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    Types of rhinoplasty abroad

    Updated November 28, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Many of us are born without a perfect size and shape of the nose. Some noses might look too big, too small, too crooked, nice shape of the nose is very important as the nose is drawing attention away from your other features. Nose is well visible from each side and from the front also. I guess that is why rhinoplasty and liposuction surgery that is one of the most frequently performed plastic procedures. Rhinoplasty, knowns as a nose surgery is performed not only for aesthetic reasons. The procedure is popular amongst male and female patients. Each patient who is willing to perform surgery must be over 21 years old. Rhinoplasty Poland that is perfect procedure for anyone who can not stand nose appearance anymore.

    Reduction Rhinoplasty Poland

    A reduction rhinoplasty is one of two resizing techniques, one involves enlarging nose which seems to be too small, another involves reduction the nose size. Reduction Rhinoplasty Poland will make your nose smaller, shorter and less wide, in other words, it reduces nose size. The patient may reduce the size of the nose, or some areas of the nose like hump, tip, nostrils. The procedure is performed under general anesthetic, the surgeon removes cartilage or bone to receive perfect size and shape of the patient nose.

    Aging Rhinoplasty abroad

    Aging Rhinoplasty that is the procedure for older patients. For such patients, we do not suggest any dramatic metamorphosis. Our surgeon advice small corrections which will help to achieve younger and fresher appearance. Older Patients have the tendency for the dorsum to appear convex with a ptotic, for bulbosity of the nose. Patients report that they want to reduce tip and cartilage and make the nostrils smaller and lest pointed and visible. For some patients nose tip surgery would be enough, some laser treatment might be needed also to tighten skin and improve its condition.

    Ethnic Rhinoplasty abroad

    People of different Ethnic, from different countries, continents have many different features, like different skin color, thicker skin, different eyes color, hair color, different height, different eyes shape and different nose structure. There are some types of noses, like Asian noses, Hispanic noses, African Amercian noses, Mediterranean noses. Beauty Polan covers surgeries for all types of ethnic rhinoplasty abroad. Asian noses are shorter and sit shallow on the face, require mostly some fillers or implants of cartilage. African noses have a tendency to have enlarged nostrils, wide tips and a lack of nasal bridge projection, often their size is reduced and the bridge is narrowed. Mediterranean noses that are typical noses for Arab and Jewish, with the hump on the bridge which is removed while surgery.

    Post-Traumatic Rhinoplasty Poland

    Post Traumatic nose surgery is dedicated for people after some accidents, like the car accident, have nose breaking, some facial accidents. What is more surgery, surgeries are best for some sports, outdoor, and even fist fights accidents. Post-traumatic rhinoplasty Poland aims to repair of posttraumatic nasal deformity. Surgeries include full nose surgeries for bridge, tip, and nostrils. It is best to perform post-traumatic nose surgery as soon as possible. One the bleeding is over each patient should perform nose surgery to avoid cartilage permanent deformation.

    Beauty Poland offers best nose surgeons Poland. Our doctors who perform nose surgery have more than 30 years of experience, as we believe that rhinoplasty and its permanent results must be done by best specialists with long working experience. Our surgeons work in public and private hospitals and perform minimum 2 – 3 nose surgeries weekly. Their surgical skills are trained every day. We understand that for foreign patients traveling for personal consultation might be difficult, that is why we offer email consultation or video consultation. What is more, we prepared a special guide for patients how to take pictures of the nose. Feel free to send us your photos, our team would be more than happy to help you with your rhinoplasty abroad.

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