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Vaginoplasty FAQ

Updated July 16, 2019

Liposukcja w PolsceWhat is Vaginoplasty?

There are changes to woman’s body as time passes by. Vagina is not an exception. It doesn’t only change with age, but also after childbirth. That’s why so many women decide for female genital surgery in Poland. Labiaplasty abroad may make you feel pretty down there again. Vaginal tightening surgery will increase the tightness of the vagina and will rebuild and remodel the surrounding areas of it.

Is vaginoplasty abroad safe?

Vaginoplasty surgery in Poland is performed under local anesthetic, it makes surgery safer and recovery time quicker. Average recovery time lasts one week.

Why get vaginal rejuvenation abroad?

Aesthetic reason, as well as, loss of sexual sensation and satisfaction are main reasons to get vagina plastic surgery in Poland. Most or patients claim that surgery results in a higher interest in sex and a higher level of intimacy.

What problems are solved by vaginal rejuvenation abroad?

Vaginal rejuvenation surgery in Poland helps with sexual sensitivity, caused by lack of vaginal tone or stretching of the vaginal mucosa. After pregnancy, and giving a birth the vaginal lips may be open to much. For women, it results into the loss of sexual pleasure, for men it reduces vaginal fixation.

What can’t vaginal rejuvenation surgery in Poland do?

Vaginal rejuvenation will not solve sexual problems which are caused by emotional or relationship issues, sexual dysfunction or anorgasmia.

How is vaginoplasty in Poland performed?

Reconstructive vaginoplasty surgery aims to repair some vaginal defects which may be caused by diseases. During reconstructive surgery, the tissue from another area of the body is taken to reconstruct areas of the vagina. Vaginal rejuvenation surgery is also called vaginal tightening surgery, as the relaxed muscles of the vagina and perineum are being tightened and reinforced to change the vagina appearance. Also, the surgeon will remove excess of vaginal lining and surrounding tissue.

Can other procedures be performed at the same time as vaginoplasty?

Yes, a labiaplasty surgery in Poland is often performed with the vaginoplasty surgery.  Labiaplsty surgery removes extra skin or fat from vagina areas. Commonly both procedures are performed at the same time to improve effects. Of course, as the vagina plastic surgery require anesthesia it can be combined with other plastic surgeries, like breast enlargement or liposuction in Poland. For more specific details contact our consultant.

Does vaginoplasty in Poland hurt?

The surgery is performed under local anesthesia, so it is completely painless. After surgery, your surgeon will provide you with some medications to reduce pain after the surgery. Recovery time lasts one week.

How long does vaginoplasty surgery take?

Average time of the vaginoplasty surgery is 1 -2 hours. Of course, the length of the surgery is individual.

How much does vaginoplasty procedure cost?

The price for the surgery starts from 8000 PLN, which is 1700 GBP or 1900 EUR. Vaginoplasty abroad is more affordable, as the vaginal plastic surgery is 70% cheaper than in the UK.  Vaginoplasty prices in Poland are known to be the cheap, while the professionalism of the surgeons is very high.

Can I still have a vaginoplasty procedure if I’ve not had children? 

Yes, the vaginal plastic surgery abroad is also an option for women who have never had children. There is only one exception, the vaginoplasty surgery is not recommended for women who are planning to have more children. In such case, you need to inform your surgeon and gynecologist, and they will find the solution for you.

How long do I have to refrain from sexual activity after vaginoplasty surgery abroad?

You should refrain from any type of sexual activity for  4-6 weeks. Your gynecologist will tell you when you are ready to have vaginal penetration again, as your vagina must be well healed.

What tests are required before my vaginoplasty abroad?

Blood group, blood morphology, SR (sedimentation rate), coagulogram (APTT, INR), serum glucose, electrolytes levels, urine analysis, Ekg (only for patients older than 55 y.o.), HBs, HCV

How soon can I get back to work after the vaginoplasty abroad?

Even though it is individual, on average the time of the recovery is one week. Some patients may feel good even after 3 days.

What are the vaginoplasty risks and complications?

As with any operation, there are certain risks. Potential risks are Infection, bleeding, and change in sexual sensation. Bruising and discomfort are normal after the procedure. It should reduce over the following two weeks.

What is included in the price of vaginoplasty in Poland?

The price for vaginal plastic surgery in Poland includes consultations (before and after surgery), blood tests, local anesthetic, surgery, all medications and professional care during and after surgery.

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