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    Types of cheap tummy tuck abroad

    Updated November 28, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    tummy tuck abroadLooking for tummy tuck abroad you are probably wondering what type you should choose. That is why we are here to provide you with some information. If you are unsure whether you should undertake traditional tummy, mini tummy tuck or extended abdominoplasty we really hope you will find this article useful!

    Traditional tummy tuck abroad

    A traditional tummy tuck is a perfect option for those people who are generally healthy and in optional physical condition. A perfect patient for traditional tummy has some amount of loose skin in the mid areas of the abdomen. This kind of tummy tuck is often performed in case of significant weight loss or after pregnancy. It is sometimes combined with other procedures like breast lift and liposuction.

    Mini tummy tuck Poland

    Mini tummy tuck is the less extensive procedure in comparison with a traditional tummy. It is very popular among people who are generally slim but, for some reasons, they can not get rid of fat accumulated in one particular area of the abdomen, very often it is the bottom part of it.

    Extended abdominoplasty Poland

    For the most demanding patients who suffer from very excessive sagging skin, there is a solution of extended abdominoplasty. It removes not only the sagging skin from tummy area but also some more from the back and hips. Due to the fact that this kind of abdominoplasty is advanced, it requires longer recovery period that starts in the hospital and takes from 1 to 2 weeks.

    Tummy tuck abroad price comparison

    When it comes to the cost of tummy tuck abroad it does not actually matter for which type of tummy you will go. It is a way cheaper in Poland than in your home country. Below you can find sample prices to compare:

    If you are looking for the best available option for your cheap tummy tuck in Poland do not hesitate to contact us. We will provide you with all the necessary knowledge and will guide you step by step. Go for your flat stomach and contact Beauty Poland! We will be more than happy to help you!

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