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      Vibro Liposuction – All you need to know

      Updated May 13, 2019

      Vibrolipo is becoming one of the leading methods of liposuction, which is being frequently chosen by our patients. It is the most modern and advanced type of liposuction. It uses a  revolutionary technique which allows you to remove your fat in an astonishingly safe, precise and fast way.

      Vibro lipo definition

      Vibro lipo technology uses compressed air. The specially constructed head brings a thin cannula in, which causes vibrations in three directions. As a result, the surgery is very precise as it reaches multiple layers of fat cells. It prevents unevenness under the skin, which sometimes takes place with regard to traditional liposuction.

      Benefits of Vibro lipo surgery

      The main asset of vibro lipo is the safety. Nowadays on the market, there is no liposuction being more secure and non-invasive than vibro lipoplasty. When the cannula encounters a tissue other than fat tissue, it automatically turns off. It also does not overheat, as a result of which the risk of skin burning is eliminated. What is more, the surgery, as well as recovery, are very fast. Vibro lipo can be performed under local anesthesia, which significantly shortens the time of recovery afterwards. The removed fat may be transferred into another body part if a patient wishes to do that.

      Vibro lipo candidates

      Power assisted liposculpture is for both men and women who have excess fat and want to remove it as well as contour their body parts. Due to the fact that vibro lipo is the most precise method used by the surgeons, it allows for shaping even small body parts such as ankles, chin or arms. Hence it is a great solution for people not seriously overweight who wants to get rid of excess fat and at the same time re-shape their bodies. Nonetheless, vibro liposuction may also be performed on overweight or even obese people.

      Vibro lipo prices

      The prices of vibro lipo vary significantly depending on a country. In Poland, clinics offer one of most affordable prices for vibro lipo, that is why it is a destination frequently chosen by patients from the whole world. The price for vibro lipo in Poland starts from 597 GBP and it includes also consultation, medical test, anaesthesia and post surgery visit at the doctor’s.

      Vibro lipo procedure

      On average, the vibro lipoplasty procedure lasts about 2 hours. The time may shorten or lengthen depending on which body part is involved. This time includes also taking all necessary measurements and outlining the body part. The incisions are really small, having about 2-3mm. The outlined body part is numbed, so you do not feel any pain. Vibrations allows for a safe removal of even large amounts of fat from every body part. The vibro lipo system is connected to anaesthesiological machine, which make the vibro lipo surgery even safer. Vibro lipo allows for the removal of 4,5 litres of fat from one body part.

      Before the Vibro lipo surgery:

      At least two weeks before surgery blood-thinning medications (e.g. vitamin E or drugs with aspirin) cannot be taken and you should quit smoking for this time as well as for about a month after the vibro liposuction. For a week before the surgery do not drink alcohol, refrain from any medications unless they are prescribed by the doctor and keep balanced diet.

      Required medical tests:

      Before you have vibro lipectomy, you need to do medical tests. The tests required before the surgery are blood group, blood morphology, SR (sedimentation rate), coagulogram (APTT, INR), serum glucose, electrolytes levels, urine analysis, Ekg (only for patients older than 55 y.o.), HBs, HCV, and HIV.

      Vibro lipo surgery

      In general the vibro lipo surgery is performed with the use of local anaesthesia with sedation. At the beginning of the surgery, the doctor makes small, almost invisible, incisions. Power assisted liposuction involves a cannula which aspires fat and the surgeon brings this cannula into the particular body part. After performing the surgery, the incisions are closed and coverd with a special dressing.

      Length of Vibro lipo procedure

      Vibro lipo is a surgery which lasts about 2 hours. During this time the surgeon takes all necessary measurements and draws the lines on particular body parts. The whole procedure might be shorter or longer depending on how many body parts are affected. In fact, vibro lipo is much shorter than other liposuction techniques.

      Type of anesthesia:

      Vibroliposculpture is performed under local anaesthesia in most cases. It is a safe surgery and general anaesthesia is not needed. When vibro lipo is combined with other plastic surgery or concerns more than one body part, the surgeon might decide that general anaesthesia is needed.

      Stay in the clinic

      You should stay in the clinic one night after the surgery. Even if it is a really safe, fast and technologically advanced procedure, it is still a surgery and you will remain under your surgeon’s and hospital personnel’s care for one day after performing vibro lipo.

      Minimal stay for Vibro lipo in Poland

      The minimal stay in Poland is 4 days. The only condition is that you send your up-to-date medical tests in advance to the surgeon. Otherwise you will have all medical tests done in Poland during the 1st day of your stay. Then your stay will last 5 days.

      Back to work:

      Vibro lipo is so safe and non-invasive that the recovery time is really short. Going back to work is possible even a fev days after the surgery.

      Vibro lipo results:

      The results, as with any liposuction technique, are not visible immediately. Your body needs some time to heal properly. Thus, the doctor advises wearing special garment and following his instructions. The results of vibro liposuction are visible very fast after the surgery – even a few weeks after the procedure. If you do regular exercises, the effects will maintain even for a lifetime.

      After the Vibro lipo surgery

      The healing after vibro lipo depends on how many body parts were involved. All post-surgical requirements and instructions will be discussed individually with the surgeon during the consultation. Admittedly, going back to work is possible about 5 days after the surgery. The more time is needed to go back to practising sport and doing more exhausting activities – the time needed is about 2-4 weeks. Also different body parts may not heal at the same pace. Some need less and some more time to recover. But within 2-5 months, when the recovery process is over, you might marvel at the results.

      Vibro lipo risks and complications

      Power assisted liposuction involves a minimal risk. This risk is even lower when the treatment is performed by an experienced surgeon. In rare cases, the skin after liposuction may be left loose, wrinkled or uneven. After the surgery, some patients can also experience pigmentation.

      The slight bleeding, swelling and bruising should not be worrying, but if it becomes more and more intense rather than easing off, some infection could have developed.

      Vibro lipo abroad

      Vibro lipo is a surgery often chosen by patients of Beauty Poland. Our company has more than 10 year experience and provides the best plastic surgeries services in Poland and offers most affordable prices.We take care of our patients from the very beginning till the treatment is completed. We are glad to help you with finding the best prices, cheapest flight tickets and accommodation. We offer all-inclusive packages which cover your pick-up from the airport, accommodation during your whole stay in Poland, all taxi transports during your stay and medical tests. It is a pleasure for us to assist you during your treatment.

      Klaudia Grabowska

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