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Tips on how to recover after facelift abroad

Updated November 28, 2018
ClinicHunter Ltd

Facelift surgery abroad is a procedure that can reverse time and make you look and feel younger. However, it is still a surgery and there are tips that can help you with recovering after a cheap facelift abroad. Read our article and find out how to help yourself feel and look better!

Follow the instructions of your doctor

After the procedure, the surgeon will give you post operative instructions that are very important for your recovery. He will tell you which medications you should take and for how long. Also, he will tell you about taking care of your incision site and bandages. If possible you should take someone with you, who will take notes and remind you what to do.

Rehydrate your body often

Water is a universal way of helping your body. It has many positive effects and can help you with healing. Remember to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. That way you will help your body organize itself after the major procedure.

Plan your recovery time

It is not advised to go back to work right after the surgery. You should give your body time to rest and heal, so plan your recovery time wisely. Use up your vacation days if you work or finish house chores before the surgery so you do not need to do anything around the house.

Keep your head up

Keeping your head up might sound like not the best tip, but believe us it is very important. When you keep your head elevated, you reduce pressure on the treated area and you help with healing. With your head up, the swelling will go down faster and you will feel less pain. Also, remember to have your head up even when you are sleeping. You should use pillows to elevate your head in the bed.

Be patient

We know that you would like to see results of your surgery as soon as possible. However, you should give your body time to work its magic. Let the swelling go down, let the redness disappear and most importantly let the incisions heal.

Get plenty of rest

Have you ever heard about ‘beauty sleep’? If yes, then you know that sleeping is the best thing you can do for yourself. After the surgery your body will be exhausted, so do not forget about resting! No house chores, no working! Sleep, rest with a good book or a movie. You deserve it!

Do not pick up heavy objects

Lifting heavy objects can influence your healing. When you start to pick up something heavy, your blood pressure increases, you strain all your muscles and you make your blood flow faster. All of that can have a terrible way of slowing down your healing! Remember not to lift heavy objects after your facelift in Poland!

Listen to your body and remember that as soon as you see final results you would understand that it all was worth it!

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