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    TOP 6 reasons men choose hair transplant surgery Poland

    Updated November 28, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Hair transplant abroad is becoming the leading aesthetic procedure among men. Losing hair is a serious source of complexes, but hair restoration abroad can help eliminate this problem for good. In Poland we offer great clinics, renown surgeons and affordable prices for hair restoration. Below you can see what are the major reasons why men decide to come to Poland for hair transplant.

    6. Hair transplant procedure in Poland is done using latest techniques

    Hair transplant in Poland is done with Follicular Unit Extraction method, called FUE method. The clinics are equipped with the advanced and modern technology, which, combined with the surgeon’s experience, allows for achieving astonishing effects. Fue method is not invasive and there are no visible scars after the surgery. During the transplant, the doctor extracts hair follicles from donor area and then transfers them to the recipient area. Patients are allowed to return home even a few hours after the procedure.

    5. Hair transplant provides long lasting results

    FUE method of hair transplant guarantees long-lasting and most visible results. It is the most effective way of hair transplant. The transplanted hair will be growing naturally after 3-4 months. By 18 months, your hair will achieve the full thickness, maturity and health. What is more, this hair will not go out, so you will have the freedom of hairstyle or could cut your hair without any doubts or concerns.

    4. Hair transplant Poland improves self – esteem

    Losing hair can seriously affect the sense of self-worth by depriving men of their confidence and attractiveness. Also, at present, there is a tendency that younger and younger men have to face with going bald. Hair transplant in Poland allows men to regain their self-esteem by eliminating the problem of baldness. After you have a cheap hair transplant abroad, you get rid of your complexes, feel much more attractive, and forget about the problem of baldness.

    3. Hair transplants abroad really, really works

    Nowadays, FUE technology is the most effective method of hair transplant. If you have any concerns about the results or have had hair transplant in the past, the results of which are not satisfying, you should ask for FUE method. You will be amazed how effective this method is. After hair transplant abroad, your hair will grow naturally and you will eliminate the problem of losing hair forever. You will be explained and instructed how to take care of your hair after the procedure and as long as you follow the doctor’s instructions, you will enjoy the results for lifetime.

    2. Hair restoration changes your life

    The main reason for deciding for hair transplant is losing hair on a head. Head is major body parts and all imperfections are hard to hide. The result of baldness is a lack of self-esteem, confidence, and attractiveness, which has a huge influence on the person’s psyche. You do not need to live with this complex anymore. After hair transplant in Poland, you will look and feel much better and all your complexes will disappear. Undoubtedly, the way you feel and perceive yourself is reflected in your actions and way of life. Thanks to cheap hair transplant in Poland you can change your life for much better!

    1. Hair transplant in Poland is much cheaper

    Hair transplant is a quite expensive procedure, especially if you need a large amount of hair transplanted. It has been one of the main disadvantages of FUE method. But now you have the opportunity to perform affordable hair transplant in Poland. We offer highly professional clinics specialising in hair transplantation with the use of FUE method, experienced and renowned surgeons as well as astonishingly cheap prices for hair restoration. Contact us and we will explain you the whole procedure, provide you with the affordable, individually-given price, and number of grafts you need.

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