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    Thermolifting: facelift abroad without a scalpel

    Updated November 29, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Thermolifting is a non-invasive treatment that can be done in every cosmetic surgery clinic abroad, which is equipeed with a necessary apparatus with a specialist head. The procedure of such facelift abroad provides no disturbance of our daily lives – right after the surgery you can return to your daily duties.

    The head of the advanced device emits infrared radiation, which causes gradual heating of the deep layers of the dermis (up to 65 ° ) with constant cooling of the surface. The thermal effect of the head causes the contraction of collagen fibers. You should know that the more procedures you have performed, the greater the effect of shrinkage. Importantly, the reduction of wrinkles is visible after the first treatment. In addition, there is an increased production of collagen fibers, and this in turn results in improved skin elasticity and density. The process of collagen formation is thus gradual, because its effects are visible after 3-5 months from the start of the treatments. Skin rejuvenation and the effect of the treatment last for many years. Termolifting treatment can be applied to areas such as face, neck, chest, hands, arms, abdomen, inner thighs, skin above knees. In our plastic surgery clinics Poland, the duration of the procedure is about 20-50 minutes.

    face lift abroad

    The result of the surgery depends on the individual predisposition of the patient and on the applied temperature – the higher the temperature introduced to the deep layers of the skin, the better the effect of contraction and tension of the skin. The most visible effects of “reversing the aging process,” get patients aged 35-40 years. The result of these treatments never looks artificial – it is not possible to casue such a facial skin tension as is characteristic for a teenager.

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