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    When is the best time of year to have cheap breast implants surgery in Poland?

    Updated November 24, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Breast implants in Poland is a highly popular procedure. Nowadays many women are likely to change their breasts size or shape and decide on undergoing breast implants procedure abroad. It is a common and quite simple procedure, however, there are many factors which you should consider before coming to Poland for cheap breast augmentation. Is the time of year or season one of them?

    Factors to Consider when timing breast implants surgery in Poland

    As stated above, there are a lot of factors you should take into consideration before booking your plastic surgery. The timing may be one of them, however, more importantly, you should ask yourself why exactly you are choosing to do the cheap breast implants and what kind of lifestyle is. You should definitely think about the time when you are free to rest and properly recover after the affordable breast augmentation abroad. Regardless of the time of year, you decide on coming to Poland for the surgery there are other considerations to keep in mind. Remember that you should choose an experienced and professional surgeon, think about the size and shape of implants that will work best for you. Another thing is, that obviously, you have to be able to afford the procedure. In countries like UK, Norway or Germany the prices are much higher, hence many women are looking abroad. Poland is a perfect destination for cheap breast implants, as the surgeons are extremely qualified, but the prices are so much lower due to the economic situation.

    Benefits of getting breast implants in winter

    Most of our patients decide on having their cheap breast augmentation during the winter, as they want to have a beautiful body for the warmer seasons. Spring and summer mean more revealing clothes, vacations and more time at the pool and the beach, so women who decide on breast surgery usually want to be fully recovered until then.

    Many women have found that when it is colder, they are free to recover more privately, as the breasts are covered with jumpers and there are not that many outdoor activities. It allows them to have more time for healing and less stress that anybody would notice. When the spring comes, you are in a great condition, all well recovered and ready to show off the new curves!

    Benefits of getting breast implants in summer

    On the other hand, some women decide that the summer is actually a better time for their affordable breast surgery abroad. First of all, it can be combined with vacations, but also the warmer months work better for them. During the summer you do not have to cover yourself in a dozen of layers, which can be bothering sometimes after having the surgery. Also, a beautiful weather usually brings everyone in a good mood and as you may know, the mental condition is an important factor when it comes to the quick recovery.

    If you are not sure what is the best time to get your cheap breast implants abroad, feel free to contact our Patient Advisors! They are always ready to help you!

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