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    Vein treatment abroad: What are your options?

    Updated November 28, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    What are varicose veins?

    Varicose veins are also called varicoses or varicosities. They are thick, enlarged, gnarled veins filled with too much blood. Varicose veins usually look raised and swollen, having a red, blue or purple color. They appear mostly in adult women in the lower legs areas, but can also concern any other body part. More often than not, varicose veins cause much pain, discomfort and can be a source of more serious health problems. Varicose veins may cause a heavy feeling or an achiness in legs, swelling and cramping, discomfort and pain after standing for a long time or even bleeding. to eliminate this problem, many people decide to have cheap varicose veins treatment in Poland.

    Varicose veins causes

    Varicose veins can be caused by many factors, the most common of which are:

    • Age: getting older deprives veins of their elasticity, as a result of which they stretch. The valves in veins become weaker, which affect blood circulation.
    • Pregnancy: it may increase the amount and volume of blood in a pregnant woman’s body and at the same time decrease the blood flow from the legs to pelvis. As a result, the veins become significantly enlarged.
    • Sex: women are much more likely to suffer from varicose veins than men. Regarding women, varicose veins can result from pregnancy, menopause or pre menstruation – which involve hormonal changes.
    • Obesity: being overweight or obese is very dangerous for the legs. Too much weight adds more pressure on the veins on legs, as a result of which varicose veins appear.
    • Family history: you are more susceptible to varicose veins if your family members have suffered from this problem.
    • Lack of movement: if you sit or stand regularly for many hours, e.g. because your work requires it or because you lead a sitting lifestyle, the blood in your legs does not circulate is it should and varicose veins will appear sooner or later.

    Noninvasive treatment for varicose veins

    In some cases, varicose veins treatment abroad is not needed because the problem of varicose veins is not serious and can be healed thanks to non-invasive methods. These methods include:

    • losing weight
    • exercising and increasing daily physical activity
    • elevating the legs during sitting
    • wearing special compression stockings
    • using special creams and lotions

    Such non-invasive methods work when your condition is not serious or when you have just noticed that the problem could appear. Of course, the above solutions are worth implementing even if you have not been diagnosed with varicose veins or just suspect you can struggle with them. They work perfectly as prevention and many a time help avoid varicose veins at all.

    Surgical varicose veins treatment abroad

    If changes in your lifestyle are not enough to treat varicose veins, you need to undergo a cheap varicose veins treatment in Poland to overcome the problem. There are various types of surgical interventions and your doctor will choose the one that will be the most effective for you.

    The methods of varicose veins treatment include:

    • sclerotherapy (the doctor injects the chemical into the veins, which causes irritation and scarring inside veins, as a result of which veins close off and fade away)
    • microsclerotherapy (is used to treat spider veins and small varicose veins)
    • laser surgery (the light energy from the laser is applied into a varicose vein, as a result of which veins fade away)
    • endovenous ablation therapy (the veins are closed off with the use of laser or radio waves heat, which is inserted in a small tube into the veins)
    • endoscopic vein surgery (the veins are closed with the use of a tube with a special camera inserted into the vein, at the end of which there is a surgical device placed)
    • ambulatory phlebectomy (the doctor makes small cuts and removes the small varicose veins which are just beneath the skin surface)
    • stripping and ligation (the surgeon ties shut and removes the veins through tiny cuts in the skin)

    Benefits of having varicose veins treatment in Poland

    The main reason why so many people come for their varicose veins treatment to Poland is the price. If you want to treat your varicose veins quickly, professionally and cost-effectively, Poland is a great destination! Our clinics are well-equipped and use the most modern methods of treating varicose veins abroad. You can be sure that your doctor will be a renowned, experienced and professional surgeon who will do his best to provide you with a fast and effective varicose veins treatment in Do not hesitate to contact Beauty Poland if you suffer from this problem. You will restore your active life, get rid of the pain, regain your attractive look and save much money! We would love to help you with eliminating varicose veins thanks to our highly professional varicose veins treatment abroad!

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