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Is it safe to have tummy tuck Poland after stomach surgery

Updated November 28, 2018
ClinicHunter Ltd

Tummy tucks, known also as an abdominoplasty surgery is commonly performed with a high satisfaction rate. Beauty Poland performs more than 100 tummy tuck every year. Tummy tuck Poland has always excellent customer feedback. Affordable surgery helps patients with loose skin, stretch marks, lax abdominal muscles and excess tummy fat. Tummy tuck Poland is ideal plastic surgery abroad for patients after pregnancy or weight gain or loss. A cheap tummy tuck is often combined with liposuction, or vaginoplasty, or mommy makeover surgeries.  

What is stomach surgery Poland?

The most common are pregnancy incisors which separate the abdominal muscles after childbirth. Some woman has vertical or horizontal scars after pregnancy. There are many laparoscopic surgeries, like a gastric band Poland, gastric sleeve Poland, or gastric balloon Poland. Listed procedures are weight loss surgeries. It is also common to perform tummy tuck after bariatric surgery because of an excess of skin gained after weight loss. To confirm if you are a good candidate for tummy tuck Poland send us photos, tell your story and your surgeon will reply you with all details regarding your surgery case.

How long does the recovery after stomach surgery Poland last?

It is hard to provide you with an exact answer, as there are too many stomach surgeries to give you one, clear answer. After any surgery performed under local or general anesthetic one week of recovery is a minimum. Sometimes it takes longer. Tummy tuck recovery lasts about one month. It will take some time to return to all daily activities, as a patient should not lift heavy things. Each patient should be well prepared for recovery time. For mothers with children, we advise hiring someone to take care of children, as it may be difficult to be full-time mummy after tummy tuck abroad.

After which type of stomach surgery can I have a tummy tuck Poland?

There are no limits. Each case should be discussed with the plastic surgeon. Additionally, you may ask your previous stomach surgeon. It is always required to inform plastic surgeon about previous surgeries. Any medications which you take as daily routine must be listed also. In some cases plastic surgeon, require additional examination like chest x-rays, sugar test, etc. Feel free to ask our consultant to provide you with a medical assessment to check if you are a good candidate for tummy tuck Poland.

How soon after stomach surgery Poland can I have a tummy tuck?

It is always advised to wait at least 3 months before any surgery, to perform another. It is essential for your body to heal. When it comes to patients after pregnancy, it is good to wait for 6 – 9 months after giving a birth, then tummy tuck abroad is recommended to be done. It is more complicated after bariatric surgeries, as a patient should wait until his weight would be stable, and the process of weight loss would be completed. Commonly it is 2 years, sometimes earlier. If you have any doubts feel free to contact us, we would love to help you organize your tummy tuck in Poland!

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