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    How is septoplasty different from rhinoplasty abroad?

    Updated November 28, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Septoplasty and rhinoplasty are both very popular nasal surgeries, often performed together. However, they are different procedures. Let us revise the differences so you can make a good decision on what kind of nose job abroad you actually need.

    What is septoplasty?

    A Septoplasty is a surgery performed to correct a deviated or crooked septum. The septum is a wall in the nose that is composed of bone and cartilage. This wall divides your nose into two separate nostrils. When the septum deviates, the septum is displaced to one side of the nose. This can cause breathing problems to arise. Usually, the septum is straight. When it is crooked, it is said to deviate.

    A septoplasty is typically performed completely inside the nose. Any incisions will be concealed inside the nose. Depending on how severe the deviation is, the surgeon may remove some of the septum, reposition it or even replace it entirely with a splint.

    When should septoplasty be done?

    As mentioned above, septoplasty surgery should be done to correct a deviated septum. It will help you breath more easily and this is its primary purpose. Septoplasty is performed to prevent nasal obstruction. Some patients have an inborn defect when septum deviates to one side or they had an injury or accident, which resulted in deviation.
    Septoplasty is considered as a medical procedure, not the cosmetic one.

    When should rhinoplasty be done?

    Rhinoplasty abroad is the cosmetic procedure, as it improves the appearance of the nose. Rhinoplasty abroad can be performed for various reasons – to make a nose smaller, to extend it, to make it less crooked, to smooth out a bump or restore the look of your nose after an injury or accident. Rhinoplasty abroad enhances facial harmony by adjusting various proportions of the nose. However, there are also instances when rhinoplasty in Poland is performed to improve the breathing problems when a patient does not have a deviated septum.

    Septoplasty VS rhinoplasty abroad

    Purpose Correction of breathing problems Correction of the appearance
    Type of surgery MedicalCosmetic
    Targeted area Septum Whole nose
    SurgeryClosedClosed or open
    Recovery Shorter Longer

    Septoplasty and rhinoplasty abroad price comparison

    You can get cheap septoplasty abroad from 1100 GBP and very affordable rhinoplasty from 1800 GBP! In comparison, the procedures cost in the UK, respectively, is on average 3500 GBP and 4200 GBP.

    Thus, you can save up to 70%! Do not hesitate to contact our patient advisors at Beauty Poland and book your cheap nose surgery abroad today!

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