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USA: breast enlargement abroad sponsored by men online

Updated November 29, 2018
ClinicHunter Ltd
USA: breast enlargement abroad sponsored by men online
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Silicone breasts are now standard in America. Not only Hollywood beauties and rich businesswoman decide on plastic surgery abroad, but also ordinary housewives and their teenage daughters. The Internet helps them in fulfillment of the dream of having bigger breasts. To raise finance for breast enlargement, ladies log in on the website myfreeimplants.com.

How can get a “free” boob job?

Similarly to every other wesbite, they write a little about themselves: their age, how they look, what they like to do. They also specify what breast size then want to have and how much it would cost. And then they wait for a good offer. The sponsor offers their money total for charity because the only reward for their generosity is an online “look” at the effects of the surgery.

Who came with idea for such business?

The idea to created such a website started five years ago at a bachelor party, under the influence of large amounts of alcohol. The first client of the website was a good friend of the authors – Natasha, who then became the face of the company. She collected the required amount of money for her surgery during several months, and she was followed by a number of other women unhappy with their natural breasts. The majority of the website clients are girls between 20 and 30 years of age, but there are also older married women and mothers.

breast enlargement abroad

What is the benefit for the sponsors?

A few online friends, some mouthwatering photos, and a sense of omnipotence. Men like to feel that they can influence someone’s life- explains a psychologist. Interesting for men is also the possibility of seeing the physical effects of their work. However, the ethical aspect of the site may raise controversy.

Jay and Jason, the authors of the website, know, however, that it is the topic of the website that assures its success. To win over the critics, the men spend part of the income from the site to the breast reconstruction surgeries for women suffering from cancer.

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