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      Dental Veneers Poland

      Updated March 10, 2022

      What is a veneer? The veneer is made from composite, porcelain (ceramic) or from zircon. Veneers are personally designed shells which cover the front/surface of patient teeth. Standard veneers are ultra-thin, their thickness is about 1.5 mm, luminous veneers the thinnest one are between 0.5  mm – 0.2 mm. Veneers are designed and installed to improve the color for teeth that is discolored because either because of root canal treatment. The veneers improve worn down teeth, broken or chipped teeth. What is more, veneers are perfect for misaligned, uneven, or irregularly shaped teeth. It Is common to use veneer to cover teeth with gaps. Typically, veneer should be renewed every 5 years. The treatment is irreversible because a small portion of existing tooth enamel is grinded and removed in order to place them. Veneers are very often alternative for braces, whitening or smile restoration. Nowadays, not only rich and famous people can afford them. The price for full porcelain veneer starts from only 320 GBP!

      Composite or porcelain veneers, which are better?

      The composite materials nowadays provide a beautiful appearance,  perfectly straight tooth structure which may last for a long time. Composite is widely used in dentistry, any dental treatment to cure cavity is done with composite, as that is the material of tooth’s filling, layers, small caps. While the composite veneers procedure the resin is applied in layers to the tooth and sculpted directly in the mouth to achieve shape and look which patient desire. Veneers are prepared and created in the dental office while patients visits. A short time of composite veneers procedure is a great benefit. Veneers might be completed while one dental session. Of course, the visit will last between 2 – 6 hours, but that is still only one day in Poland to complete dental treatment. Composite veneers are often used for chipped or discoloration of natural teeth. Some minor misalignments of teeth might be perfectly covered by composite veneers, too. The greatest advantage of composite veneers is that it is an additive process that is reversible and can be removed and replaced as needed. For a full porcelain veneer or zircon two visits at the dental office are needed. The first visit requires teeth preparations like teeth cleaning and grinding. That is why the process is not reversible, as the surface enamel is grinded.  Full porcelain veneers are more costly than composite, but they last longer from 7 to 15 years. There is only one disadvantage of full porcelain veneers, they are easy to broken and there is no way to repair them in such case. Zircon veneers seem to be remedium, as they will never break. To minimize the chance of this occurring, the patient should not bite nails,  chew on pencils, ice, or other hard objects or food (nuts, carrots) with front teeth.

      Full porcelain veneers or zirconium veneers are extremely resistant to stains as compared to composite veneers.

      Dental veneers are designed to be permanent and long lasting dental solution. That is why porcelain or zirconium, that are very durable materials. Both of them porcelain and zirconium are widely used in dentistry, the dentist uses them for crowns, bridges, and veneers of course. Both materials are extremely resistant to any stains from coffee, tea, wine or cigarettes. Composite veneers are likely to change color, due to composite features.  What is more porcelain veneers they are durable, veneers normally lasts 7 – 15 years, or even more. In some cases, for patients who have tried teeth whitening, veneers might help.Some patients teeth are hard to go brighter, or hard to remove some stubborn stains, with veneers patient may achieve perfectly white new arch of teeth.

      – Important information regarding dental veneers Poland 

      Composite veneer PolandFull porcelain veneers Poland
      Estimated pricestarts from 130 GBPstarts from 320 GBP
      Installment Success rates100 %100 %
      Trips needed to complete treatmentone trip for a one dayone trip for 5 working days
      Length of procedure3 - 6 hours in dental office2 visits in dental practice each 3 hours
      Anesthesia local or sedationlocal or sedation
      Recoverythere is no healing or recovery timethere is no healing or recovery time

       Teeth veneers in Poland can be alternative for braces

      In some cases, dental veneers might provide patient with straight teeth. The veneers treatment is shorter. It lasts only 5 days, not 2 years like standard brace procedure. And the effects are express. What is more, veneers treatment does not include monthly visits to dentists, it includes only 2 visits. It may happen that veneers could be more affordable and cheaper, than braces installment, check-ups and all necessary treatment required before and after the procedure.

      Small gaps between teeth are often covered by veneers. Braces procedure may help with teeth gaps also, especially the large gaps which can not be covered by veneer. Gaps between teeth nowadays do not look good. What is more, gaps between teeth favor, teeth decay, gum problems, and infections, because of hidden/locked food between gaps which is hard to remove while teeth brushing.

      – Dental Veneers Poland Before – After gallery

       Affordable prices in Poland.

      Dental Travel Poland offers most affordable prices for ceramic veneers. The price for composite veneers (which is an express procedure, as it lasts only one day) starts from 130 GBP in Warsaw. Prices for composite veneers in the UK are higher, in London patient would pay 321 GBP for composite veneers.  Dental Travel Poland offers best prices for full porcelain veneers also as the price starts from 320 GBP. Zirconium veneers, which uncrushable, starts from 380 GBP. In comparison to prices in the UK, the full porcelain veneers in the UK cost between  500 GBP – 1000 GBP per tooth.

      – Dental veneers abroad price comparison:

       Shorten your staying in Poland.

      It is often amongst our patient that they can not spend 5 working days in Poland. Dental offices require 5 working days, so it means that patient needs to stay from Monday to Friday. For those patients, we may split dental treatment into to two one-day visits. While first visit patient will have teeth prepared for veneers and impressions taken, after dental visit patient may return home. Next visit would be one week later, the patient will have veneers fitted and installed. Both visits may last about 3 hours. After veneers installment patient may return home with a new, perfect smile.



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