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    Hair Transplant Poland

    Updated March 11, 2022

    5 reasons to choose hair transplant in Poland



    Reviewed by Michal Paczkowski, MD, PhD

    The fact is that baldness is one of the most common conditions making, both woman and man, appear older and less attractive. It affects appearance and self-confidence. Nowadays, modern medicine offers hair transplant surgery that provides permanent and the most effective treatment for baldness. While procedure hair follicles are extracted from an area having denser hair and are transplanted to the bald area. Beauty Poland offers advanced hair transplantation techniques like FUE and FUT. Below you may check more details and reasons why FUE or FUT hair transplant is the best choice when it comes to having hair transplant abroad.

    1. Higher quality and lower prices for hair transplant surgery in Poland.

    Hair restoration treatment is known to be the most effective method for patients who experience hair loss. There are some different methods of hair transplant, the most popular are FUE (Follicular Unit Hair Transplant) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation). In Poland, you have the opportunity not only to have a high-quality hair restoration procedure but will also save up to 50% on it. The price of the procedure depends on how many grafts you will need, the price per graft in our clinics starts from 1.2 GBP / 1.4 EUR (the price includes surgery and accommodation, as well).

    Price the price for FUE procedure 1 graft is 6 PLN / 1.2 GBP / 1.4 EUR
    Length of procedure8 hours (maximum 2000 grafts) in case when more than 2000 should be translated surgery will be divided into 2 parts (day by day)
    Required medical testsblood group, blood morphology, coagulogram, CRP, HBs, HCV
    Stay in the clinicthere no staying in the clinic
    Healing time 2 - 4 weeks
    Stay in Poland3 days

     2. Hair restoration procedure is less invasive than before!

    The procedure of FUE is minimally invasive surgery performed under local anaesthesia. The surgery is painless. According to medical experts, hair transplants are completely safe and natural. During the procedure, our doctors do not use any special chemicals or medicines that might damage your hair. Actually, after the procedure, most people won’t be able to tell that you got a hair transplant surgery. Our patients often choose to return to work one day after surgery. FUE surgery abroad is an excellent idea for people who are worried about having extensive leave from work.

     3. Hair transplant is suitable for patients who have very less hair in the donor area.

    FUE hair transplantation surgery is suitable for patients who have a few hairs in the donor area. While FUE hair transplant hair follicles are extracted in the groups of 1 to 4 hair follicles. What is more, for patients who have a small quantity of hair in the donor area of the scalp, hair follicles can also be taken from certain another area of a body like a chest, thighs or arms. But remember, with a very small donor area and a large receiving area, i.e. hairless, sometimes the surgery is not possible.

     4. Say no hair loss thanks to hair loss treatment in Poland!

    Hair transplant surgery does not mark and hide hair loss but cures it. In fact, it is different from all other choices that people sometimes make for managing hair loss. Without no doubt, hair transplantation is one of the most effective and most respected treatments for hair loss problem. Feel free to contact our consultant for more details.

    – Hair transplant abroad price comparison:

    5. Follow up sessions in Poland

    With Beauty Poland, we stay in touch with our patients until they are fully recovered after the surgery. We are always ready to help and advice on how to treat your new hair. Our patients are called for regular follow-up sessions after the surgery to review the progress of hair growth from transplanted follicles.

    – Hair Transplant Poland reviews

    a man with tatoos

    Hair Transplant Poland

    I'm Brian I am 35 years. I started balding suddenly and rapidly.  My hair transplant procedure made me feel better about myself and my look. I'm dating again! Doctor Adam is very knowledgeable, just as my friend recommended (he also had hair restoration). The clinic facility was admirable, very clean with modern facilities. My surgeon listened all questions and advised the best solutions, FUE HT. Great method -fast and painless.

    Brian K.

    a man in sunglasses

    My hair restoration in Katowice

    There was only a little pain during my recovery after hair transplant in Poland. All staff in the clinic could not have been more professional and helpful and careful about my surgery. I was 100% sure that I was making the right decision in having my transplant in Katowice

    Tom, 38

    a man taking the photo

    Hair transplant in Katowice were amazing

    Hair transplant really works. My hair surgery and stau in Poland were amazing from beginning to end. It has been 3 months after  my treatment and my hairs already growing in. I'm looking forward to  to see what it will looks like in another 6 months. Communication in the clinic was easy and excellent . I was prepared for everything even bad results and complications after hair transplant but there were any surprises. The whole experience from journey through surgery and time in Katowice was wonderful.

    Steve J. Young

    2000 graft and new hair

    I started thinning of hair transplant when I was in my twenties, now I am 36. I am glad I finally did it (I mean hair transplant over 2,000 grafts). I have a couple of advices for future candidates. First of all, I was so excited/ nervous about surgery and I did not sleep at all one night before procedure. It was a huge mistake, because the surgery took 8 hours and I was so bored, tired and really sleepy. After the surgery I was mentally exhausted. Doctor gave me 7 pills for pain. I only used only one. 7 days after surgery the swelling was gone. I feel tightening on the lower area of the back of my head, but on donor area - no pain. I felt such a relief after one week, when I washed my head and scabs. I cleaned my scalp very well, however, I was too afraid to rub the donor area. Doctor warned me that the transplanted hair may fall off and the new hair will grow back in a few months!! Thank you so much San Med for surgery, you did great job!

    Michael, Plymouth, UK

    Hair transplans in Poland was a piece of cake

    I started loosing hair on my temples when I was 22... I was so young and I felt terrible about it! I wanted to do the surgery then, but it always felt like an "old men thing". After 5 years, I got engaged and we were planning our wedding when my fiance said that I need to do something about my hair loss. She was worried that I will not feel confident with my bald temples... I have found great clinic in Poland/Katowice, which offered my all inclusive package for hair transplant surgery. It was the best solution for me! The surgeon done 1200 grafts and filled my bald spots with new hair from the back of my head. I was aware that those hair will fall off eventually, to be replaced with my new hair. Now I am 2 years after the procedure and in a month we have our wedding 🙂 I am very happy with the results, because I now longer have bald spots on my temples! Doctor in San Med clinic done a great job and my fiance loves my new look!

    Paul T., London, UK

    Dr Sandlewski makes a difference – 1200 grafts and new hair!

    I had 1200 grafts in San Med. Dr Sandlewski is great doctor, clinic is modern and clean. Two months after surgery I saw the greatest difference. Recommend everyone.

    Peter, Nottingham, UK

    FUE hair transplant was the right choice! Thanks Beauty Poland!

    I would like to thank doctor Sandlewski. I was going bald being in my 30s. He performed my hair transplant in Warsaw with FUE method. Now my hair grows and my problem is less and less visible! You are best doctor I met, thank you for all effort and help. Also thanks for helping with the organisation of my trip to Warsaw and booking hotels. It was my first time in Poland, hope I will come back there

    Mark, Stockport, UK

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