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    Will I need Tummy Tuck After Weight Loss Surgery?

    Updated August 23, 2020
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    sagging skin after weight lossTo lose a lot of weight it takes a lot of time and commitment. So it can be hard to discover after many months of diet and physical activity, that body might still not look as You would imagine. The excess skin is an aspect of the weight loss that You don’t hear about very often. It seems like everybody has a perfect body after weight loss, when in reality the slim figure of many celebrities post weight loss is the result of surgeon intervention. It is very common to need a tummy tuck after weight loss as skin is loose after losing all of this weight. Depending of patients needs it can require just taking out some excessive skin or reshaping and remodeling the whole abdominal area.

    Sagging skin after weight loss

    Sagging skin after weight loss is pretty common. It can be very stressful and take away some joy that otherwise would be experienced after the body fat loss. For some patients it is impossible to wear revealing or tight clothes, as they don’t fit due to sagging skin. It can also take away confidence, so it may be a factor in many serious mental health issues. It is hard to believe that all of this can be stopped just due to a simple procedure such as abdominoplasty.

    Abdominoplasty procedure may be needed after natural weight loss and is usually required when a patient underwent bariatric surgery. Sagging skin is usually the effect of quick weight loss, but is also can occur due to an old age, sun exposure, genes or overall elasticity of the skin. It is also important where the weight loss occurred. For example, if it was even in the whole body than it can look better, than if You had to lose a lot of weight just from Your abdominal area. In that case You may need a tummy tuck after weight loss.

    Perfect candidate for a tummy tuck

    Not everybody qualifies as a perfect candidate for a tummy tuck so it is good to see an experienced doctor before a decision. It depends on Your medical record, age, medications You are taking and allergies You have. The specialist will also check Your level of the fat, muscles and skin. During this check-up You can ask questions and determine the final result of Your operation. You can talk about how You imagine it and what would be a perfect result and the doctor can tell You is it possible to achieve that. It is as possible to have a tummy tuck after bariatric surgery as it is to have tummy tuck after weight loss.

    Before the operation

    Although it is not a serious procedure, this type of procedure can also require some sort of preparation, as any other clinic stay does. Usually You get some instructions from Your doctor, like for example to undergo regular blood and cardiac check-ups in case of any cardiac problems in the past. Two weeks before operation You will have to stop taking some medications or smoke. It is important to tell the doctor about any drug or product that You are taking for a perfectly safe tummy Tuck. Not all patients know that even natural products like green tea or vitamin E can increase bleeding risk. So it is important to be really honest with Your doctor for a safe tummy tuck. Apart from that there are no other preparations You must consider before going to Poland.

    During the tummy tuck in Poland

    The tummy tuck in Poland, like everywhere else, consist of making an incision in the skin to get rid of excess skin and fat between the belly button and pubic hair line. During the operation the belly button is placed in the perfect position, so even the whole skin was moved, it will remain in a perfect position and look natural. It is common to be under the anaesthesia during the operation and to be given the antibiotic for any infections’ prevention.

    After the tummy tuck

    After tummy tuck You will be required to cover Your incision with a light bandage. For first hours You might have small tubes put in there to take out any excess fluid.It is good to keep Your upper body raised, so after the operation, You can stay comfortably in a bed for at least a day. The important thing to do is to walk a little even if the first day after the operation and increase the time during the next days.It is common to feel some pain, so You will probably get pain medications during the first days. Soon You will be able to go to the beach, wear revealing clothes and stop worrying about Your body shape and start enjoying Your new life. If You will maintain Your lifestyle the result will be long-lasting and never again will You experience any excess skin.

    Tummy tuck in Poland

    If You think this operation is right for You but are afraid of the cost, You may consider tummy tuck in Poland. Doctors here are well qualified and often the graduates of not only best Polish but also top European universities. Some may have experience in British or German hospitals, as they are much valued abroad, where there is usually doctors shortage. In Poland You can undergo safely cheap Abdominoplasty. The prices are usually a few times smaller than for the same procedure in the UK or any other Western country. Cheap Abdominoplasty is a great way to get back to life and enjoy it to the fullest extent. During Your stay, You will feel comfortable as You will be in the best of Polish clinics and stay in a reputable hotel. Simultaneously with the preparation to operation or during recovering time You can enjoy Polish seaside, mountains or just explore its main cities, such as Warsaw or Wroclaw. This way Your experience will be positive and Your friends at work or colleagues may think that You are actually on holiday!


    Need more information? Feel free to contact Beauty Poland! Our helpful team will explain you whole tummy tuck procedure. We can find a flight for you, arrange taxi transfer and of course organize your surgery in the best polish clinics.

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