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    Aging After Breast Implants Surgery – How To Avoid The Sagging Skin

    Updated March 6, 2019
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    enlarged boobs in a pink braThere are some obvious facts, like time passing, and gravity. Over time, gravity will affect your breast and it is natural for the breast skin to lose tightness. Sagging is inevitable for each of us, and all women with or without implants one day will face this problem. It is hard to predict when a woman’s breasts will start sagging, and there is no rule for a woman with implants or with natural breast. Below you may check couple facts concerning sagging after and breast implants and learn some tips on how to delay breast sagging.

    The larger your implants, the greater the fall

    It is a hard, but true that as time passes, the larger your natural breasts are, the greater the fall is. In other words, the bigger implants you have, the more sagging breast you might experience. Surgeons said that patients with large implants are more likely to have saggy breast. In general, each implant which has more than 350 cc is called a ‘’large implant’. On the market, you may choose implants between 100 cc – 2000 cc. Whereas implants over 700cc they must be custom made. On the other hand, you should not worry, as your surgeon is the best specialist who will advise you what size will be best for you. During the consultation, the surgeon will give all the details of the procedure and will find the perfect size for you

    Breast implants surgery cannot stop the aging process

    It is worth to know that plastic surgery will not stop the aging process, as no surgery can do that. Of course, plastic surgeries may delay, or drawback aging process but it will never stop it. Although many of our patients look even 10, 15 years younger after surgery. Lots of patients confirm that they not only look younger but also feel younger.  Each plastic surgery will rejuvenate you, for sure, but with time passing the surgery effects will be affected by time. Each patient should be aware and accept it before having plastic surgery.

    Personal habits affect the results of your breast augmentation surgery 

    It is known that some habits affect skin elasticity. Smoking results in dramatic skin age reversal, which means it speeds up the sagging process. There are some substances, that prevent skin from sagging. Vitamin C is a primary nutrient that works against aging effects. Another substance is aloe, which you may drink or use as a lotion. Here is the list of most famous aging products: pine bark, chocolate, green tea, any anti-oxidants. It is also good to practice body lotions with Q10 enzyme.

    What you should do to get long-term results

    First of all, you should wear a good bra. It should be adapted to your breast and your needs. It means that bra should be adapted to your breast size and shape. What is more, it is essential to have a couple of well-fitted bras. For example, push up bra should not be worn every day and casual, standard bra should be worn more frequently than the push-up ones. It is an excellent idea to use bra fitter services.  As mentioned above, a healthy diet will help you and your breast look young, well-combined meals will keep you nourished. Keep being hydrated, drink 2 liters of water every day. Try some sports activities, what is more, it is easy to find on the Internet some exercises which will lift your breast!

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