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      Neck Lift – FAQ

      Updated March 15, 2022

      What is a neck lift?

      Neck lift, also known as lower rhytidectomy, submentoplasty, and lower facelift, is a plastic surgery that removes sagging skin and fat in the neck area and under the jaw line. After submentoplasty in Poland, the neck looks younger and the patient feels more confident.

      Who is a good candidate for a neck lift?

      The one who has unwanted sagging of the neck or jawline can consider having neck lift surgery. Both men and women can get submentoplasty in Poland. You are a good candidate for the neck lift abroad if your skin still has its elasticity. You must be in a good general and mental health. Your expectations about the results of the procedure must be realistic. Inform your surgeon if you have any specific health condition or allergic reactions.    

      At what age can a neck lift be performed?

      Most patients who want to have neck lift done are over 40 years old. But sometimes sagging sking may occur earlier because of the huge weight loss. So there is no best age for the neck lift abroad.

      Can you combine neck-lift with other procedures?

      Yes. Neck lift can be combined with small plastic surgeries like chin liposuction or facelift as well as with more serious plastic surgeries like breast augmentation in Poland. You should discuss all the options during the consultation with your surgeon.

      How is a neck lift performed?

      The surgery lasts 2-3 hours. During the surgery, the surgeon will make small incisions behind the ears and under the chin. He will use these incisions for fat removing which is usually done with liposuction. After the fat is removed the skin will be pulled taut, and the incisions will be closed.

      What type of anesthesia will I need?

      Neck lift can be performed under local or general anesthesia. Usually, local anesthesia is used, but if the surgery is combined with more serious surgeries general anesthesia is used.

      How long does neck lift take?

      The surgery lasts 2-3 hours. But it depends on how many procedures you will have during one surgery.

      Does lower facelift hurt?

      Patients may experience some discomfort, but it is controlled with medication. For those who are afraid of pain, general anesthesia may be used.

      How much does neck lift cost?

      The price of the neck life depends on several factors, the most important one is the geographic location of the clinic. Medical tourism is a getting very popular among people from Western Europ, US, and Australia as in countries like Poland they can pay even twice less than in their country. At the same time, the professionalism of surgeons, clinic’s equipment and materials are the same or even better. Clinics in Poland have international certificates like ISO that prove that the clinics are working according to all European standards. Below you can find neck price comparison in different countries.


      Where will the stitches be placed?

      The stitches will be placed behind the ears, in cases when chin liposuction is done the surgeon will also make a small incision under the chin. After stitches are healed the scar is almost invisible.

      When will the stitches be removed and does this hurt?

      Usually, the stitches are removed on the 7th day after the surgery. In some cases, the surgeon may suggest to remove it later. If your surgeon is a professional you won’t feel any pain during stitches removal.

      What is the expected recovery from a neck lift?

      Two hours after the surgery, most patients can go home. But you cannot drive yourself, so ask your friend or relative to drive you and to help you for at least one day after the surgery. For two weeks after the surgery, you should wear compression garment and may feel tightness, burning, or cold sensation. Keep your head and neck still (turn with your whole body, not just a head), sleep with your head elevated and avoid lifting heavy objects. You should remember to protect your operated areas from the sun for 6 months after the surgery.

      How long is the recovery?

      In most cases, in 10 days after the surgery you can go back to work, and in a month you can go back to all your daily activities. Remember that you must contact your surgeon immediately if you notice pus and redness at your incisions or if you have temperature.

      How quickly will I see the results after lower facelift?

      Even though you will have some swelling, you will notice the results right after the surgery and the results will improve over the healing time.

      Are the results permanent?

      The results of the neck lift last for about 10 years. You should understand that there is no surgery that can stop aging processes.

      Neck lift abroad before and after photos

      How long should I stay in Poland after neck lift surgery?

      If you want to have neck lift surgery done abroad, you should come to the country for 6 days. Before coming to Poland you should send pictures of your face to our consultants, so that the surgeon will be able to see if you are a candidate for the surgery, but you should understand that the final decision if you are a candidate and final price can be estimated only after the consultation and medical tests. The first day you will have a consultation and medical tests in the clinic. Usually, the next day lower facelift in Poland can be performed. You can go to the hotel after the surgery or stay in the clinic for the night. You cannot travel back home for 3 more days as the surgeon needs to check if everything went well and how your healing goes.

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      Justyna Zastapilo

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