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    How should I protect my nose after rhinoplasty in Poland

    Updated November 28, 2018
    ClinicHunter Ltd
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    nose job polandRhinoplasty in Poland is a very popular procedure. If you decide to go abroad for cheap rhinoplasty you should know how to protect your nose after the surgery. Here are some tips:

    Avoid sun exposure after rhinoplasty in Poland

    After a rhinoplasty, once the cast is removed,  it is very important to protect your nose from sun exposure. It can harm your skin and cause issues with scarring, as your nose is sensitive after the surgery. You should put on a broad spectrum sunscreen with an appropriate SPF level (at least 30) and wear a hat, to protect your new nose. Your new nose is sensitive and may cause permanent discoloration when exposed to direct sunlight.

    The sun cannot cause damage to the structural results of your rhinoplasty, however, it may cause discoloration, splotches or hyperpigmentation, so make sure that you avoid sun exposure and use appropriate sunscreens!

    Sleep on your back with your head raised right after rhinoplasty in Poland

    Sleeping with you head raised reduces the effect of gravity on the face and reduces swelling of the nose after rhinoplasty. If you sleep on your side, your nose will swell closed on the “down” side, so stack up some pillows and sleep well with your head elevated.

    Do not run or do any aerobic exercises after rhinoplasty in Poland

    You should avoid running, jogging and other exercises for at least 2 weeks after your rhinoplasty. But not only going to the gym and exercising should be avoided, restriction also includes bending, pulling, pushing etc. In general, you can gradually return to your exercises after the third week. However, for example, swimming must be avoided for the first six weeks, as the cast on your nose must be kept dry. Moreover, contact and dynamic sports, like for instance, volleyball or football should be avoided for even 6 months after the nose job. Additionally, remember that sexual activities are also a kind of exercises and you should minimize them for the first three weeks of your recovery.

    Nevertheless, you should walk around a little to prevent blood clots from developing.

    You may be instructed in a set of nasal exercises after rhinoplasty in Poland

    Nasal exercises, refer to a postoperative instruction that involves massaging the nasal bones after your nose job surgery. Nasal exercises would only be recommended in rhinoplasty patients where the nasal bones were broken during the rhinoplasty. Nasal exercises are done to help further contour the nose during the recovery process. However they can be only recommended by your surgeon, remember to ask him about it if you have any doubts.

    Avoid hot showers right after rhinoplasty in Poland

    This is the same restriction, as when it comes to swimming. You should avoid hot showers because you can wet your cast and it should be kept dry at all times. You can still take a bath. Just make sure that you do not drench the cast on your nose. But do not worry, the cast is usually removed just after 5 days.

    Do not drink alcohol after rhinoplasty in Poland

    Stop drinking alcoholic beverages, as alcohol can have adverse effects when taken with certain medications that your doctor may prescribe. Alcohol also thins the blood and increases the risk of excessive bleeding. It is best to refrain from drinking within the first two weeks. One thing that you should do, though, is to keep yourself hydrated with water. Keep this habit even after the healing period. Water can actually do wonders for your overall health.

    Do not wear t-shirts after rhinoplasty in Poland

    Avoid wearing t-shirts for the first two weeks, as pulling clothes over your head may hit your new sensitive nose. Wear a button down shirt to avoid accidental nose movement.

    Do not compare results of your rhinoplasty in Poland with others

    Do not compare yourself to others! While it is generally a good advice in life you should remember that everyone is different and we are all naturally born with different noses. Thus, even after the surgery, no nose will be exactly the same as another person’s. A good surgeon knows that getting a nose is not about copying the nose of someone else, but will improve your nose and balance it with your overall facial features. An excellent doctor will show you how you will look like with a new nose through digital imaging.

    You should keep your nose in a good shape after your surgeon provides you with a new shape! If you have any questions feel free to contact Beauty Poland. Do not hesitate and book your cheap rhinoplasty today!

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