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Weight loss abroad - recovery tips

Updated November 24, 2018
ClinicHunter Ltd

The recovery after weight loss procedure may take up to 2 years. After weight loss surgery in Poland all patients should keep the healthy lifestyle, but what does it mean? Patients should follow doctor restrictions also to make your weight loss process easier, quicker and permanent. Below you will find some weight loss abroad recovery tips and their explanation. For all those who have had weight loss procedure in Poland, this article might be a guideline. If you need any further details regarding recovery, if you need any help feel free to contact your doctor directly or our customer care team.

Change your eating habits after weight loss surgery abroad

During your first weeks after surgery, you will have to eat according to your weight loss surgeon restrictions. After the surgery done by Doctor Krzysztof Kowalski, each patient has personal diet plan, that is included in our all-inclusive package. For sure you must change diet habits. Your daily eating routine should be full of fresh vegetables (especially green ones), some fruits, chicken and turkey meat, and full grain bread and pasta. For sure your diet should be poor in junk food, sweets, chocolates and unhealthy fat. Each patient should be aware of carbohydrates and protein. Meeting with the dietician is an excellent idea, as the specialist can prepare the perfect diet plan for you, count how many proteins and carbohydrates you should intake daily.

Drink a lot of water after your weight loss surgery Poland

Many patients make a mistake, they drink coffee or tea and count it as glass or cup of water. That is the huge mistake. Each patient should drink at least 2 liters of water. In the beginning, patients report that they do not like the taste of water. We advise adding some lemon juice, ice, herbs like mint. It will make water tastier. Patients should avoid soda, juice, and other drinks with sugar added. Do you know that Coca-Cola can (330 ml) has 35g of sugar, which is about 7 teaspoons of sugar? Orange juice sounds healthy, but in 500 ml of juice, you may find 51g of sugar.  Pure water moisturizes body and skin. There are many benefits of drinking water. For our patients, we advise drinking the cup of water every 30 minutes. What is more, weight loss surgery Poland patients may find many applications which will remind you to drink water, you may count how much water you drank with it also.

Join a support group

Our patients say that taking the decision to perform surgery is the hardest part of weight loss surgery. Many of them suggest joining the support group. Our previous patient Gary comments: “Doctor explained me everything perfect, but every day I had some issues, may I eat beans? may I eat red meat? That is why I joined a Facebook support group that helped me a lot! What is more, sometimes when I felt down I check such an amazing metamorphosis. It gave me power, better mood. Always when I had the bad day, sometimes I want to complain..” It does not joke, some of the support group participants become lifetime friends.

Follow your doctor’s requirements

For some doctor’s requirements are hard to put into practice. The most important requirements for weight loss surgery abroad patients include quitting smoking, keeping before and after surgery diet, eating the high protein food, drinking lots of water (at least 2 liters daily), exercising. For some active patients, requirements are easy as they kept fit lifestyle. For others, it would be difficult. It is always necessary to have the positive attitude and believe that doctor advice will help you. That is true that being positive is beneficial, try to think only of positives, smile everyday and life would be better.

Stay positive after

Remember, weight loss process is much easier if you believe you can do it if you believe you may reach your goals if you believe you may return to the healthy weight, the perfect frame of life and comfort. Many of patients have some doubts, complaints while weight loss process and this is natural. Each patient should replace not only weight loss doubts,  but all life doubts into positive thoughts. Have you ever heard about self-talking? That is very powerful tool. By repeating the same thoughts over and over, the mind actually comes to believe in them, and for our mind the thoughts become tue. It is clever, is not it? Exercise hard, eat healthily, keep diet and results will come faster then you can imagine.

Beauty Poland covers all-inclusive packages for weight loss procedures. In our offer, we have cheap weight loss surgeries like gastric balloon Poland, gastric bypass Poland, and gastric sleeve Poland. The all-inclusive package covers all examinations before surgery (blood tests, urine tests, some x-rays, stomach examinations) surgery with the general anesthetic, 3 nights in the hospital, 3 nights in the nearby hotel, all airport pickups and transfers between clinic – hotel – airport are included also. What is more, the patient is given diet plans and all suggestions before & after surgery. Feel free to contact our consultant which may consult your case with our best specialist MD Kowalski.

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