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    Round vs teardrop breast implants

    Updated December 10, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Breast implants are one of the greatest solutions for women who struggle with underdeveloped breast or due to other reasons like aging, pregnancy or weight loss. If you are one of those who may pin yourself to one of these categories, you may feel that breast implants in Poland may be an option for you. Nowadays, there are various options to choose and also there are many plastic surgeons who are eager to help you in providing you with desired effects. If you would like to have your breast augmentation performed in Poland, you may find in this article more info to consider, for example implant sizes or incision sites. One thing to consider is the shape of an implant. There are two options: round or teardrop implants.

    What to take into consideration when deciding on breast implants?

    Before the surgery you should take into consideration various factors and one of them is definitely the shape of the implant. There are two types of implants: round and teardrop ones. As breasts differ from person to person, shape of implants is a matter of personal preferences.  Things to consider are:

    • type of the body
    • how much tissue is now
    • place of implant insertion (either subglandular or under-the-muscle)
    • incision site ( e.g in the armpit, navel, at the inframammary fold at the bottom of the breast, or at the edge of the areola)

    Breast implants shape types

    Round breast implants

    When you think about breast augmentation round breast implants are generally the ones which first come to mind. Usually, women chose to have round and full breasts. General characteristic of round implants is that they are circular in shape, yet they are not anatomic. Nevertheless, they are softer than teardrop ones.

    Thanks  to this option you may achieve fuller in the upper pole breast, although the most natural look will only be achieved if the size of the implant is chosen well for your body and you breast tissue. As round implants are the same shape, you do not have to worry that they may rotate out of place or there may appear  some symmetry issues in the future.

    Bear in mind that gravity also has some impact on the implant and after some time it may resemble a teardrop implant. This solution is one of the most reliable ones and there are also two types you can choose: saline or silicone implants.

    Teardrop breast implants

    Teardrop implants are said to be anatomic and breast shape after these implants resembles your natural breast. This type of implants are considered to have a higher degree of fullness especially in the lower pole in comparison to upper ones. As they are anatomic in shape, they are firmer than round implants. If you want to have soft in touch breasts, you should think twice before choosing them.

    In the make of teardrop implants, highly cohesive silicone is used and it seems to be more durable with less instances of rupture. Also, they look more natural for longer period of time in comparison to traditional round implants. There is also almost no risk when it comes to rotating which brings about deformity.

    Breast implants profiles

    When you discussed with your surgeon the type of shapes of breast implants the next step is to determine which breast implants profile will suit you the best.  When it comes to breast implants profile this term means simply to what degree breast implants project outward from the chest wall. There are many options from which you may choose, for example, low, moderate, high, high with extra fullness or projection profiles.

    Generally, the main feature of  higher profile breast implants is that they are projected far away from the chest and possess a narrower base. Therefore, the main difference between high profile and low profile breast implants is that the former makes breast silhouette more prominent.

    When making decision about breast profiles, you should consider a few factors. First of all, the patient should take into account her natural anatomy. High-profile breast may not suit the best those who have a wide breast base as this type of breast has a narrow base. Sometimes, patients with a small frame have a wide breast base which cannot be accurately supported. Your surgeon will determine which profile is the best for your physique.

    Moreover, first off all, patients should decide what are their aesthetic goals while deciding on breast implants profile. For example, high profile breast implants greatly influence outward projection. For other women, breast lift and cleavage is more vital than achieving the most natural-looking appearance, therefore, the patients may choose higher-profile breast implants.

    How to choose the best option?

    If you are about to choose breast implants, the size if of great matter but shape cannot be ruled out as it will also affect your authentic-looking results. Usually, during the consultation patients have already in mind specific outcomes, yet usually change their mind after pondering on numerous factors which include implant dimensions of base-width, height, volume and profile projection.

    It may seem to be lots of options to choose at first glance, but  it is an advantage due to the fact that you have a great chance to achieve desirable effects. That is why it is vital to choose a qualified surgeon who will meet your expectations.

    To sum up, there are two types of breast implants which are saline ( salt water) or silicone (gel). When it comes to these two types of implants, there are two options regarding shapes: round or anatomic ones which is also called “teardrop”.  Moreover, there is another distinction when it comes to outer surfaces: implants may come be textured or smooth. Round implants generally have more gentle look which some women are more opt for them. Anatomical implants are more like teardrop shape which is regarded as more advanced, having more natural and elegant appearance.


    Breast enlargement  is one of the most efficient options to make your breast look more aesthetic.  If you consider cheap boob job in Poland do not hesitate but contact our advisor and ask for more information. Cheap breast abroad is a good option for having the surgery performed by highly experienced surgeons and for affordable prices usually competitive with others in Europe.

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