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    Scarring after hair transplant abroad

    Updated November 28, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Scarring after hair transplant abroad that is common questions. Many patients want to know how they will look like after hair transplant procedure, where the scars would be, how long scars will last, how to deal with them. This article might be helpful for all thinking about hair transplant abroad, hope it will help you to find out which method FUE or FUT would be best for you. Both methods are available to perform in Poland. FUE is the newest technology of hair transplant Poland, but FUT hair transplant is still performed and chosen by patients.

    Scarring after FUE hair transplant abroad

    FUE leaves n the donor area where the grafts are taken. It is worth to underline that FUE is the completely scarless procedure for recipient area, where the grats are placed. The tools used to make the recipient sites are very tiny. There should be no evidence or scars where you get your new hair. With the latest advanced extraction tools and advanced skill and technique, scarring can be non-existent or at least non-visible to the naked eye. Hair transplant surgeon uses 0.7 mm – 2 mm punches to reduce the risk of scarring.

    Scarring after FUT hair transplant Poland

    FUT technique (Follicular Unit Transplant) or Strip technique is an older method of hair transplant. Unfortunately, FUT hair transplant abroad leaves permanent scars located in the donor area, where the grafts are collected. 40% of patients have visible scars which are noticeable while having the shortcut. Of course, each patient is going to be different and each doctor’s results are different. Some patients after cheap hair transplant Poland may have detectable scarring, some may never have them. It is also personal issues, patients with problems with healing process are in the group with the potential risk of permanent scarring.

    How to avoid scars after hair transplant procedure abroad?

    There is only one way to avoid having a linear strip scar, the way is FUE hair transplant Poland. One alternative method to strip technique which leaves permanent scars is FUE, known as follicular unit extraction. FUE does not result in a hair transplant scar because the hair transplant surgery is not removing a large portion of tissue, nor is there a need for sutures. FUE hair transplant abroad lets patient to restore their hairline without having to keep long haircut to keep covered areas with  FUT scarring. For all patients who already have a hair transplant scar, there are a few options available to minimalize scars. The first and the simplest is to keep hair grow to conceal scars areas.  Another option is to consider surgical scar revision.

    Feel free to contact Beauty Poland if you have more questions. Our doctor Artur Sandelewski would be happy to answer all your questions and help you with your hair loss issues. Within 25 years working as a hair transplant surgeon and plastic surgeon doctor Artur Sandelewski reached the highest skills and experience. Doctor come across patient needs and offers free video consultation via Skype to help you take proper decision. In some cases, hair transplant might be the too invasive procedure and some less invasive procedures are advised like PRP injections, scalp treatment to stop hair loss.  

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