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    Working out after tummy tuck

    Updated November 28, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    slim belly after tummy tuckAfter you underwent tummy tuck in Poland you may be curious about the potential time when doing the exercises is allowed and what types of exercises you may perform.  As after any invasive surgery, you must pay attention to take care of yourself with extra caution so that any damage to your tissue or signs of bleeding will not happen. Therefore, anyone keen on gym should preferably avoid any physical activities for some time.

    It is recommended by doctors to stay away from strenuous physical exercises at least 6-8 weeks after tummy tuck abroad as during this time stomach may be prone to sensitivity.  After the first weeks of recovery after abdominoplasty, you should attend post-operative checkup you and may take up some physical exercises without any harm to your body. Moreover, it is vital to alter your daily routine in case you did not do so.

    Why should you exercise after surgery

    It is obvious that you want to maintain tummy tuck results after the surgery but it is also important to continue it long after the procedure so that weight loss will be preserved. Thanks to this you strengthen your muscles and boost metabolic rates which are responsible for maintaining your weight in balance and, as a result, your body is in a perfect shape. Moreover, it is recommended to take up physical regime even though you have not done it before the abdominoplasty.

    Some types of post-surgery exercises facilitate blood flow which as a consequence aid healing process and alleviates swelling. Moreover, exercises are also helpful in preventing blood clots and keeping your muscles in good condition. As you will have drainage tubes and sutures for the initial part of your recovery, first start to walk short distances and avoid strenuous exercises for a couple of weeks. At the beginning, it is common to feel some discomfort but tries not to force yourself to excessively.  When you feel comfortable with speeding up the pace try to do it reasonably. Nonetheless, it is also your physician who you should have a consultation with and advise on this matter.

    When can I start exercising after abdominoplasty?

    Some patients who push yourself too much when it comes to strenuous exercising expose themselves to the risk of health damage.

    Some medications prescribed to cushion the pain after abdominoplasty can have unexpected results on a patient’s health, therefore these uncoordinated movements and lack of muscle control may pose a hazard to exercising regime.

    During physical demanding workout blood pressure and heart rate rapidly increase which may contribute to bleeding in the site when tummy tuck was performed, therefore may become a contributing factor to upcoming complications, for example, reoperation or unsatisfactory tummy tuck results. Moreover, physical demanding exercising such as stomach crunches may impair stomach muscles and skin closure.

    After you come to the decision of performing a tummy tuck, it is worth to remember that you should always listen to your body and let it regenerate after the procedure and after that decide when to start your daily physical regime.

    How to exercise after tummy tuck?

    Although detailed consultation and skilful procedure are one of the most vital components, appropriate recovery is strictly connected with comprehension and sticking to post-surgical guidelines and requirements. This is especially helpful if one is willing to come back to active lifestyle and stick to physically demanding exercises on a daily basis.

    1. Slow start

    One of the most important things to remember is not to take up strenuous physical exercises straight away after abdominoplasty. Do not rush into demanding activities like sit-ups, even bending or standing up from a sitting position should be performed slowly and without any unnecessary rush at the beginning of a healing process. Just to accustom your muscles to some effort try to first move from lying to sitting position then to upright position repetitively.  At first, you may ask for somebody’s assistance.

    2. Short walks

    Short walks are ideal in the first weeks after tummy tuck procedure. Remember that the distance is not as much important as calm and relaxed movement. Even you may start from walking across your room to get accustomed to simple workout but also do it smoothly. When you have more strength, you may walk longer and pay attention to having your back straight and trying to put steps gently.

    3. Cardio

    During the first three or four weeks after a tummy tuck, you should focus on regular muscle repetitions and not forgetting about your rest.  After fourth week you may start to engage in a lightweight cardiovascular workout.  Resuming the pace of walks, setting up a daily cycling routine may be a good alternative after cheap tummy tuck abroad.

    4. Upper body and legs

    In the four to six weeks after abdominoplasty, you should avoid exercising abdominal and back muscles, but you may try to exercise upper body and legs just to maintain tummy tuck result for longer. Moreover, you may strengthen at that time your arms and legs without much effort put on the stomach.

    5. Strengthen the abdomen

    Exercising the abdomen after the abdominoplasty should be the final step in your healing process. You may first choose legs slides or pelvic thrust, then gradually increasing difficulty by planks, leg lifts or crunches which are a good start to sit-ups.

    6. Resume regular workout

    It may take a few weeks to coming back to your regular working regime and it is advisable to contact your surgeon for his approval. But remember to start exercising gradually and be cautious when exercising abdominal muscles.

    Recovery and workout after tummy tuck are always individual but generally, doctors advise to start every physical exercise with caution and do it at a reasonable pace. Safety after tummy tuck should be a priority for every patient to recover properly after tummy tuck abroad so that abdominal muscles may have time to heal and be prepared for more strenuous exercises. If you are planning to perform abdominoplasty abroad one of the places to consider is Poland where prices are affordable, and surgeons’ expertise is indisputable.

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