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    Diabetes and bariatric surgery – Will weight loss surgery cure diabetes?

    Updated November 15, 2019
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    belly after weight loss surgeryWhich bariatric surgery cures diabetes? More and more studies state that bariatric surgeries may be a solution for those who struggle with diabetes type 2. To be precise, diabetes is not well comprehended and medical science is not able to determine if it is a permanent solution. The aim is to place diabetes in remission. Through remission, we mean restoration to normal blood sugar levels and withdrawal of diabetes medications. Along with glucose at stable levels, the development of diabetic complications is stopped, therefore providing a body with an opportunity to repair the damage.

    Put another way, remission signifies that you are almost “cured” and will be so provided that factors contributing to the disease return to such an extent that it causes a relapse.

    Thus, the right question is, “ Does weight loss surgery cure diabetes type 2?”  In many instances, the answer is YES.

    What is diabetes?

    More than 150 million people around the world are affected by diabetes and the number is said to be rapidly going up. More than 90% suffer from type 2 diabetes which is connected with obesity and overweight, an insufficient amount of physical activity, family history or advanced age. Contrary to Type 1 diabetes where the pancreas is not able to produce insulin enough, in Type 2 diabetes the pancreas produces insulin yet for some reasons the body is not able to use it. Diabetes may be a source of blindness, heart and blood vessel disease, kidney failure, amputations, strokes and nerve damage. Even the latest therapies like diet, exercising, oral antidiabetic drugs or insulin are not always able to cure the disease.

    Therapy for diabetes without gastric surgery

    The main aim of the treatment is to strengthen the symptoms of diabetes by means of regulating blood glucose levels. The current goals are to avoid long-term complications for example eye or kidney disease,  nerve and blood vessels impairment. Rigorous control of blood glucose diminishes the risk of death, health issues, stroke and other complications. Glycosylated haemoglobin (HbA1C) is a type of test which establishes the risk for long-term complications. It shows how much glucose has been adhering to red blood cells and other ones. The first thing to do with type 2 diabetes is to lose weight, stick to diet and exercise. Suitable meal planning incorporates choosing healthy foods and consuming an appropriate amount of food.  Also, exercising is vital for effective treatment of diabetes. Everyday exercising aids burning extra calories, controlling weight, therefore, managing control of the glucose amount in the blood. In case the diet and exercise are not enough to keep in balance, medications may be necessary. They trigger the pancreas to produce more insulin which helps insulin to work better in order to diminish the absorption of carbohydrates from the gut or dwindle glucose production in the liver. When there is insufficient control of glucose in spite of lifestyle changes and taking medications it may indicate that insulin should be injected.

    Read more about weight loss surgery diet.

    Who can have weight loss surgery for diabetes?

    So far, bariatric surgeries have not been widely acknowledged as a typical treatment for type 2 diabetes. According to NICE obesity, guideline suggests cheap weight loss surgery for those who fulfill certain criteria, among them newly recognized with diabetes type 2. Nevertheless, the surgery is recommended for a restricted group of patients who tried losing weight through healthy lifestyle changes and/or drug treatment yet failed. Sad to say, the NICE guidelines for diabetes type 2 also have not identified surgery as a solution for curing diabetes type 2

    In May 2016,  international clinical guidelines on the issue of diabetes type 2 were presented by the most prominent international diabetes organizations like Diabetes UK and approved by 45 professional organizations. The group claims that  “obesity surgery, which was originally designed to induce weight loss, should be included among the current treatment options for certain categories people with Type 2 diabetes”

    These guidelines claim that weight loss surgery abroad ought to be advised when patients:

    • a BMI is 40 or more no matter if they suffer from type 2 diabetes is under control
    • a BMI of 35-40 together with uncontrolled sufficient blood sugar levels, healthy lifestyle and medications for diabetes type 2.

    Moreover, these guidelines also state that lower BMI threshold is used in the case of those with Asian background suffering from diabetes type 2 as they are claimed to develop diabetes type 2.

    Will weight loss surgery cure PCOS?

    How does bariatric surgery cure diabetes type 2?

    It is acknowledged that bariatric surgeries put into remission diabetes type 2 yet it is not know how it is done.

    It is obvious that healthy weight loss is vital in diminishing the level of blood sugar in case of diabetes type 2 and bariatric surgeries are claimed to be the most efficient solution for those struggling with obesity. However, there are more factors necessary to consider. Numerous patients see a quick reversal of diabetes straight away after the gastric bypass or sleeve even before they lose any weight and this phenomenon is still to be investigated

    One of the theories states that gastric bypass or an affordable Gastric Sleeve straight away have an impact on the processing of glucose in the digestive system. Another state that when food passes directly to the lower intestine a substance called glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1) is stimulated therefore it can raise insulin production. Scientists theorize that hormones which trigger hunger like peptide Y (PPY) can be lessened through rearranging the anatomy of the gut.  Put differently, when people long for less sugar, they can keep their blood sugar at a reasonable level.

    Altogether, one study after another has proved that bariatric surgeries are much effective in comparison to therapy alone in case of diabetes. Moreover, studies also have shown that even in instances when patients do not reach remission, the glucose levels are significantly lower in comparison to those who do not have the surgery done.

    If you are considering gastric sleeve or affordable gastric bypass for weight loss and you want to have cheap and done safely, you need definitely consider Poland as one of the destinations. With highly experienced surgeons and newly equipped hospital, your stay will be comfortable.  If you would like to know more information about the procedure, and why Bariatric Surgery abroad may be a good solution for you, do not hesitate but contact Beauty Poland- our customer advisor will be glad to help you with. Like in any other weight-loss surgeries, preparation for weight loss surgery to cure diabetes is of great importance in order to achieve the most desirable results. Therefore prior knowledge of the procedure and following the recommendation is vital.


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    1. Gemma says:

      I had the surgery and what you write is true, it cured diabetes in my case! 🙂

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