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    Skincare After Facelift Surgery

    Updated November 28, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    It is a great challenge to choose the most suitable, the longest lasting and the most affordable rhytidectomy with so many various alternatives available on the market. These simple advice will help you lengthen the facelift effect regardless what kind of procedure you decide to undergo.

    Undoubtedly, people interested in facelift are also wondering about its durability and final effect. In spite of the popularity of facelift as an esthetic operation, there is no one universal to the question how long the effect of the procedure will last. The longevity of the procedure depends on various factors, mainly, doctor’s skills and experience, the condition of your skin before the facelift and the kind of facelift that you decide to undergo. Fortunately, you can implement certain directives to maintain facelift results. The following advice regarding skin care after facelift procedure will definitely help you to prolong the effects of the procedure.

    Take care of swelling and bruising

    Swelling and bruising are the most common side effects of the facelift. Initially, you may get the impression that the swelling is deteriorating instead of getting better. Bruising and swelling are usually the most visible several days after the procedure then they gradually wear off. Fortunately, there are some solutions that help reduce this problem or prevent them from deterioration. Attempt to maintain your head upraised after the procedure. It is recommended by the surgeons to sleep with your head elevated at approximately 30-degree angle. In order to keep your head up while sleeping, you can form a tower from pillows. The good solution to swelling are ice pack or compresses. It is also advisable to take supplements to minimalize the bruising. After your facelift done in Poland make sure to ask your surgeon if it is advisable to take any supplements to improve your appearance after rhytidectomy. Undoubtedly it Is always better to consult your surgeon before taking supplementation.

    The influence of sun on the skin after facelift

    You cannot neglect the influence of the sun rays on your skin especially when you struggle to maintain facelift surgery results. Excessive sun exposure can damage your skin irreversibly it may contribute to the discoloration of your skin, crating flaw commonly called liver spots. Sun exposure may be harmful to elastin or collagen set beneath your skin, both are essential to keep your skin smooth. The skin damages caused by the sun exposure before the facelift are irreversible Nonetheless, what you are able to do is to avoid subsequent damages and maintain facelift surgery results. The everyday application of screen can be a crucial part of rhytidectomy post-operative care. Your surgeon can even advise you to apply special clinical sunscreen. If not search for the sunscreen containing zinc oxide and is 30 SPF.

    Additionally, Umbrella is also a good idea to prevent your skin from sun rays. Certainly, it does not mean that you have to say goodbye to the sunbathing once and for all. The golden mean is to be cautious and treat the health of your skin as a priority. Keep in mind that not the only sunburn is a skin damage. There is no doubt that this advice is crucial because sun damages are irreversible.

    Rhytidectomy and make- up

    It is advisable to avoid putting make-up up to 10 days after the procedure. Moreover, you should not put strong make-up on the areas where there are irregularities and scars caused by the facelift, it may create shadows or enhance the visibility of your scars. Use the only foundation and highlight other areas of your face, it will distract the attention from your facelift scars. Corrector with green pigment can be helpful when it comes to covering scars after the procedure.

    Do not forget about moisturizing your skin

    Undoubtedly, the limitation of sun exposure will definitely help you to avoid future skin damages. It is advisable to moisture your skin every day to keep it healthy and nourish especially after facelift done in Poland. Moisturizing your skin will definitely minimize the possibility of undergoing the procedure again. Moreover, it will strengthen the effect of your facelift abroad. The best moisturizing products are those that contain SPF 30 because they not only moisturize but also protect your skin from the sun rays. The final result of your facelift done in Poland is for sure the thing to be proud of so enjoy every kind remark regarding your new appearance. If you put in practice those few simple tips you will enjoy the effect of your cheap facelift even longer.

    Cigarettes and skin care after facelift

    After your facelift done in Poland you will have a good reason to finally quit smoking! Nicotine is not only harmful to your lungs but also contributes to the aging of your skin and makes your skin drier. Moreover, Nicotine is the reason of slowing down your healing process after the procedure.
    You may be even asked by your surgeon if you are going to limit or quit smoking after the surgery to enhance the healing process. Nicotine definitely not only an influence on healing process but also causes the death of tissues! Undoubtedly, smoking during the period of recovery can significantly shorten the duration of the effect of your procedure. It can create irreversible skin changes.

    Keeping your facelift results for longer

    Many people decide to use non-surgical solutions to enhance the effect of their facelift, mainly, Exlillis Elite or Ultherapy. Those procedures help support the collagen in your skin thus maintain the youthful appearance after rhytidectomy. Undergoing Ultherapy you are able to achieve the delicate effect of lifting your brow and improve the firmness of your skin. Exilis helps diminish the level of fat in your chin and face area. Botox or Xeomin can also be beneficial and contribute to maintaining facelift surgery results.

    All in all, in order to maintain facelift surgery results you have to enact few simple rules, mainly, avoid excessive sun exposure, limit smoking after surgery and do not forget about moisturizing your skin. If you are looking for an affordable facelift in Poland the best solution is to choose the services of Beauty Poland. The company offers not only the best quality services but also the most affordable prices. Do not hesitate fill in the application form on this website and enjoy a new youthful look. The team of trained customer service consultants will answer all of your questions and provide the best solution adjusted to your personal needs.

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