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Weight loss surgery Poland - Types, Prices, Destinations

Updated November 28, 2018
ClinicHunter Ltd

weight loss surgeryWeight loss surgery can be a lifechanging event! If you struggle with obesity and you have tried every other recommended way to lose pounds, this may be your saving grace! There are many types of this procedure and every one of them will help you lose weight, but you should consult with your GP and our specialist before you commit to one of them. Read more about obesity surgery abroad and make a decision that can change your life!

What is weight loss surgery Poland?

Weight loss surgery in Poland is a procedure that main goal is to help you reduce your weight. This procedure can be done with few different methods, but the results are similar – slimmer and healthier body. Choosing the best type of weight loss surgery may seem very difficult. However, after doing your research and speaking with our surgeon, you will have clear idea of what type of weight loss surgery you wish to have done.

Obesity surgery abroad candidate

There are strict rules about who can have weight loss surgery. Below you can see few most important factors:

  • BMI of 40 or more
  • serious health problems that are connected with the obesity, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, severe sleep apnea, or high cholesterol
  • history of unsuccessful dieting and trying to lose weight any other way
  • clear idea about the risks of the surgery

Types of Weight Loss Surgeries Poland

– Gastric Sleeve Surgery Poland

Gastric sleeve surgery Poland is a procedure during which the surgeon removes about 75% of the stomach. The remaining part is really narrow, like a tube that is connected to the intestines. The procedure is irreversible and after the surgery the patients needs to commit to healthier way of eating.

– Gastric Bypass Poland

Gastric bypass Poland is the most popular weight loss procedure because it combines two approaches – restrictive and malabsorptive. During the procedure the surgeon dives stomach into two parts, upper and lower. Later in the procedure, upper part of the stomach is connected to intestines and the lower part is bypassed.

– Gastric Balloon Poland

Gastric balloon surgery Poland is done using a endoscoping tube with silicone balloon in the end of it. The surgeon inserts the balloon into your stomach and inflates it. As the balloon gets bigger, the stomach has less space for food. After the procedure patients feel full sooner while eating and as the result they eat less.

– Gastric Band Poland

Gastric band procedure in Poland is a type of restrictive weight loss surgery. The surgeon uses a band that can be inflated. It is used to separate the stomach into two sections: smaller upper and larger lower. The two parts are connected by a small channel and it slows down the food going from upper to lower part of the stomach. After the procedure the patients need to change their diet and eat small portions of food that is soft and very thoroughly chewed.

Obesity surgery price

Weight loss surgery can be very expensive because it is an extensive and serious procedure. However, our Polish clinic can offer you a very affordable price for obesity surgery. There are many factors that may change the price, so it is very important to speak with the surgeon and get your final quotation.

Weight loss surgery in Poland

Our most popular and trusted clinic is located in Jelenia Góra, near Wroclaw. This clinic is one of the best in Europe and our patients love it there! The hospital is very modern and our specialists gained their experience on international levels. Contact our patient advisors and find out more about our best and cheapest weight loss clinic in Poland. We will tell you more about weight loss surgery prices, procedures and travel arrangement.

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