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Dental Crowns Poland / Abroad - price, reviews, before and after

Updated July 16, 2019

Poland is a great choice for dental treatment if you have problems with your teeth and require dental crowns. Dental crown is a solution for people who have aesthetic problems with their teeth as the crown covers any imperfections. The crown makes your tooth stronger and can significantly improve its natural look. Another advantage of dental crown is that it can help with your chewing problem due to its durable material and details construction.

Thanks to their many benefits, crowns are one of the most frequently chosen solutions in dentistry.

1. Dental crowns are perfect for a damaged or broken tooth!

Dental crowns are caps having a tooth-shape which perfectly imitate your natural teeth. When your tooth is broken, damaged, crashed, or decayed, dental crowns will be a great solution. A crown will be prepared in the laboratory in such a way that its shape, size, strength and colour is indistinguishable from other teeth. Apart from that, crowns serve as the completion of implantation and dental bridge treatments. As can be seen, dental crowns have a variety of functions and if you feel you may need a tooth crown, do not hesitate to contact Dental Travel Poland to be given the opinion by one of our dentists.

2. In Poland, you can have a crown made even in one day!

To finish dental crown in Poland you need to stay for 5-7 working days. During this stay, you will have two appointments with our dentist. On the first visit, you will have a consultation on the preparation for crowns (teeth reshaping, bit impressions). Later the impressions are sent to a special laboratory that will manufacture your crowns.When the crown is ready, you will have your second visit. On this appointment, your crowns will be fitted and installed. If you do not have time to spend 5-7 working days in Poland, some of our dental offices can offer you 1-day crown! This type of crowns can be done during 1-2 days visit in Poland. However, not all clinics can offer this 1-day crowns so make sure that you choose the one you want. The best thing about this offer is that the price for 1-day crown in the same as for a regular crown!

– Important information regarding dental crowns in Poland

Price320 GBP
Stay in Poland5-7 working days
Number of trips abroad needed1
Success rate98,9 %
Healing timeno healing time

3. We guarantee professional and high-quality dental treatment abroad!

Dental Travel Poland works only with the best dental clinics in Poland. Our facilities, both laboratories, and clinics are up to highest European standards.Our dentists have years of experience in their craft and they have international certificates to prove their experience. You can ask our patient advisers and they will send you dentist’s CV just to make sure that your treatment will be done by a professionalist.

4. Clinics in Poland offer one of the cheapest dental crowns!

Our price for a crown is one of the most affordable ones in Europe! The price may vary depending on the material used, so make sure to ask about it. You may choose from a wide range of crown materials and the dentists will recommend the best choice for you.

The price for a crown in Poland varies from 320 GBP to 380 GBP for a full porcelain crown. There are even cheaper possible options such as a composite or porcelain-fused-to-metal crown. If you decide to have cheap crowns in Poland, you can save more than 50% of your money for your treatment.

– Dental Crowns Abroad price comparison

5. We will help you organize your journey, treatment and stay!

After you contact us at Dental Travel Poland, we will help you organize your travel and get the best price possible! We cooperate with numerous clinics in Poland, in all major cities e.g. Krakow, Warsaw, Poznan so we can find the clinic that suits you best! We would like to provide you with the highest-quality, most satisfying and affordable dental crowns treatment abroad!