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      Weight Loss Surgery Poland

      Updated March 11, 2022

      Weight loss surgery helps people with extreme obesity lose weight. Surgery can be performed if you have a BMI (body mass index) of 40 or more, which for men means to be about 100 pounds overweight, and for women about 80 pounds. If you have lower BMI (body mass index) but have a serious health problem related to obesity the surgery can also be performed. If you want to have a weight loss surgery, we suggest you consider Poland as a destination as there you will meet professional, English speaking staff who will provide you with high-quality surgery at an affordable price. Learn why is it worth to have weight surgery done in Poland by reading our article.

      Weight loss surgery definition

      Weight loss or bariatric surgery is the surgery that is done in order to help the patient to lose weight by reducing the size of the stomach. The stomach can be reduced by removing a portion of the stomach or by resecting and rearranging the intestine. There are several types of weight loss surgery.

      Benefits of weight loss surgery

      • Lost weight
      • Improved cardiovascular health
      • Remission of type 2 diabetes
      • Blood pressure and cholesterol levels return to normal
      • Improved self-esteem
      • Long-lasting results

      Get the insurance for weight loss abroad:

      Weight loss surgery candidates

      You can consider weight loss surgery if your BMI (body mass index) is 40 and more, or if you have a serious health problem related to obesity, such as type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease,  hypertension, and obstructive sleep apnea. If you consider weight loss surgery you should be ready that the doctor will ask you to prove that previously you tried to lose weight non-surgical.

      Weight loss surgery prices:

      The price depends on what type of surgery you need, where the clinic is situated, the professionalism of the doctor, etc. The cheapest type of weight loss surgery is a Gastric Balloon. In some cases, weight loss surgery may be covered by the insurance, but the approval process may take up to 12 months. If the surgery is not covered by insurance it is much cheaper to have it done in countries like Poland than in the UK or Germany.

      Before weight loss surgery

      Before weight loss surgery, or any other weight loss surgery, it is good to take some aspects into consideration. Below you may see some valuable advice, which for sure will make your surgery and recovery time quicker and easier. For those, who have not got surgery planned this article might help understand how to prepare for surgery, it will be good basis information with some clear tips.

      Change your diet before weight loss surgery

      Any patient who has booked the all-inclusive package is given a diet plan which should be followed before surgery. Diet plan requires light meals, smoothies. The day before surgery each patient must not eat anything after 8 pm and no liquids after midnight should be taken. The patient should not drink or eat on surgery day, weight loss surgery is performed under general anesthesia, it is better to perform surgery on the empty stomach as recovery would be easiest, there would be no vomiting symptoms.

      Weight loss surgery patient should avoid:

      • junk food
      • alcohol
      • coffee
      • energy drinks
      • fried meals.

      Stop smoking

      The ideal time to quit or is a month before surgery, as it will give your body a chance to recover and smoking. The doctor suggest stopping smoking to reduce risks and complications, like lung infections or lung collapse. What is more, patients who stopped smoking benefit from quicker healing time, and faster recovery time. There are some patients who can not imagine quitting smoking, for those we advise to reduce the daily quantity of cigarettes 30 days before the planned surgery date, or at least two weeks before weight loss surgery.

      Prepare mentally

      It is good to have clear and realistic expectations. There are many stories, testimonials in the Interner, where you may check how you will look your recovery time. The surgery will not make you thin, slim and happy immediately. Each patient should be prepared that surgery helps to reduce weight, you can expect to take at least six months to lose half of your excess weight. Try to eat smaller meals before surgery. It is a problem for food-addicted people, you should prepare your mind for changes. Remember that you are not alone, in case of depression, try to find the specialist, support group to help yourself achieve your goals.

      Join a support group

      Each patient should be prepared that his/ her life will change after weight loss surgery. New life will require different diet habits, sports activities, new eating rules. For some the beginning might be difficult, it is suggested to join the support group. The patient may attend daily group meetings or join some online groups. There are plenty of online support groups, our clinic has own one where the patient may share their stories, ask questions, make new friends.

      Ideally, the patient should be aware of all the pros and cons of surgery, and its risks. Emotional support from friends, the family is necessary, as well.

      Stay positive

      There is no better patient than the educated patient, who knows surgery details, who is prepared for recovery. We advise patients to research as much as it is possible any details, facts, stories regarding weight loss surgery. Such a patient is more positive, relaxes, less stressed and nervous. Each patient should stay positive, motivated. You can try to use the calendar to write down, and keep the record of your weight loss. Share with others your positive energy, any small achievement, be proud of yourself, think that you are on the right track!

      Weight loss procedure

      Before the weight loss surgery: You will have a consultation during which all the medical tests will be done. You must inform your doctor if you have any specific health conditions. You need to prepare yourself mentally and physically. Start to eat slow and watch the portion sizes. It is important to make yourself not to drink anything with meals. At least two weeks before the surgery stop drinking alcohol and smoking. Ask or hire someone who can take care of you and your kids (if you have one) after the surgery.

      Length of weight loss surgery: Depends on the type of surgery 1-2 hours

      Type of anesthesia: general anesthesia

      Stay in the clinic: Depends on the type of the surgery, after gastric balloon procedure in Poland you can leave the clinic the same day. While after gastric bypass and duodenal switch you should stay in the clinic for at least 2 days

      Minimal stay for weight loss surgery in Poland: at least 1 week

      Back to work: depends on the type of surgery.

      Weight loss surgery results

      The results of the weight loss surgery and the amount of weight you lose depending on the type of surgery and your change in lifestyle habits. Most people lose 50-70% of excess weight. After gastric balloon procedure most patients lose 15-20% of Total Body Weight Loss (TBWL) which means that if your weight is 100kg you will lose about 15-20 kg. You should understand that if you want your results to last you should eat healthily and exercise.

      After the weight loss surgery

      The most important thing you should do after the weight loss surgery is to follow the diet. The first 2 weeks after the surgery all of your food should be blended, you should also drink a lot, but do not drink any carbonated beverages and nothing with caffeine. The diet and the recovery depend on what type of surgery you had. The diet and exercise plan will be discussed with your doctor.


      Weight loss surgery risks and complications

      • Infection
      • Adverse reactions to anesthesia
      • Blood clots Lung or breathing problems
      • Leaks in your gastrointestinal system
      • Death (rare)

      You should understand that any surgery involves some risks. The main thing you need to do in order to protect yourself from possible risks and complications is to find a professional and experienced doctor.

      Weight loss surgery will improve your cardiovascular health

      Obesity is a common issue which affects people of all ages and incomes, everywhere. According to The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), one-third of people are overweight or obese. In last year’s high-income countries like the UK, the US, and Australia have a large gain in obesity among men and women. Overweight people are more likely to have high blood pressure and high cholesterol which leads to increased risk of heart diseases and stroke. For people who have extra weight due to health problems like diabetes or due to hormones, it is very hard to lose weight through diet and exercise. Bariatric surgery can help you to lose weight and to improve your cardiovascular health. After the weight loss surgery, your blood pressure and cholesterol can return to normal levels.

      Weight loss surgery might cure diabetes

      Type 2 diabetes is a disease afflicting mainly obese and overweight people. There is no better cure for this disease than losing weight. It has been proved that after weight loss surgery, the blood sugar level gets back to normal. Over 60% of patients performing bariatric surgery have completely got rid of type 2 diabetes within a few years after the surgery. A weight loss surgery has a direct influence on the hormones and insulin management by the cells, as a result of which the blood sugar level is lowering gradually.

      The success rate of weight loss surgery ~ 85%

      A success rate of weight loss surgery depends on 2 factors: a patient and a surgeon. cooperates with the clinic that is one of the leaders in treating obesity. We make sure that the surgeons have a many-year experience and have performed dozens of weight loss surgeries of various types. Our surgeons are familiarized with the most advanced methods of performing surgeries, they constantly work on improving their knowledge, skills, and expertise. The surgery is only the first step towards overcoming obesity. After the surgery, patients consult a dietician, psychologist, and the GP and get a strict diet plan as well as all instructions for the recovery period and further life. The doctor is in touch with a patient and offers help at any time. Almost 90% of our patients coming for their cheap bariatric surgery to Poland overcome obesity once and for all. Together, we will fight your obesity disease in a fast and effective way!

      Recovery from weight loss surgery is fast

      The recovery after your weight loss surgery is amazingly fast. You will spend a few days in a hospital firstly so that your surgeon makes sure there are no complications or infections. Before you return home, you will be provided with a diet and exercise plan and given the instructions for the weight loss recovery period. Following all the instructions will result in extremely fast recovery and going back to normal life. Usually, patients return to work about 1-2 weeks after the surgery, but if the work involves a regular physical activity, it would be better to wait even 3 weeks before going back to work. As long as you stick to all suggestions, advice as well as diet and exercising plan, your recovery will go smoothly and fast.

      Weight loss surgery can be covered by insurance

      There is a possibility to perform your weight loss surgery in Poland within your insurance policy. If your weight poses serious health problems, there is a high possibility that your bariatric surgery can be covered by insurance. Before coming to Poland for the surgery, you need to discuss the conditions of your insurance and make sure whether it covers bariatric surgeries and what conditions need to be fulfilled to have it refundable. In Poland, we very often deal with refundable weight loss surgeries and we are eager to help you in that field.

      Approximately 200,000 US adults have bariatric surgery each year.

      The vast majority of an American society struggle with obesity that is an implicit, or even direct, a cause of an untimely death. Every year, hundreds of thousands of Americans decide to have a weight loss surgery because it is the only way of avoiding an early death. makes weight loss surgeries more accessible and affordable by offering bariatric surgeries abroad. In the recent years, many people from the whole world come to Poland for a cheap weight loss surgery, thanks to which they are able to save much money and can get a professional surgery performed by an experienced and highly qualified specialist.

      How to exercise after gastric surgery?

      Effective bariatric surgery is not the only key to success. Patients after surgery to reach dreamt weight, size and shape should follow some rules. First, patients are asked to keep suggested the bariatric diet plan. Another factor to reach perfect effects that exercise. The patient must follow a consistent and progressive exercise routine. Exercising is essential, as it supports weight loss, keeps you active and leads the patient to mental and physical health. Patients who stay active benefit from:

      • Reduced-fat quantity
      • Stronger muscles and lung
      • Low blood pressure
      • Reduced triglycerides
      • Good cholesterol
      • Stable sugar level
      • Stable insulin level
      • More energy
      • Improved balance
      • Better appearance
      • Shaped body
      • Higher libido

      The main reason that patients after weight loss surgery must exercise is boosting the metabolism system to burn calories, which leads to weight loss.

      Light Exercise – 2-4 weeks after gastric surgery

      Before starting any exercise you should consult it with your surgeon. Light exercises you may begin 2 – 4 weeks after gastric surgery.

      You should start with low impact exercises such as:

      Sitting Exercises

      • Leg lifts – while sitting or lying down
      • Shoulder rolls – while sitting or while walking
      • Arm rotations – while sitting or while walking
      • Walking – start from 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening. You should walk more and more then finally reach 30 minutes.

      Try strengthening – you may attend a yoga class

      Remember about it before exercises:

      • Start slowly and work your way up
      • Wear sport shoes
      • Warm-up before exercising
      • Cool down after exercising
      • Keep your heart rate stable
      • Chest pain or tightness while exercising it is important to stop immediately and call a doctor.

      Cardio – 1-3 months after weight loss surgery

      It is time for harder exercises patients should try water aerobics/aqua aerobics. This is one of the most effective forms. What is more, aqua exercises have one of the lowest injury rates. that is also an excellent idea for people who do not like or can not swim. Do you know that simply standing in water, with no movement burns your calories?! Patients are also advised to go cycling, 30 minutes twice a week. Fresh air exercises are my favorite!

      Strength Training – 4 months after gastric surgery

      Strength training allows you to build muscle and burn lots of calories in a short time. The gym is the perfect place to build your muscles! You may try a personal trainer or some DVS with Mel B. The patient should build strength 2 – 3 times a week. Strength training should not last more than 1.5 hours/ 90 minutes.

      Weight loss surgery or liposuction which one is most reasonable?

      Liposuction removes stubborn fat

      Liposuction is most frequently chosen for cosmetic reasons to remove stubborn fat and shape some body areas. It is a perfect choice when diets and exercises are helpless. It worth to underline that liposuction surgery is a body reshaping procedure, which results in weight loss, but that is not a weight loss surgery. Just after liposuction procedure patient has promised slimmer body, but the surgeon will warn you that you can’t gain more than a couple of kilos as otherwise, you’ll be back where you started. While liposuction surgery surgeon makes small incisions and sucks excess of fat, commonly surgeon removes 3 – 5 liters of fat from one area. Many patients transfer own fat to breasts or buttocks.  Both Liposuction and gastric band surgery are performed under general anesthesia.

      Gastric banding treats obesity

      Gastric banding surgery may be performed for both medical and aesthetic results. It is quicker than liposuction surgery, as it lasts only 30 – 60 minutes. The doctor makes small incisions in the abdomen for a laparoscopic procedure to fasten a band around the upper stomach. This procedure is mainly recommended for obese patients. Just after surgery patients will not see any results. It is necessary to keep a healthy diet and do some exercises to improve surgery effects. The most important fact is that after gastric band surgery external and internal fat will be removed (your heart, kidney, the liver will benefit also).

      Weight loss surgery Poland – reviews

      Bariatric surgery gave me new life

      For me it was hard decision. As I knew that after surgery I need to start new life. I was aware that me weight caused many problems like asthma, heart problems, and knees pain. My family was a great support, mum helped me to find best surgeon and clinic. We decided to go to Poland to KCM clinic, and I could not make better decision. I spend 2 weeks in Poland, and then I had one month off. It was big financial and physical step. All in all, I am so thankful to my mum and surgeon! First three months were hard and I was so tired sometimes, but I can see changes in my body. It motivates me. I wish I had done it earler.

      Gary, Gloucester, UK

      I lost 105lb and I am proud! Thanks for help!

      Gosh, do not know where to start. I was extremely fat, couldn't look in the mirror. My features were all distorted from the the weight, I had no self confidence, and depression, I reached point that I wanted to commit suicide. I was in mess. My parents paid for surgery, I love the results and doctor! That was such a right decision! Clinic explained me everything, all reviews I checked about doctor and clinic are true. Doctor is genius and you will love his work. I was 225 Lbs and now I am 120, it took 2 years.

      Bart, Edynburg

      I feel fantastic after my weight loss in Poland

      I was obese and struggled with my weight for ages. I found you and you really can help people. You said I must lose much weight to be able to have liposuction and offered a gastric band to help me lose weight. I'm glad I made a decision to have it. The time after sugery required my huge constant effort, but I neve give up. Thanks to you and your support I simply don't need any liposuction, I lost all additional pounds in a year. I feel fantastic now. Thanks.

      Daria, Ipswich, UK

      Bariatric surgery in Poland saved my life

      I was ready to get a hold of my life again. I was like a hostage to my food addiction ... I went to therapy meetings, I found my mentor and she helped my understand that I don't need to eat my feelings... I needed help with loosing excess pounds and weight loss surgery was the right choice for me. I've done all the steps after the surgery and now I am lighter than ever 🙂 I am still a big woman, but I am no longer mortaly obese! Thank you KCM clinic and Drozdowski M.D. You guys really helped me and you saved my life!

      Amanda, Luton, UK

      Plastic Surgery Poland and Cosmetic Surgery Abroad - Beauty Poland

      All types of weight loss surgery are available in Poland

      Weight loss or bariatric surgery is the surgery that is used to treat people who are dangerously obese. The main thing you and your doctor should do is to choose the type which best fits your goals. There are several types of weight loss surgery.

      • Gastric Sleeve Poland – during the surgery the surgeon removes a portion of the stomach. As a result, hunger-causing hormones are secreted and you feel less hungry and feel full sooner after eating.

      • Gastric Bypass Polandafter the surgery your stomach size is shrunk and the intestines are rearranged which means that you feel full sooner after eating.

      • Biliopancreatic Diversion or Duodenal Switch – during the surgery, the surgeon will reduce the stomach with the help of gastric sleeve, after that he will rearrange the intestines in order to reduce the number of calories the body can absorb.

      • Lap-Band Surgery Polandthe surgeon inserts the band that wraps around and squeezes a narrow section in the upper-middle part of the stomach. The section that is created above the band becomes a small stomach that fills up quickly, as a result, you feel full sooner and eat less.

      • vBloc Therapy – vBloc is the device which is inserted into your stomach. The device periodically blocks the delivery of hunger signals to the brain. As a result, you feel hunger not that often and feel full sooner after smaller meals.
      • Gastric Balloon Polandthe surgeon will insert a balloon into your stomach which will leave less room for food. As a result, you eat less and feel full sooner. The balloon must be removed in 6 months, which makes this type a temporary solution intended to make you follow a medically-supervised diet and exercise program.

      Frequently asked questions about weight loss surgery (FAQ)

      Will my insurance cover weight loss surgery?

      It depends on your health insurance plan. Contact your health insurance company to find out if it covers bariatric surgery.

      Is it safe to have bariatric surgery?

      As any surgery weight loss surgery carries some of the risks. All of the possible risks and complications will be discussed with you before the surgery. If your doctor is a professional and you follow all his instructions weight loss surgery is safe.

      Who are candidates for bariatric surgery?

      The one who has a BMI (body mass index) of 40 or more, which for men means to be about 100 pounds overweight, and for women about 80 pounds.

      Can bariatric surgery cure sleep apnea?

      Yes. Bariatric surgery is an effective method of treatment short- and long-term sleep apnea. You can decrease the risk of developing sleep apnea by 26% if you lose only 10 % of your body weight.

      How much excess skin will I have after surgery?

      The amount of excess skin you may have depends on your age, skin elasticity, and your total weight loss and it will be discussed before your treatment. To those who have a lot of excess skin, the surgeon may suggest having a body lift plastic surgery.

      What is the average weight loss I can expect after bariatric surgery?

      Each patient achieves different weight loss results, it depends on the type of surgery and your change in lifestyle habits. In general, after weight loss surgery patients lose 50-70% of excess weight.

      How long after bariatric surgery will I have to be out of work?

      The time you need to stay off work depends on the type of surgery and the type of work you have. If your work is not physically active you can go back in 2 weeks. If your work involves physical labor you can go back in 3-6 weeks.

      Will I have to take vitamins and minerals after surgery?

      Yes, right after the surgery you must take a multivitamin, vitamin B-12, and calcium citrate daily.

      How long will I have to stay in the hospital after surgery?

      It depends on the type of weight surgery. After gastric balloon surgery, you can leave the clinic on the same day. While after gastric bypass and duodenal switch you should stay in the clinic for at least 2 days

      Will I have to diet or exercise after the procedure?

      Yes. After the weight loss surgery you have to follow the diet. For the first two weeks, all of the food must be blended. You should eat more protein and avoid eating food which increases hunger such as rice, pasta, potatoes.

      What are the risks of weight loss surgery?

      Possible risks are Infection adverse reactions to anesthesia, blood clots Lung or breathing problems, leaks in your gastrointestinal system. All of the risks will be discussed with you before the surgery.

      How long should I stay in Poland for weight loss surgery?

      You should stay in Poland for at least 1 week but the length of your stay depends on the type of weight loss surgery. All the details will be discussed with you beforehand.

      Why Poland is a perfect destination for weight loss surgery abroad

      Poland offers affordable prices for weight loss surgery abroad

      The prices for weight loss surgery in Poland are much lower than in other European countries, like the UK, Norway, Germany or Denmark. Polish clinics offer different types of cheap weight loss surgeries, such as gastric band, gastric sleeve, balloon or gastric bypass. Every patient will be advised which type of surgery is the best for him/her. The price for weight loss surgery in Poland starts from 3500 GBP and includes not only the surgery itself but also consultation, anesthesia, hospitalization, medical tests, stay in a 3-star hotel and the assistance of a driver. Thanks to Beauty Poland, you will save a lot of money and at the same time, you will have your weight loss surgery performed at the highest standard.

      Doctors in Poland are professionals with European diplomas

      All the doctors cooperating with Beauty Poland are highly experienced professional specialists having amazingly high qualifications and achievements. Their passion, commitment, education, skills, and experience allow for providing excellent medical care at the highest possible level. The surgeons specialize in weight loss surgeries and have much experience in this field. They regularly participate in various congresses and symposia in different countries as listeners as well as lecturers. The doctors’ effectiveness is reflected in numerous reviews, testimonials, and letters received from our patients. We can assure that the surgeons in Poland belong to the flower of weight loss surgeons in the world.

      Clinics in Poland are working according to European standards

      The clinics in Poland are well-adjusted to welcome the patients having their cheap weight loss surgery. The clinic’s personnel makes their best to provide all patients with professional care from the very beginning until they leave the clinic. The clinics are well-equipped and the surgeries take place with the use of modern and technologically-advanced devices, thanks to which the surgeries are even more effective and less risk is involved. The surgeons and nurses will do their best to maintain a friendly and stressless atmosphere and will be at your disposal any time you need. Our clinics in Poland, by all means, meet the world’s highest standard of medical treatment, service, and care.

      After weight loss surgery you can have tummy tuck done

      After which type of stomach surgery can I have a tummy tuck?

      There are no limits. Each case should be discussed with the plastic surgeon. Additionally, you may ask your previous stomach surgeon. It is always required to inform the plastic surgeons about previous surgeries. Any medications which you take as daily routine must be listed also. In some cases, plastic surgeons, require additional examination like chest x-rays, sugar test, etc. Feel free to ask our consultant to provide you with a medical assessment to check if you are a good candidate for a tummy tuck.

      How soon after stomach surgery can I have a tummy tuck?

      It is always advised to wait at least 3 months before any surgery, to perform another. It is essential for your body to heal. When it comes to patients after pregnancy, it is good to wait for 6 – 9 months after giving birth, then a tummy tuck is recommended to be done. It is more complicated after bariatric surgeries, as a patient should wait until his weight would be stable, and the process of weight loss would be completed. Commonly it is 2 years, sometimes earlier.

      Check your BMI

      If you are not sure that you can be qualified to bariatric surgery, check your BMI here:

      Klaudia Grabowska

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