works. What is more the cost of my whole surgery it is only 3600 GBP for tummy and lipo! It is impossible to find such price in London!

      Julia D., London

      Affordable tummy tuck abroad – cost for abdominoplasty in Poland is much lower than in UK or Germany.

      One of the biggest benefits of tummy tuck surgery in Poland, right after excellent surgeons and medical clinics, are lower prices for plastic surgeries. This argument should convince you if you still hesitate whether to choose your abdominoplasty procedure abroad. Cost of your tummy tuck could be even 65% lower than in the UK! For you, we have compared the prices below. Choosing your surgery in Poland you not only get safe and professional treatment, but also can save you money.  Beauty Poland offers also benefit packages which include affordable tummy tuck, transfer, comfortable stay in hotel. Thanks to our offer everyone can afford to improve their body shape and quality of life.

      Remember that the final cost of your plastic surgery depends on the type of tummy tuck which will be estimated by surgeon.

      Tummy tuck abroad prices – comparison

      Tummy Tuck Poland – FAQ

      What is tummy tuck?

      Tummy tuck, called also abdominoplasty is a plastic surgery which removes the excess skin and fat, and tightens the muscles, as a result of which your stomach is flattened. It is often performed after pregnancy, losing much weight or due to ageing process. The surgery allows for removing 30%-50% skin from the stomach area.

      Am I a good candidate for tummy tuck in Poland?

      If your weight has already stabilized, you are in good health condition and have problems with too much skin in your abdominal area, you are considered a good candidate for tummy tuck in Poland. After having a baby it is recommended to wait several months before having tummy tuck performed. Also, if you plan to get pregnant, it is better not to have this surgery.

      Will I have scars after abdominoplasty abroad?

      Tummy tuck is a regular surgery, where a surgeon makes incisions on your skin. This cut forms scar. Nonetheless, over time the scar becomes less and less visible. In addition, the surgeon always makes sure, that incisions are made in area, which may be easily covered by most clothing and underwear.

      What is the risk of having tummy tuck abroad?

      As with every surgery, tummy tuck involves some degree of risk. The problems which may occur include blood clotting, bleeding under skin flap, infections, prominent scars, or slow healing. Tummy tuck in Poland is performed by very experienced surgeons in high-standard clinics, which effectively reduces the possible complications.

      Is tummy tuck surgery abroad hurtful?

      Tummy tuck procedure may be uncomfortable. The degree of uncomfort depends on the individual sensitivity. The pain, however, is neutralised by painkillers prescribed by the doctor.

      When may I return to work after tummy tuck surgery in Poland?

      If you decide to have a cheap tummy tuck abroad, you would need to stay 4 days in Poland after the surgery. After you go back to your home country you may need 2-3 more days of rest and you can go back to work. If your job involves regular physical activity, it is recommended to postpone going back to work for 2-6 weeks depending on how you feel. Of course, the recovery time lengthens if you have combined two or more plastic surgeries abroad, e.g. tummy tuck and stomach liposuction.

      Is tummy tuck in Poland covered by my insurance?

      In general, tummy tuck procedure abroad is not covered by any insurance. But, there are situations where your insurance may cover a part of the cost, e.g. hernia or anterior muscles spreading. If you are not sure whether insurance may cover your tummy tuck abroad, consult your insurance company.

      Are results permanent?

      Yes, in many cases the results of tummy tuck surgery are permanent. The effects last for a lifetime if you follow the doctor’s instructions after the surgery. The two situations which may have a negative influence on the effects of tummy tuck are pregnancy or weight gain.

      Will Tummy tuck in Poland remove my stretch marks?

      Yes, tummy tuck sometimes effectively gets rid of stretch marks, especially when they are in the lower areas of the abdomen. Regarding upper areas of the abdomen, stretch marks may be relocated to the lower parts and become much flatter and smoother.

      What is mini tummy tuck?

      Mini tummy tuck is performed when the patient has problems with excess skin only below the belly button. It does not include abdominal wall tightening. Mini tummy tuck in Poland is performed under local anaesthesia with sedation, also the incisions are smaller than in regular tummy tuck procedure.

      Will I lose weight thanks to tummy tuck?

      Tummy tuck is not a good solution for those who want to lose weight. Tummy tuck is a perfect solution for those who have already lost weight. It should be remembered that tummy tuck predominantly removes the excess skin, not fat.

      What is the next step after I decided to have tummy tuck?

      If you have made a decision or feel that tummy tuck is what you need, contact . We will provide you with all necessary information. We will organise your stay in Poland and offer you the most affordable prices for tummy tuck in Poland.

      Tummy tuck Poland reviews

      Tummy tuck and small liposuction in Wroclaw

      My friend had her lipo and tummy tuck surgery in Poland. I was so, so impressed by results. So I did my research. I read so many different websites, reviews, youtube videos but still was not sure about having surgery. I was lucky that Nina decided to have another surgery in Coramed, so we planned to have trip together and surgeries day by day. I had tummy tuck with small tummy liposuction, I was so shocked when I check results. No excess of skin, totally new shape of my belly. After pregnancy I was ashamed of my belly, right now I think it is sexy! I am thankful to great clinic stuff they made me full so comfortable. Can strongly recommend that clinic and Poland.

      Ann C., Southampton, UK

      Tumy tuck in Poland after a huge weight loss

      I've lost 55lb within a year. I thought all my problems were gone. I had minimum amount of fat, well-shaped muscles, but what troubled me was huge amount of skin in my tummy area. I didn't know how to get rid of it. Then, my friend advised me to have tummy tuck. I started searching for a good clinic in my city, but looking at prices I could do tummy tuck at least in 15 years. Once, I found the website offering tummy tuck in Poland. I calculated flights, price for surgery, stay, and still it was twice as cheap as in England. Unbelievable! I went to Wroclaw for the surgery. By the way - great city, very beautiful! Now it's 5 months after the surgery, I still wait for the final effect, but for the time being I'm very, very satisfird! No excess skin, muscles are visible, and body finally is proportional! Can't wait for the summer:)

      Sarah, Wolverhampton, UK

      Mother of three children

      I was blessed by having amazing girls - twins, during my first pregnancy and beautiful baby boy 2 years ago. I never complained outloud about the way that my stomach looked after my babies, but one day I looked in the mirror and thought "get it together Martha, you need to feel beautiful again"... And at this moment and decided to do something about my belly. I had a lot of excess skin, very saggy stomach, lots of strech marks. I contacted Coramed clinic and had an email consultation with the surgeon. Based on my photos he suggested doing tummy tuck surgery and provided me with reasonable price. A month after I contacted the clinic, I flew down to Wroclaw and had personal consultation with dr Ryszard. He was vey clear about the effects that can be achieved after the surgery and next day I had the procedure. Now, year after the surgery, I can honestly say - thank you dr Ryszard. I have a barely visible scar and I no longer have excess skin on my belly! I am so happy, bikini here I come!

      Martha, Newcastle, UK

      In love with my new tummy

      I am 28, with 4 kids. I had my TT on January 2017, and I am currently 3 weeks after procedure. I wanted tt for such a long time, since I had my first child. From that time I did not accept my tummy. I was incredibly self conscious of my abdomen, to the point I didn't even want to take my kids swimming. My body was quite slim, except tummy.. no matter how hard I exercised, no diets, no pills, nothing helped me. With dr Nawrocki I did it. I felt in love with my new tummy. I had no complications, I found surgery and postoperative time less painful than hernia surgery which I had years ago. Can not be more happy, think I am a new person. Hope my review will encourage everyone to make a decision. I bet you will not regret, as I do not!

      Audrey, Worcester, UK

      a woman with dark hair

      I will spend my next holidays on the beach!

      Liposuction treatment in Poland solved my problem that I had lived since 10 years. I had the accumulation of fat tissue around the belly button, which occurred after two pregnancies. None exercise could help! My stomach became my obsession. For many years I avoided the beach, the pool and my husband had a ban on touching my belly! It was frustrating! FInally,  I've decided on liposuction surgery abroad because of the lower cost for lipo. I came to Wroclaw in July and in a few days I got rid of my horrible complex! I got BodyJet lipo, it was my surgeon's recommendation. The price for liposuction in Poland is much lower than in UK, I've paid around 1,600 GBP.  But the most important thing Is that my flat tummy is back and I will spend my next holidays on the beach!

      Gabi S.

      a woman in the forest

      I am very thankful!

      Dr. Piotr and all his staff in the clinic in Warsaw were amazing. I felt safe and comfortable from my first visit to the last. They made me sure that I was making the best decision in my life. My result are incredibly,  I got rid of my sagging skin and now I feel amazing. All travel and treatment was a great experience for me and I am very  thankful.

      Maya O., London

      Tummy tuck Poland

      Everything was safe and perfect, especially the effect of my TT.

      All staff in th clinic was so nice and professional. the helped me with my surgery and stay in Poland. I had a tummy tuck procedures done and hips lipo at the same time and I was a little nerwous, but my surgeon was really awesome with explaining everything and answered all questions (also these awkward or uncomfortable:) The idea of surgery in Poland was recommended by my friends and I'm very thankful!

      Jane W.

      Tummy tuck in Poland

      Get the insurance for tummy tuck abroad: