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    How to make the results of my liposuction in Poland last?

    Updated November 28, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    Liposuction in Poland is a perfect solution for people struggling with the excessive fat, who want to improve their appearance at the high standard and low price. You need to come to Poland for at least 6 days, but you need to remember that your stay in Poland is just a first step towards your ideal look. After the liposuction, your surgeon will give you all the details of what you should do during the recovery process so that the results will come fast and will meet your expectations. Below you will find some tips worth following after you have your cheap liposuction in Poland.

    Keep the weight stable after your cheap liposuction in Poland

    After your liposuction abroad, you need to be very careful of what you eat so that your weight does not fluctuate. Any rapid and uncontrolled loss or gain of weight might disturb the final effects of your surgery. Losing and gaining many pounds in a short period of time is dangerous for everyone, but patients after liposuction are even more at risk of complications caused by weight fluctuations. Keeping your weight stable after liposuction will prevent your skin from losing elasticity and the effects of the liposuction will not be affected.

    Do not forget to wear compression garments after lipo abroad

    After your liposuction surgery ends, you will be given a special compression garment. You will need to wear it for the time recommended by your surgeon. He will tell you how long and how frequently you should wear it so that the effects will come soon and will be clearly visible. It is extremely important that you wear this garment as advised by the surgeon because then your body will heal and adapt to the new shape properly.

    Follow the diet after your liposuction abroad

    Diet is one of the key factors influencing the results of liposuction. You do not need to be on a special diet, but in order to maintain the achieved effects of your cheap liposuction in Poland, you should eat balanced healthy meals. You are strongly advised to avoid fatty food, meals, and drinks rich in sugar and much salt as well as alcohol. You also should bear in mind that your eating habits must be a life-time change and keeping the healthy diet should be natural for you. Then, you will no longer face the problem of the excessive weight.


    Exercising is really important in life. Just after the liposuction and during the recovery period you cannot practice sport on a regular basis, but week after week you ought to increase the activity in your everyday life. You should exercise regularly in order to keep your body in a good shape. Thanks to that, your liposuction will bring even greater effects and your body will be wonderfully contoured.

    Your liposuction in Poland will change your life forever! If you consider having this procedure performed at a low price and high standard, you should choose Poland. The only thing you need to remember is that the liposuction itself is as important as your life afterward. The diet, exercising and proper care of your body will help you achieve the best results and will make them last forever. The only thing you need to do is to contact Beauty Poland. We will advise you on the best clinics, offer one of the most affordable prices and assist you throughout your treatment! Do not hesitate to contact us! Together, we will improve the quality of your life and the look of your body!

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