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    Is scuba diving with breast implants possible?

    Updated November 28, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    enlarged breastSeemingly, the juxtaposition of words scuba diving after breast enlargement might sound innocuous but diving after breast implant procedure can pose a certain risk. Majority of the society is not aware of the risk connected with placing implants deep in the water under the huge pressure. If you are keen on diving and at the same time you have to be aware and completely comprehend the risks connected with breast implants and scuba diving and what directives implement to be sure that you are safe while scuba diving.

    Be cautious after breast enlargement

    Breast implants are not mentioned in the medical form where are listed diving limitations.  This document is legal- valid aimed at counteracting accidents and diminish the legal responsibility of scuba diving trainers. Seemingly, not mentioning breast implants in this medical questionnaire may imply that they do not pose any risk while diving.

    Despite the fact that breast augmentation is not mentioned in questionnaire there are few questions about endured procedures/surgeries. If you undergo any procedure including breast enlargement you should consult your GP. In order to return to diving, you must recover from the surgery or procedure.

    Opinions about the perfect time for returning to diving after breast enlargement are divided. There are doctors who advise patients to wait for 6 months, one the other hand, some doctors recommend to avoid diving just for couple weeks. Obviously, some inaccuracies may stem from the kind of breast augmentation. Make sure that you follow your doctor’s advice before taking up diving again.

    Do breast implants influence the ability to float on the surface of the water?

    Will my implants make one buoyancy? The answer is no. You may expect a slight change in buoyancy, which depends on the type of implant. When it comes to Saline breast implants, their buoyancy is neutral provided the weight and body structure of diver do not undergo change.

    A lot of people are not aware of the link between silicone implants and scuba diving. Silicone implants may theoretically affect the buoyancy of breast implants because the material of which they are made is heavier than the water. The general rule is that the heavier implants are, the greater effect the buoyancy.

    Water pressure and breast implants

    Breast implants are not affected by the underwater pressure. As the diver goes down diver’s ears and lungs are packed with air that is compressed. A person who dives has to level off the air spaces in their body because of the air’s compressibility that influences water pressure. However, it is not only air that filled the diver’s body, the rest is filled with blood, that consists mainly of water that may be assumed to be incompressible fluid. It is why driver’s body parts (arm, legs) are not directly affected by a pressure shift. Generally, breast implants are made of silicone and saline. Saline implants’ are similar when it comes to density as water. They contain salt water and that is why they behave similar to water and do not pressurize at low altitudes When it comes to silicone implants despite the fact that they are denser than saline ones they also do not compress.

    Is it possible that scuba diving will damage my breast implants?

    The scuba diving cannot destroy your implants. It is advisable to dive maximal to 100 feet of depth and approximately 4 atmospheres of pressure. The issue of extreme sports after breast surgery created the heated debate among rabid divers so the leader of DAN carried out an experiment. They examine all kind of implants and their behaviour under the water. What is the outcome?

    They noticed an inconsiderable shift bubble size (1-4%) in silicone as well as in saline breast implants it varies because of the altitude and time of the dive. In fact, the bubble formation in breast implants may cause the breast implants’ enlargement but it is impossible to damage the surrounding tissue or implant itself.

    It turned out that the saline implants are the least susceptible to the shift in size and the rest noticed changes are inconsequential.

    Advice concerning safety

    In many cases, patients at certain point realize that they have not thought before the procedure about the issues that suddenly start thinking after boob job abroad. Let’s imagine that you are on your holidays in the tropical island a lot of patients after boob job abroad wondering if they can scuba dive. The issue of concern is that they are afraid of bursting their breast implants. There is no reason to worry!

    In order to better understand the reason why your breast implants will be safe, you need to understand how scuba diving works and what compresses while diving. What compresses is the gas, not the solid matter. In simple terms, your safe breast implants are not balloons filled with air, so you needn’t worry! Although, breast implants risk when it comes to diving simply does not exist but below you can find several bits of advice if you want to devote to your hobby:

    1. It is advisable to check with your doctor before scuba diving, this is a typical precautionary measure which is applicable to any kind of procedure.
    2.  On the whole, you have to avoid contact with water about 6 weeks but it is very individual so make sure that you dispel all doubts with your surgeon.
    3. Last but not the least, implement your surgeon’s advice to shorten recovery after breast enlargement.

    Safe breast implants

    All in all, diving after breast enlargement is safe and do not affect the result of the procedure. So if you are an avid diver you needn’t worry and start enjoying yourself while scuba diving! If you are looking for affordable breast implants in Poland the best solution is to choose the services of Beauty Poland. Contact us and let your personal customer advisor organize your procedure.

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